It’s Only You Who Can Choose

You say you want a relationship with me

But I don’t feel your invitation is genuine

If you don’t reveal more of what goes on in your mind

If you don’t open up and share your heart with me

There is a solid wall you have built up

I do not have the power to unlock those gates

Every now and then I have the slightest peak at what you hide

But it is only you who can choose to open yourself to me



This was in repsonse to the picture prompt from Sue Vincent…I wrote it while waiting for my friend to arrive. And now I am heading out to feast on cake and drink copious amounts of tea.


I Am Not One For Doom And Gloom

I am going to keep busy…keep busy. Keep myself distracted. I have plans for the whole of today (I have some time off after the overtime I did at the weekend.) I slept for twelve hours last night. Today I am going out with a very very good friend.

Must not be on my own at the moment. Too much worry, too much sadness. Best not to be on my own. Better to be with someone lovely.

And fill the day with flowers, tea and cake and all good things! It will all come out in the wash.

My friend is taking me for an afternoon tea – which is a wonderful way to be treated. I am going to try to enjoy every moment.

I am not 100% at the moment…but I am not one for doom and gloom. So keeping busy – happy busy and I will save the teary moments for another day…when I know for sure.

The Writer’s Soul Award

Here is something that cheered me up this past week. Teresa, aka The Haunted Wordsmith, has combined two blogging awards and established a new accolade named THE WRITER’S SOUL AWARD, as you can see from her post below:

I am very grateful for all of the support from Teresa and other bloggers. It is almost ten months since I started blogging and I have enjoyed it much more than I ever imagined I would.

I have been in the habit of writing since I was a young child, but not stories, and certainly not poems. Even at school I struggled with that kind of writing. I could churn out essays easily, but making up a story or poem was not natural to me.

I am a life-long letter writer. I had little penpals all over England and then in other countries, and other continents. The post office must have loved me! During my teens I was an extremely prolific letter-writer. Eventually, as I became busier and busier and technology became more accessible, I made the switch to e-mails. I was rather pleased that I could type a long e-mail about our adventures and then send it to hundreds of friends who I had been keeping in touch with previously by post.

I have had shorts spells of keeping a journal. I went through eighteen months of illness requiring several surgical procedures about twelve years ago. Keeping a journal helped me at that time. Also, when I was twenty four and I split up with my teenage sweetheart who had been courting me for years. I do believe that the letter writing and the occasional journal keeping have shaped my style of writing.

Since I started blogging, I have read the work by many other writers and have loved their poetry and flash-fiction and longer stories. I have made a few attempts myself. I must admit I find I often revert to writing about a real-life experience, instead of making up something imaginary. But I have decided I will keep trying to develop better writing skills, and especially with regards to short flash-fiction posts.

At the moment…I feel a bit aghast at the thought of writing about myself. It’s all a bit raw right now. I am sure that will pass! But in the meantime, I quite like the idea of working on a bit more flash-fiction, immersing myself in completely imaginary fictional characters. Thinking up little stories and hopefully throwing in some clever twist, as so many talented bloggers have mastered the skill of doing.

I am really looking forward to spring and summer ahead. I want to be outside as often as possible. I will take a little notebook and pen and if I have any ideas or see anything that inspires me, I will jot them down and work on some stories to keep my site light-hearted and joyful. And all of my stories will have happy endings – because those are the type that I prefer.

I think it will be good for me…to try to write a bit of fiction, and I might even subject you to more bad poetry. I love that no matter how awful my occasional poems are, there is always a lovely blogger willing to tell me it’s nice. Some gorgeous bloggers out there. 🙂




Allo Allo Aloha!!!

This is another post in response to one of the writing prompts provided by Rory aka A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! and it is an elaborate prompt, if I may say so Rory! Rory’s detailed instructions are in bold italics below the photo, and then the flash-fiction post I have prepared as my response:


Your expedition has gone horribly wrong! If you can forgive the fact that your boat not only sprung  a leak, or that you took on water to the point of sinking near a strange barren looking island at low tide – you are now looking at the islands inhabitants themselves, quite an unruly bunch indeed.

Having made your way ashore, you are met by the tribes people who are quite pleased to see you … well you think they are – after all they have just given you some kind of present to wear about your bodies that smells for all the world like onions and herbs!

