I Couldn’t Have Been Happier

Happiness comes fairly easily to me I must admit. It is not a constant, because there are things that make me sad and painful, even traumatic memories. But it’s not hard to muster up happiness, and it is my default frame of mind. I have just been working on a post for one of these blogging award nominations, and one of the questions was about what makes me happy. I compiled a little list:

  • made up.jpgMy family
  • Lovely friends
  • A sense of purpose
  • Work that feels as if I am making a difference to someone’s life
  • A clean conscience
  • Great food
  • Hiking and swimming
  • Music
  • Starry skies, rainbows and stunning sunsets
  • Flowers, forests, lakes, rivers
  • Mountains, beaches and meadows
  • Animals or all sizes and shapes
  • and last on this list, but most certainly not least is Goldfinch – who made me happy every day I was in Australia

And I would like to state that when I was with Goldfinch I felt happy from head to toe. Goldfinch had to work of course while I was out there. Five days a week was work. But at the weekend he could take me to wonderful places. He has an office at home. I made sure I didn’t disturb him unnecessarily, as he had a lot to keep him busy.

my daily walk.pngI sometimes went out on my own, not just to see places (I did visit some lovely places) but also just to wander up to the local shops, which were about a forty-five minute walk away, and I would shop for ingredients and then walk back to Goldfinch’s home and start cooking or baking according to a recipe I had picked out from the BBC Food Website. I loved that little routine, I loved the walk. I loved the sense of purpose I had that I was going to make something, hopefully delicious, for Goldfinch to enjoy after he had been working all day.

happy clean.jpgI could not have been happier cleaning, sweeping, mopping, washing and ironing. I even rearranged the contents of some cupboards, cleaned out the tenant’s fridge (and the tenants bathroom), swept the patio and the leaves that had collected in little corners of the yard outside, washed all of the windows – inside and out (there are a lot of windows in his home, and after several days of trying to get the petrol lawn mower going, I went a bit crazy with trying to prime the motor and eventually got the thing started, which meant I could mow the grass front, side and back of the property.

DIY.jpgIn addition Goldfinch and I spent a weekend immersed in DIY – we put up a whole wall of IKEA kallaxes (if you unfamiliar with kallaxes, they are shelving units that you can arrange to fit the space you want and you can add drawers or cupbaord doors into individual squares or leave them open as you like), and we moved furniture from where it was in storage into his house, we insulated the garage door, we hung up lots of his pictures. I loved working along with him.

And this is the thing…I was so happy. Goldfinch may have been surprised at how I chose to spend my time while he was working. He kept on telling me how much he appreciated what I was doing along with lovely hugs and kisses. But I found the more I did around the house, the happier I felt. I was giving. I was working with a purpose. I was showing love in a practical way to the man I am in love with. I was so happy, so deeply happy.

take my handAnd whenever he took my hand, which he frequently did and being in his arms at night, wrapped up tightly, feeling his kisses on the back of my shoulder…I didn’t want it to ever end. And I am missing him like crazy! Missing thinking and planning and giving and loving every day with him as my priority. Saving my money so I can be back with him again and feel that happiness invade every part of my body.

I don’t think everyone will understand, I don’t think Goldfinch would really understand – but life with him made me deeply happy.


Writing Prompt #30

…And Yet I Did!!!


There are a long long list of things that I never thought I could do…and yet I did!!!

  • Work in cancer care
  • Be with somebody I loved when they died
  • Become a professional cook
  • Learn British Sign Language and become an interpreter
  • Be on stage in front of an audience of 15,000
  • Leave home!
  • Move to London
  • Sing in front of a live audience of strangers
  • Learn to ski
  • Go scuba-diving
  • Bake my own bread
  • Learn construction skills like plaster-boarding, roof tiling, and all aspects of decorating
  • Learn how to use a marble paint effect
  • Walk twenty-two miles in one day
  • Run for ten miles
  • Swim five metres across the swimming pool
  • Swim two miles along a river (outdoor swimming)
  • Teach other people how to swim
  • Help to cut the toe-nails of sheep
  • Drive a Mercedes Benz
  • Fall in love again after my teenage sweetheart and I broke up after nine years
  • Train a team who had never wall-papered before so we could complete the decorating of a venue in one day
  • Become a professional gardener
  • Learn to mix cement to make mortar for brick-laying
  • Travel to construction projects all over the country on my own
  • Dig an oil-tanker out of the snow
  • Leave my well-paid job in finance
  • Qualify to be an international volunteer
  • Write poems
  • Start a blog-site

