Consider The Context

Aquatic, Background, Beautiful, Beauty

Please don’t examine me so closely

Please don’t analyse my every shade

In the stark light of this cold world

Devoid of warmth and colour

Take a few steps back if you will know me at all.

View me in the context of my family

Together we are a vibrant shot of life

A pretty and kindly haven of joy

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Look at me in the greater scheme of things

How I interact in my world of friends

How I bloom even during dark days

Dancing with glee in the kaleidoscope I play in

View me as a tiny yet wonderful ingredient

In this grand and splendid universe of delight

I am only who I am due to a lifetime of others

Who’ve coloured every moment of my existence

My homage to all who have made me “me” and made me happy to be me

Lost And Found

Image by Andrés Felipe Crespo García from Pixabay

I had lost heart and lost hope. I had lost my way in this world. I had lost trust in people. I had lost my thirst for life, my hunger for love.

Then you came along and found me. No longer lost.


This was my response to the 42-word writing prompt hosted by Deb Whittam, the creator of Twenty Four:




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Someone who cares about you, and knows you have had challenges, keeps on trying to offer you advice. Only it is not helpful. They use cliches and say things like “look on the bright side of life”…or “every cloud has a silver lining”…or worse! At first you tried to overlook what they were doing because you know they are well motivated, but they keep on doing it. It’s as if they have made you their mission.



What is THE CARAMEL CRUNCH? Well, it’s all about decisions. When it comes to THE CRUNCH what would you do?

One of the definitions of the word CRUNCH is:

a crucial point or situation

 – generally involving a decision with weighty consequences

  • Your response can be a quickie. Please feel free to send a comment to say what you would do, and if you have time or are inclined, please feel free to explain your decision.
  • If you would like to create a post with a longer explanation of your decision, please pingback to THE CARAMEL CRUNCH post. (Or copy and paste a link to your post in the comments section – please feel free.)

If you know anything about CRUSHED CARAMEL, you will probably realize I am a gentle soul, so my questions are not supposed to be terrifying! What I am hoping for really is to see a variety of responses. Afterall, it’s pretty obvious that WordPress bloggers are from a huge variety of backgrounds and cultures. It would be fascinating to learn more about how we as individuals make decisions.

Some of the questions I am going to ask are questions I have discussed with friends when we have been having coffee or dinner. I often find there is no clear right or wrong. It can be so much a matter of our individual experiences and outlook. I find it fascinating how very different some of us are when it comes to decision making.

We all have different outlooks, and may make different decisions. I am really looking forward to learning WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

One Way Street, Decisions, Opportunity



Fights For Rights

Karate, Sunset, Fight, Sports

Fighting for rights, fighting for respect, fighting for opportunities, fighting for justice, fighting for breath.

Centuries of human domination have resulted in people fighting for freedoms that human rulership will never bring.

Many have their own fights. These fights will not abate.


This was my response to the 42-word writing prompt hosted by Deb Whittam, the creator of Twenty Four:

Where You Are Is Peace

Take me with you to where you find peace

Let me rest beside you within the forest’s shade

Hide me away under the moon’s purple-pink rays

I want to breathe in the cool calm and swallow it down


Take away the pain that is throttling my heart

Let me rest beside you feeling safe in your arms

Hide me away within the blanket of your sweet love

I want to breath in the scent of you and let it fill my lungs


Take my hand in yours and never let go again

Let me rest beside you, I can’t be alone another night

Hide me away from this world that is intent on crushing me

I want to breathe in the warmth and security of your luscious love



Thursday photo prompt: Tranquil #writephoto


Watching The Birth Of A Star

I was delighted to see Teresa’s writing prompt yesterday, but time ran away with me, so I am publishing this a day later that intended. All of you astronomers will instantly recognise the picture below as the Orion Nebula:

What do I have to say about the Orion Nebula? Well…I remember one evening picking up a magazine with an article about the Hubble Space Telescope and what it has revealed. I was only in my early teens, but the words I read have stayed with me for the past twenty years.

Part of the article focused on the constellation of Orion. Many of us are familiar with the stars that make up Orion – the hunter – including the famous Orion’s belt, from which dangles a sword.

That sword is actually the Orion Nebula. It has been a very interesting part of our galaxy for astronomers.

I remember reading that the Orion Nebula and the “baby stars” within it are one of the most active areas of starbirth in our neighbourhood. Although it is around 1500 light years away.

When we gaze at these beautiful images, what we are seeing is in effect “a cosmic maternity ward!”

Many astronomers believe that within the Orion Nebula, stars and in fact, entire solar systems are being formed.

I find it awe-inspiring. I wish I knew more about the stars. In London, we don’t see nearly enough of the stars. But over the past couple of months I have sometimes been walking home to the little nest after a long day at work, and I have looked up to see that most familiar of constellations – Orion.

Even though it was a long time ago when I read that article which enlightened to me about what was going on in the skies above me, I remember it very well! To think that when I look up at the sky, I am witnessing stars being born!

Orion, Night, Shy, Star, Constellation

Take Me Far Away

I feel bad. As the weeks pass by I have noticed the long long work hours I have had to work are taking a toll on me. Tiredness has accrued. I am still managing, but my creativity is suffering. After a long day at work, dealing with both lovely and not so lovely patients, it is hard to imagine a story or a poem.