So, are these wild uns friendly or foe like? Are you to be encouraged into the tribe or eaten by them??

You decide!

Well…if it truly is my decision, then they are friendly!

yachtWhat had been supposed to be a dream holiday, a luxury cruise on a private boat with a group of girls I had been friends with since school, had turned out to be a disaster! When our boat sprung a leak and began to sink, we had to abandon it and all of our luggage!

In fact I had to stop Michelle from trying to heave her suitcase along with her. I yelled at her to forget the luggage and to swim as hard as she could towards the shore we could see in the distance.

“Michelle, your life is more important than Chanel sunglasses!”

By the time we had reached the white sands of the island we had been swimming towards we were exhausted with fighting against the tide. A group had gathered on the beach and as we came closer, some men ran into the water and helped us onto the shore. We thanked them as we all tried to catch our breath and explain to them that our boat had sunk.

locals.jpgIt was Claire who seemed to notice the unusual appearance of the group that had helped us onto the beach. She remarked in rather a loud voice that they must be some gimmick the local tourist board had thought would look authentic to tourists. We had no idea  at that point that we were far far off the tourist track.

More and more faces appeared so that quite an excited crowd were before the six of us girls. We could hear them chattering amongst themselves but could not make out what they were saying. Then some of the men stepped forward and presented us with garlands and put them over our heads. The strong smell of onions and herbs made it rather an unwelcome gift but we were all rather amused by it.

Lucy started to ask if they could help us. She said we needed to contact our travel rep and wondered if anyone had a mobile phone on them. There did not seem to be much response to her questions. She started asking for directions towards the nearest town or resort. After some time, our frustrations built and we decided that the group who had met us were determined to continue their act and were not going to help us. We all agreed that we should start walking away from the beach but we could not see any signs of a built-up area. Still, we were pretty fed up of the group who had not responded to our requests for help to contact our travel rep.

As we walked the group followed us and then began to crowd around us. It was intimidating at first, but we were all rather shocked as they started to lift us up on and carry us on their hands. Although it was strange, we were so tired after the swim from our boat to the shore, it was rather nice to be carried. They carried us along tracks that were surrounded by dense layers of lush jungle. We hoped they were taking us towards the town so that we could get the help we asked for.

But rather than a built-up town or hotel resort, the group led us to what looked like a village of mud-huts.

“Where on earth are we?” is all we could mutter amongst ourselves as the men who had been carrying us gently let us down onto our feet.

“This place does not look as if they are going to have a phone line or even electricity. This is real back and beyond girls!” exclaimed Gina.

Although, we were concerned about our whereabouts and how we would find our way get some help so that we could travel back to England, at this point we were just tired and so grateful for the delicious stew on a bed of vegetables and grains that was brought to us by some of the villagers. It was so good to have some warm food. We were given some tropical fruit juice to drink. As darkness fell, we were taken to one of the huts, where comfortable beds made of something as soft as heather and adorned with jungle flowers were waiting for us. All six of us talked about how the next day we should try to find out how to get to the nearest built up town. But we were so tired we quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, we were greeted by a breakfast of beautiful tropical fruits. As we feasted on our breakfast, Heather pointed out that so far we had seen no women. There were only men living in this village as far as we could see. We wondered if perhaps the women were hiding away somewhere.

…Well, that was our first 24 hours of what would become our new home. I can’t explain it except that the situation kind of grew on us. These men were cooking for us, making up fresh scented beds for our hut every evening, they entertained us, they taught us about the beautiful fruitage, flora and fauna in the jungle around us. They took us to stunning waterfalls and plunge pools were we could bathe in seclusion. They were only ever respectful and kind. They treated us like princesses. It just grew on us. We realized we were happier here than we had been in England.

In fact we started to feel as if we had stumbled across paradise. We felt so healthy and so happy. The villagers who had met us on that beach were able to help us discover the wonders of the beautiful island we had been shipwrecked on. They were the loveliest men we had ever known.

In fact super friendly. It turned out that the tribe on the island are all male. For some reason all the females on the island kept giving birth to sons and no daughters. So now they have become an exclusively male tribe. The men were hoping we would choose to stay and settle. They made sure we wanted for nothing, thinking of our every comfort and pleasure. They never forced us to stay, We just gradually realized we had never been so happy and healthy. We wanted to stay there. Over the following years each one of us girls developed friendships with one of the villagers. One by one each of the six of us fell in love with a man of this secluded village and we insisted on a marriage ceremony. It was not long before the pitter patter of little ones (including little girls) was heard.