When I was a child I was lively, yet painfully shy at times. I liked to read and write and play sports and climb trees. I was a great swimmer. However, outside of that I did not think I was very talented or capable. I did not think I had the potential for anything much. But life is full of surprises,

I learnt not to be afraid of change and new situations. I was very secure living in the family home I had grown up in around people who had watched me grow from birth. Leaving home was a frightening. I learnt so much about my potential and my ability to learn and be trained. I also realized my parents really had taught us every life lesson we would need to guide us with new decisions. I found myself in situations I never imagined myself in and experiencing things I would never have even allowed myself to dream about. There is a very long list of things:

“I NEVER THOUGHT I COULD”, …and yet I did!!!

I found it very hard to decide which of the subjects listed to write about, so I will just mention one situation. I worked at the head office of a major retail chain for eight years. From the age of eighteen to twenty-six. I worked there part-time, but I was paid a full-time wage (that was because I was doing the same amount of work that two full-timers used to do before). Because I worked part-time, I was able to spend a lot of time on voluntary projects for various charities.

Newbury2I was invited by a friend who co-orinated many projects in the south of England to move to a part of the country where the cost of living was high compared to up north, and therefore there were not as many volunteers. There were a lot of projects in that area waiting for more volunteers. When I handed my resignation letter in to my manager in the finance department I worked in, she asked if I had a source of income arranged in the south. My plan was to move and then apply for jobs. She made sure that the company I worked for very kindly helped me to relocate to the south of England and arranged for me to have a part time job in a neighbouring town to where I was living.

It became obvious very quickly that the journey to and from work was epic. I was travelling for longer than I was working. I gave in my notice and started to apply for other jobs in finance. But I only saw full-time roles advertised. That’s when I was offered a job as a private cook catering for a household. My reaction was: “BUT I CAN’T COOK!” They laughed and said I would be fine, they liked me and trusted me. They even gave me a cop of Delia Smith’s famous cookbook and told me to read it and refer back to it whenever I was in doubt.

I absolutely loved working as a cook. I cooked and baked everything from scratch. I learnt so much. It really boosted my confidence. I realized I did not ever want a desk job again. From then on I preferred physical work where I could learn new skills. I also found how much I loved being in people-orientated jobs and working out in the fresh air.

Again and again, I found myself earning my “bread and butter” through work I NEVER THOUGHT I COULD do…and yet I did!!!


This post was in response to the weekly writing prompt created by Sarah Elizabeth Moore.

Please feel free to create a post of your own and pingback to Sarah’s original prompt below:

Writing Prompt #2

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder


When I saw the writing prompt from Sarah Elizabeth Moore, my thoughts were not on flowers. I was thinking about the series of comments I had shared with Bob. Who is Bob? you might be wondering. Bob is the creator of Lovewillbringustogether’s Weblog and is a fine citizen of Australia. I mentioned to Bob how sometimes I wish I could wake up in the morning and find I have miraculously turned into a supermodel and that I had inherited a few millions. I suggested that would give me the confidence to tell Goldfinch I am not happy about he and I living on opposite sides of the planet. Sigh!

coupleAfterwards, I felt bad. I hoped it didn’t sound as if Goldfinch is shallow. He is lovely and he has only ever been gorgeous in the way he treats me…which is why I am sacrificing so much to be able to visit him. I know my faults and what I lack…but he has never made me feel inadequate. However…there is something about me that I think is more of an issue. I often feel I am just not very exciting. I might be nice, but I lack that element of pizzazz, mysteriousness, an exotic quality that makes a man change their plans and fall head over heels with a girl, recognising her as the woman of his dreams. Maybe it is all in my head..let me explain.

