All I see is River

Crashing on it’s crazy course

Ever onwards, on forever

With such fervour, with such force

But there is sun…there is moon

Verdant meadow, windswept dune

Shimmering dusk, starlit sky

Scented forests, mountain high

Ravaged hilltops, rugged moor

Rain-bowed flowers, trees galore

Dazzling deserts, sweetest breeze

Frosted lakes, majestic screes

Hear the music, nature sings

Sunsets tremble, daybreak rings

Hum of life, whisper of shore

Lullaby ocean, mighty roar

But all I hear…is River

Crashing on its crazy course

Ever onwards, on forever

With such fury, with such force

So, to God I raise my prayer

Help me notice they are there

Before my spirit starts to wither

Slow down the course of this crazed River


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