That’s how six English girls helped the Sumbadi people to survive and thrive. And that’s why the Sunbadi people now have a slight Devonshire accent.


I have five friends whom I have worked on voluntary projects with in the past. All five of them fell in love with living in Africa, and fell in love with men they met and became friends with, and married and have been living out in Africa for years.

Michelle – Ghana

Claire – Malawi

Gina – Tanzania

Heather – Uganda

Lucy – Congo

They do not live in mud huts though. But they do love life there much more than they did England.

Life Is So Much Like A Box Of Chocolates

Our Melanie has had such a sad week. I am amazed she has been able to provide questions for this week’s SHARE-YOUR-WORLD and host this for us. Thank you so much Melanie!  ❤

There will be times when we feel quite lost. All of us will feel that way at some point. It turns out that writing is very helpful at those times, as I am sure many other bloggers will agree.


What, in your opinion, is the point to life?

I have grown up in a very loving family. Our family were loved by many others. We had everything we needed and more. We were not well off financially. We were squeezed into a council house. But nonetheless, we never went without food or the things we needed. We had lots of fresh air. We had plenty of books from charity shops. We were rich in love. We thrived. We are still thriving as adults because of that childhood I am sure. For many years I have felt full of purpose.

The only time I found myself overwhelmed with the sad things in life, rather than the many joys, was three and a half years ago. I was going through the motions of eating and sleeping and showering and dressing…and feeling utterly lost. That was after over two, almost three, years of intense stress, mainly from what turned out to be bullying (although, at the time, I did not realize that was what was happening) and then just as I was reaching my breaking point, I was the victim of a very serious crime.

Those first few weeks afterwards I was rather numb to everything. I never doubted there being a purpose to life, but I was rather overwhelmed with pain and trauma. I could not think clearly, I could not feel – my emotional state was in some kind of spasm. But as I look back, that stage of feeling lost and grieving was a natural reaction to what had happened. I feel glad I was allowed to take my time to work my way through it. Nobody else was going to be able to force me through the emotions that came over the coming weeks. Even since I have returned to work and a busy life in London, I still have my wobbly moments. But the sense of purpose I have, and have had since I was a child, is a huge stabilising factor in dealing with any kind of pain.

Of course there is a point, a purpose to life. It’s not mysterious or unfathomable. Why did my parents decide to have children? Why did I spend so long pouring over recipe books, trying to find wonderful dishes to make and cakes to bake for Goldfinch? Why does a giver give a surprise gift to someone else?

ungrateful.jpgIf you don’t think it is possible that life is a gift from a giver, then I have no idea how you would ever answer the question above. But if you have any concept of a Creator who has a purpose, then it is not hard to answer that question. As soon as you start thinking about it from the giver’s point of view. The giver of a gift cannot force the person to whom it was given to enjoy the gift properly. The giver cannot force the recipient not to misuse it. The giver cannot force the receiver to be grateful and to show appreciation for how incredibly precious it is.

The question is why are there sad, bad, devastating things that can make life so hard today? He answers that question openly and honestly. It is not complicated. I have no idea why some people try to complicate it. It’s pretty clear that this beautiful earth should be the home of a very happy, healthy human family who thrive within loving relationships. A human family who live in harmony with the other amazing creatures on this planet. As any gardener knows, you can make a patch of earth a little pocket of paradise. The entire earth has the potential for that. However, something has gone wrong. It’s quite beyond us to fix all of the damage. So now the giver has promised to fix the damage.

Recently, I was walking into a tube station here in London, and I saw a lady, who looked about seventy years old, standing at one side of the entrance. On the other side of the entrance was a young woman who looked about twenty years old. Both looked very happy. I see people like them all over London. They both had a stack of little pamphlets they were holding out. So I automatically presumed I could take one. I chose to take one from the seventy year old lady, because I admired her and her beautiful smile. When I had a look at it, once I was sat down on the train, I was so glad I had taken it. It was called “Is Life Worth Living?” It’s long gone now, in my recycling box. But I looked for it online just now and found it.