Teresa has been providing some wonderful prompts, and I am so tired I have been unable to respond to some of them. But I do appreciate the effort that other bloggers put in to preparing and hosting writing prompts. This is Teresa’s prompt for today:

The weather in England is cold and dreary

After work my mind and body are weary

So until I can afford a holiday

Put your arms around me, take me far away

Your love is like walking along the seashore

And for all of my heartaches you are the cure

Wrapped up in your embrace, the sun always shines

Your kisses taste sweeter than the finest wines

Gazing into your eyes, like blue skies above

How could I endure without your fondest love?

I Want My Spring

Teresa’s prompt today stirred my thoughts of what is to come! I am already excited by the thought of spring being on the doorstep!

For today’s writing prompt, use the image above of a spring wood as the setting for a story, poem, or other creative venture. There are no rules except to enjoy yourself and follow where the prompt leads.

I have been helping out extra during January (and it looks like I will be working a lot of extra hours during February too) at my paid job, because they are very short-staffed. I have mentioned to our manager that I can be flexible on a short term temporary basis, but I am really looking forward to them recruiting a new member of staff. I know they have had interviews and I think there are more lined up. But I hope they have someone by spring time because I do not want to miss out on enjoying spring!

Just at the end of my road lies deep dark woods. Right now they are almost barren, devoid of life and charm. Stiff breezes are clearing away the autumn leaves that have lain upon the ground all these cold grey months.

But there are tiny buds emerging. Signs of life to come are hidden away. Nature is hatching something spectacular – I know it!

I want to be ready to behold the unfolding of spring. I am longing to discover the joys of colour and floral fragrances again. I long to walk in the woodland alongside the scampering rabbits and squirrels. I am craving for the blue skies, the fresh green leaves and the emergence of rainbowed flowers. I am yearning to breathe in spring again and to see the kind of smiles and relief that comes when we know the dark, cold months have been vanquished once again.

Hark! Spring is on the way! A jubilant chorus awaits us! Hold on for these last few bitter grey weeks. They will lose their hold. Spring will reign supreme and launch us into golden summers!

My Beloved Muse

Very weary head today! I will tell you about that later! But I have come up with a poem of sorts for Teresa’s writing prompt:

Your challenge today is to look at the self-portrait of Jean Jacques de Boissieu and see where it takes you. It can be anywhere at any time. Just go with it and have fun.

I read a little about Jean-Jacques de Boissieu and his etchings. I also thought of how Goldfinch became like my muse (don’t tell him I said that!) and inspired scores of adoring posts. Voila! I have a little poem as a result!

Although you are far away

In my heart you’ll always stay

The face that a thousand times I sketched

On my eyelids is forever etched

For your fond touch my soul yearns

Your kiss on my lips still burns

For now you are the muse for my art

I’ll treasure thee til death do us part

Shades And Shards Of Vengeance

I found Teresa’s writing prompt for today intriguing. It gave me a little idea to develop a post I started last year and has been sitting in my drafts folder waiting for me to give it attention.

For today’s prompt, use the image above of a pottery shard and tell it’s story. Where was it made? Who made it? What was it used for? How or Why did it break? How you use the pottery shard is up to you. Let your mind wander and see where it leads.

I am used to visiting museums and historic sites. The post I wanted to work on was about some artifacts on display when I visited The Roman Baths in the beautiful city of Bath.

As Professor O’Keeffe gently brushed away the dusty sand that held the pottery shard in place, her eyes focused on the small marks on the inside. As the earth that had hidden the shard for centuries finally gave way, she was finally able to gradually release the artifact and transfer it to the collection tray.

Hours later, one of her research team called Professor O’Keeffe to examine the reverse side of the shard.

Curtis declared to Professor O’Keeffe, “It’s another prayer for vengeance. This one is horrible!”

Professor O’Keeffe and archaeology team were working on previously undisturbed parts of the world famous Roman Baths which were painstakingly being excavated before they were due to be opened up for public exhibition.

Amongst the fascinating discoveries made were the many shards of pottery and clay that contained prayers that an enemy be cursed. There were already numerous such requests for the gods to exercise vengeance on display in the Roman Baths Museum. One worshipper named Docimedis, who had attended the temple at the site back in Roman times, had complained about the theft of his pair of gloves. He had wished for the thief to lose his mind and his eyes.


But archaeologists had unearthed ever more shards inscribed with pleas for revenge.

“What does this one say?” asked Professor O’Keeffe.

plunge pool (2)Curtis screwed his eyes as he focused in on the carvings in the pottery shard, “It seems to be referring to one of the plunge pools here at the Roman Baths. Whoever wanted revenge asks that the water temperature become so hot that the man who stole his wife be boiled to death.”

Professor O’Keeffe pulled her face, “That’s really macabre, isn’t it? It’s no wonder that the worship here disappeared long ago. Imagine all these worshippers coming along with hearts full of hatred, praying that their enemies be cursed in all sorts of sadistic manners. You can’t imagine this was having a healthy effect on people.”

Curtis pondered over the many shades of vengeance he had seen inscribed in clay. “I guess seeking revenge is one of the more sinister aspects of human thought. People can feel so justified and righteous in their desire to see their enemy suffer that they walk straight into a place of worship and permanently record their rage and the desire for vengeance.”

Roman Bath, Relief, Bath In EnglandProfessor O’Keefe nodded, “That’s why we’re here Curtis. In exhibiting lessons from the past, we hope that mankind will not repeat the same mistakes that humans have made throughout history. The record of humans seeking revenge is a brutal one, a quest that has never brought about true justice. Just more and more suffering and bloodshed. Some of the bloodiest wars were fought by those who believed a god was on their side. “