Olivia1I had a friend who I occasionally worked with named Olivia. Olivia was from New York and she was full of character. She loved salsa parties and was a brilliant dancer. She was loud and boisterous, fun-loving and very funny. She knew every cocktail and all sorts of music we had never heard before. She had so much confidence and knew so many people. I liked her a lot. She was always such exuberant company. I thought Olivia was awesome. She was one of the most exciting people I knew. Lots of both guys and girls wanted to be on the party list at one of the events Olivia arranged. She was highly social. My best friends Marta and Suzie were a bit more cautious about her. I think she had stepped on their toes a few times, so they were less enthusiastic. But it’s almost impossible for someone to irk me, unless they deliberately run over my toes with a steam-roller, so I was still very much charmed by and in awe of Olivia.

meOne day she said to me, “Mel, you are the quintessential English rose.” I laughed and asked her why she had said that. She said some nice things to me about the way I looked and the way I behaved. She praised my diplomacy and tact, how sweet and mild I was. (To explain the context, she had been complaining about people. I had been trying to reason with her about why these people may have acted the way they had and said the things that had provoked her. I am very mild-tempered and forgiving, I do tend to try to avoid overreacting to people who appear to have been ill-mannered.)

jane.jpgI did not disagree. People have said that to me for many years. When I was sixteen I remember visiting the family home of one of my friends, and her mother grabbed my face and said I was a perfect English rose. I was a bit embarrassed because I was not sure what that meant. But she explained that I reminded her of one of the characters from a Jane Austin novel. Ever since then, people have made similar comments over the years.

Olivia.jpgI asked Olivia, if I was an English rose, what kind of flower was she? She threw her arms above her head in a pose and said she was some kind of rare exotic flower that only grows in the jungle like a bird of paradise. I laughed. But she was right in many ways.

The two of us were quite a contrast in many ways. Olivia had dark beautiful tresses, whereas I was a honey caramel blonde. All our Spanish speaking friends wanted my hair colour. Olivia always made a big impression everywhere she went. I was very sociable but had a softer personality. Olivia said and did things which sometimes shocked people, some found her outrageous. I loved having fun, but I could never offend anyone, and am uber-considerate and thoughtful.

argueBut here were Olivia and I…together again. Olivia had been having health problems. She was in a lot of pain. I was helping her out. Olivia was also becoming bitter about some people who she had fallen out with. She had a fiery character and seemed to often clash with others. I was here trying to empathise with Olivia yet at the same time help her see why people may have reacted that way, but with the most beautiful kindly words I could. I did not want to hurt my gorgeous friend Olivia. She appreciated it, she knew I was genuinely fond of her and was trying to help her see why she was having challenges with people, but in a tactful way.

Although Olivia and I were not the obvious two people to spend time together, I realized that I had become an invaluable friend to her and I loved her company. A blonde and a brunette…the quintessential English rose with an exotic beauty. My only regret about my friendship with Olivia is that she decided to get involved in the Jack situation…which he did not like at all!!! Olivia Santos had more followers on Facebook than even Jack. She had more celebrity friends, went to more parties, and was on stage and television more than Jack. So he was not happy about Olivia meddling and telling him what to do. But that is another story.

olivia2My point is…Olivia was someone who attracted lots of attention. Some men were a bit intimidated by her, but they all fancied the pants of her. Beautiful, confidant, assertive, fiery at times, a trend setter, exuberant, passionate, dramatic…she turned heads wherever she went. She is a bombshell and a firecracker! She is the type of woman that makes other women jealous and that drives men crazy. Sometimes I wish there was more of Olivia in me.

flowers.jpgBut, I am softer. I just am. I can be attractive but I am no great beauty. I am secure in myself, but I am mild and don’t draw attention to myself. I am level-headed, calm, tactful, eloquent, empathetic, diplomatic, graceful, and kind. Women are not jealous of me, they know I am like a loyal sister to them. And men are drawn to me because they don’t fear rejection because they see me as the girl next door. I love people like Olivia – I love their company, they are very exciting to me. And I find I have a number of friends just as feisty and fantastic as Olivia who value my friendship because they know I am loyal and will only ever be lovely to them.