Looking at the online version, I noticed a video link which took me to a little gem of a video. It touches on why we have this beautiful gift and why things are not all good today. If you don’t think it is possible that there is a Creator or God, you might want to give it a miss (I respect we all see things differently) but I thought it was very well made, and very clear and straightforward and frankly gorgeous. They nailed it! I think even a child could grasp the point.

What was your most recent lie?  You don’t have to get really specific obviously.

This is my last one.

Please do not ask me how many chocolates I ate at work. I don’t want to lie to you!

What country do you consider the strangest?   (it’s all In fun folks, ALL countries may seem strange to outsiders)

In my travels both within England and other lands near and far, I have come across some strange things and some strange people. I would not go as far as to say that made me think the entire country I was visiting was strange. I always remember strange bathrooms when I travel.

When we were in Romania, the apartment we stayed in had a padded toilet seat. Every-time you sat down on it, the air escaped and it made a noise like a whoopee cushion. We did not see any other padded toilet seats anywhere else in Romania, only that one – but it always makes us laugh when we recall  the strange noises that came from the bathroom every time anyone went in there to ease nature.

We saw some very funny things in West Africa. I am still working on posts about my time out in Ghana and all we saw. There were some toilets there which were kind of rustically built for use by volunteers who were working on a large project. A large bench with holes in – a bit medievil style. For modesty they had put a partition between each hole, creating separate cubicles. However the cubicles had no doors. Anyone queuing could see someone sitting over the hole. During our time there, some of the British women said it would be appreciated if the cubicles could be made a little more private. So someone had the idea of putting some netting up instead of a door. However, they only hung a short amount of netting. We realized that although the netting obscured the head and shoulders of whoever was inside the cubicle, everything waist down was still exposed.

What’s your funniest story involving a car?

I have a long story for another post about when we hired a car on our last family holiday.

There was a time I promised to drive somebody else’s car over two hundred and fifty miles across the country. Only it broke down after I was around fifteen minutes into the journey. I called the motor recovery agency the owner was registered with. I ended up being transported across the country with the car on the back of flat back trucks. But because they are not allowed to drive more than one hundred miles, it was three trucks, three different drivers who relayed the car and me back to the owner. What a night!

There was also the time in the Isle Of Man when a man (who I presumed had been drinking all afternoon) wearing a tartan hat and orange wig and a mini-kilt jumped on our car and revealed what he was not wearing when he sat on the window screen.

The nutcase!


Do you have something you’re very thankful for or that showed immense kindness toward yourself or someone?

I have had a bit of a rough week, and now I have this hospital appointment looming over me. But when I was feeling a tad overwhelmed, I found something that made me laugh. It just made me forget my worries for a while.

I have many things to be grateful for, but this week I am grateful for British comedy and especially the Two Ronnies.


You Need To Switch Off For A While


You are the most wired person I have ever known. You do not seem to have an off-button. I never feel I can relax when I am with you.

Wherever we go – you are in your walking encyclopedia mode. It’s taking the charm out of my life.

I can’t watch a movie without you talking over it by giving me a full analysis of every scene and comparing the movie with the novel. I don’t need to know about every critical review the film received.

I wish you didn’t feel the need to explain everything that the newsreaders say again. I can hear what they say. I don’t want to hear you interpret all of the news over and over. To be honest, I don’t even care about Brexit – I hear enough about it on the news, it’s unbearable to have you follow me around the house going over and over it all again.

I don’t want to be told all about the physical attributes of light particles and how they travel when I am gazing at a sunset. I just want to enjoy the view without a science lesson.

Speaking of science lessons – since when was making love a lecture in biology? You completely ruin the moment. You remind me of Mr Crabtree from high school. Why can’t you be more romantic?

Darling…I have decided that for my own sanity I need to go away for a while. I am going to stay with my sister. I am leaving you until you can prove to me that you have figured out how to switch off and relax for a while. I love you, but you are driving me to despair.

A Kind Of Prison

There are those who suffer a kind of prison.

Not those who have broken laws, committed crimes and been sentenced judicially.

Rather, those who have become isolated for various reasons. For some it is a gradual imprisonment culminating from repeated knocks and harsh blows. Shying away from the rest of the world out of fear of more injury.

Then there are others that are still in puzzlement as to why others have shut them out. To be shunned by friends, colleagues, neighbours, even family when one has done no wrong. Isolated from the community that carved their very identity.

