A Kind Of Prison

There are those who suffer a kind of prison.

Not those who have broken laws, committed crimes and been sentenced judicially.

Rather, those who have become isolated for various reasons. For some it is a gradual imprisonment culminating from repeated knocks and harsh blows. Shying away from the rest of the world out of fear of more injury.

Then there are others that are still in puzzlement as to why others have shut them out. To be shunned by friends, colleagues, neighbours, even family when one has done no wrong. Isolated from the community that carved their very identity.

To be always looking in on the rest of your world who play gleefully and enjoy all the good that comes from a sense of belonging. To be isolated against one’s will. To be trapped on the other side of a wall, a barrier that seems impossible to break through. To have the fear that even if there was a way through, there could be more rejection and disdain from the happily contented who belong to the world where you once thrived.

The prison of isolation from which one always seeks to escape, rather than be swallowed up whole by it.



This was in response to the picture from Kira – part of the WOTD team. The Kira’s Sunday Scribbles is below:


17 thoughts on “A Kind Of Prison”

    1. It’s such a shame anyone is ever made to feel that way. I mean unless they are a criminal and have done terrible things – I understand prison then. But the emotional/mental prison or isolation that a person can suffer through no fault of their own is so so sad.


    1. I looked at Kira’s picture this week and the thought of someone being excluded from others, being made to feel isolated came into my head.

      It was a bit of a rushed post because I have been working all day, so I might polish it up later.

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    1. Thanks Roberta…
      …It was a bit of a rushed post, but I think I have strong feeling towards those who are forced into an isolated emotional state by others – bullying etc.


    1. Thanks Kate – I think my eye-sight is failing me. A lot of other bloggers have noticed some kind of horns on the chappy in the bottom left hand corner. I thought the curves above his head were a hole that he was looking through, wishing he could be on the other side and feel a member of the community.
      Isolation can be so bad for one’s emotional state – I have always hated to see people being bullied or left out from childhood onwards.

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      1. yes we can be mean beggars … the beauty of writing about Kiri’s sketches is that you can see what you wish …. I think she leaves some aspects unclear to give us more scope to create … so don’t give it another thought 🙂

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