To be always looking in on the rest of your world who play gleefully and enjoy all the good that comes from a sense of belonging. To be isolated against one’s will. To be trapped on the other side of a wall, a barrier that seems impossible to break through. To have the fear that even if there was a way through, there could be more rejection and disdain from the happily contented who belong to the world where you once thrived.

The prison of isolation from which one always seeks to escape, rather than be swallowed up whole by it.



This was in response to the picture from Kira – part of the WOTD team. The Kira’s Sunday Scribbles is below:

Dear Jack…


Dear Jack…

I wish you joy and peace Jack. I want the very best for you. I don’t want to rake up everything that happened. I do want to live without this cloud hanging over me. All I want is for you and I to be sure that we are both on the same side, both wanting the best for each other, neither lingering in any kind of resentment or hurt.

Jack, there has been a lot of damage done. I don’t understand what has been going on between you and I, it’s confusing and frustrating. This extraordinary pressure on whether a romance would develop was unbearable. I was never against a romance developing. When you told me you loved me, I did not know how to react, I didn’t really believe you. But don’t you think we should both forget that for now and go back to building a basic friendship?

When I moved out of our apartment, I was trying to escape the situation, not you. I hoped things would be easier if we were not living together. I thought people would say less. I did not expect them to have more than ever to say. Those words did so much damage.

What happened to you? Why did you go from making me feel we were true friends to shunning and slandering me? Those words did so much damage. I would give anything to go back to the way things used to be.

More than anything you are one of the dearest men to my heart. I do love you very very much. I look up to you and admire you. With you, it is like looking up to an older brother who I am proud of and slightly in awe of. I have lived with you, I know all your faults and bad habits. Yet, I adore you.

Can we put all the damage away and agree that this should not have happened, but that we are both on the same team, working towards the same objectives, and support each other? I don’t know if you realize it, but the silence from you, the silence has done more damage than the words.

Where is peace? Where is forgiveness? If I knew how to get there, I would already be making my way to meet you on that bridge. Waiting to meet you with a heart full of peace, and words and looks and touches to show you that is all I want.  I would give anything, everything for this to be behind us.

I don’t know what words and looks of love and peace would win you over. The past has passed us by, but it’s the present and the future I am interested in. I cannot enjoy my present or my future thinking that you do not regret what happened, that you are triumphant at my suffering. I’m afraid I say too much here.

I want to be back in my life, back in my career, back in my home, back in my world and when I see you, don’t you dare be hostile! Don’t be watching out for my every error, waiting for me to fail. I do not have the strength to endure that. I am not interested in anything at all anymore except peace. I want you to be my friend, my brother, my teammate.

I love you Jack, in every way except a romantic way. Perhaps we both need to forgive each other. I don’t know what you want from me. But I want you to allow me to come home. Without making my life unbearable.

All my dearest, fondest love for a man who taught me so much and inspired me,

Your friend and sister

Your Melody…xx


There are things I need to say to Jack. I need him to put his phone down and agree to sit down and chat preferably with a cuppa. In fact, I desperately want to have chance to sit down and talk to him before…well, I count every day as precious, and I just wish he would give me peace. I wish he would have given me the chance four years ago.

Many of my close friends and family blame Jack for so much of what happened to me. I have not had a sense of blame as such. Just raw hurt. I am not interested in blame. I think I know what Jack said and didn’t say. I think I know what Jack did and didn’t do. I think I understand what he shares some responsibility for, and what he really ought to regret. But he was not to know just how out of control the situation would become. I love him far too much to blame him for things that were not at all his fault. Still it would be of comfort to receive kindness and empathy in some form from him.

The past has passed. But I want to be back in my purposeful life, rather than just existing here. I can’t go back if he is going to carry on behaving in the same way that led me to the despair that caused me to go to that park on my own late at night.

So much has happened since, I don’t know how he will receive my words. I am so frightened to hurt him. I love him so dearly. The words I wish to say to Jack have not changed despite everything that has happened. All I want is peace.


Is there anyone you need to forgive. Write a letter and link your post to Sarah’s original prompt page:

To Be Living In Harmony With Every Other Creature On Earth

I found another prompt from Rory aka A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!, that really appealed to me. In fact this was the one that appealed to me most because it touched on some of my deepest and most cherished hopes for the future:

I know some might not want to read about another’s faith or beliefs, I totally respect that, so if you want to bail out of reading about mine (well, I will never know – so that’s alright!) please feel free to give my post a miss. The last thing I want to do is to annoy anyone else who has a different outlook or view of the future to me. I am all for peace with any other bloggers!!

I respect that there is huge diversity amongst bloggers and I love the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic make-up of the other bloggers whose work I read and who I receive support from. I would not want to make anyone else uncomfortable. We all have our own precious hopes and faith or outlook that help us to make sense of the world around us and to deal with the challenges we face in life. My hopes have helped me to deal with some of the challenges I have personally had to deal with with a positive outlook.

This picture is the prompt from Rory:


When I saw this picture prompt from Rory connected with the title “fantasy”, it made my little brain start whirring away. It didn’t seem to connect with the word fantasy, but a very much hoped for reality. In fact since I was a little girl it is what this picture displays that has been residing in my heart and making me love my life on planet Earth, endure sad and bad things, and feel very excited and hopeful about the future.

When I was a child, I became very picky about the kind of books I would read. My Dad bought me scores of books from charity shops, many of them written by Enid Blyton. I enjoyed many of them, especially the adventures the children encountered. But anything with fairies, magic, or anything I deemed as fantasy (as apposed to fiction) I rejected. I wanted to read about real things. As a child, I wanted my parents and others to be straight with me. I had many questions I was perplexed about and wanted to understand why things are the way they are.

I always loved reading about animals. Stories with animals such as “Black Beauty” and the stories from Beatrix Potter were favourites to me. I think most of us have yearned from a very early age to know more about animals and for them to be much more a part of our everyday life. As a child, it concerned me greatly that people could have a harmful effect on animals, and it also concerned me that animals could harm both each other and humans. I wished all were gentle and at peace. I think many today feel enormous frustration that human activity has meant disaster for so many other creatures, not to mention the serious injury humans have rendered to each other.

I mentioned in a post I published last year (She Taught Me To Blow My Nose) that when I was around five years of age, some close friends of our family were killed in a car crash. As a result, I decided I should read the scriptures. I have read them from cover to cover at least twenty times since, as I fell in love with them. It helped me to understand why things were not right and what would be done about that.

In addition to my own reading, we had a teacher at school who held a story time around three o’clock in the afternoon shortly before we all went home. Almost every story time, one of the children in our class would ask her to read from the big golden story book she had, which was all stories from the scriptures but made easier to read for children. We all had our favourite stories from her golden book. My favourites were all about the future of the earth. I thought the pictures were so beautiful.

Now, the reason I mention this, is that when I saw the picture from Rory it reminded me of one of my favourite passages, which is within a chapter that describes what life will be like once the whole world is ruled by one ruler who cares deeply for mankind and all creatures on planet Earth, you may remember these words yourself:

The wolf will reside for a while with the lamb,

And with the young goat the leopard will lie down,

And the calf and the lion and the fattened animal will all be together; 

And a little boy will lead them. 

The cow and the bear will feed together,

And their young will lie down together.

The lion will eat straw like the bull.

The nursing child will play over the lair of a cobra,

And a weaned child will put his hand over the den of a poisonous snake.

They will not cause any harm

Well…these words have shaped my hopes for the future since I first read them as a child. I never once considered them fantasy, but very much the future reality.

As a child when I first opened the scriptures it was with a desire to understand why sad things, bad things, devastating things happen. It did not take long for things to start falling into place in my little mind. Humans have been out of harmony with our Creator since Adam chose to reject His rulership. And also out of harmony with creation. I accepted that all the sad things, the bad things, the devastating things that have occurred were due to that decision. From the moment they made that decision neither they nor their future family would be truly in harmony with their Creator or creation around them.

I have always looked forward to the time when everything and everyone will be living in harmony again. It’s no fantasy to me, it’s the only possible satisfactory outcome to undo all the damage done by human rulership. All of the damage undone! Every tear wiped away! Real peace. People who used to behave violently and aggressively becoming peaceful and living in harmony with those they formerly would have sought to fight against. All the damage undone! Even death, an enemy humans cannot conquer on their own.

The biggest education program in history, as all humans learn how to live in harmony with the rest of creation, under the guidance of their Creator.

I have been convinced that our Creator would undo that damage and satisfy our yearning to be living in harmony with every other creature on earth.