But I admit, I am more the English rose than the Bird of Paradise. I have a lot of friends who are like Birds of parades or tiger lilies, or rare orchids, and I know I don’t stand out as much as they do. I might be the more familiar and perhaps ordinary English rose, but I like who I am. At times, I do wonder if perhaps that means I am less attractive, less memorable, less alluring, less enchanting than someone like Olivia. And that makes me worry. I sometimes feel as if nice, though I may be, it will never be enough to intoxicate the man that I love so much. It shouldn’t matter. But these things weigh upon your mind when you are in love.

But Goldfinch is very fond of me. And for that I am grateful and will be content. I can’t wait to behold him again. And I hope that he is pleased when he beholds me.

Beauty... you know…is all in the eyes of the beholder.

This was my post in response to the writing prompt from Sarah Elizabeth Moore:

Writing Prompt #18

The Manners Of Mabel And Melody


Here is a little flash fiction mixed with real events, in response to the prompt from Teresa, aka The Haunted Wordsmith . She provided the genre as “Fantasy of Manners”, which, in all honesty, I had never heard of. So I have no idea if I am on track with this one, or have made a hash of it?


I saw that first.” sneered Mabel Forster, the betrothed of the affable, but simple-minded dandy Seymour Gable, son of General Montgomery Gable and Lady Camilla.

I was rather vexed when Mabel stood on my toe and elbowed me in the ribs just so that she could snatch the last vegetarian hor d’oeuvre on the buffet table that I had been reaching over for.

Why darling, I thought you were watching your weight before the wedding. I wouldn’t have thought avocado whip and pickled beetroot en-croute would help your womble down the aisle next month!

Mabel scowled at me and then decided to remark on how last season my dress was. “You do vintage so well Melody. I am sure you you must camp out in the clearance boutiques and market bizarres. Where did those shoes come from? Portabello Road? Ha!

Don’t snort Mabel-soon-to-be-Gable. You have olive tapenade in your teeth sweetie. At least I can afford to buy my own clothes, instead of relying on pocket money from Daddy.”

Always were a tad envious weren’t you Melody. I suppose you can’t help your working class family background. I can’t help that I have been born into wealth.” Mable and I had been at school together. I was there because I won a scholarship and Mabel was there because her family could afford the fees. She had always flaunted her family’s wealth, much to my annoyance.

Wealth from hedge funds and pyramid schemes and other rather fishy enterprises. There you go Mabel…smoked salmon and chive cream cheese – I wondered what that noxious odour was. I am sure that would suit you better than the avocado whip.

Melody Finch, you are such a…

Without giving Mabel the chance to insult me, I turned to the gregarious gentleman I had been watching out of the corner of my eye, as I wanted to avoid being the recipient of his roving hands, “Lord Appleton, how delightful. You know my dear friend Mabel, daughter of Sir Adrian Forster, but soon to become the wife of Seymour Gable.

After a jovial greeting, Lord Appleton turned on all his charms in making the acquaintance of Mabel, “My dear, Seymour is a frequent visitor to our Berkshire house. We have had many jolly times with old Seemy. He is a great shot and not too bad at backgammon. You must come down in the autumn…after you have had chance to settle down after the honeymoon.” Lord Appleton’s right hand gave Mabel’s derriere a firm squeeze, causing her to almost choke on her salmon en croute.

Meanwhile, I had managed to slip away and locate another buffet table with some more vegetarian hor d’oeuvres and was filling up my plate with them. I only go to these events for the food you know. I can’t stand the company!

Then I meandered my way around the room, champagne flute in my hand, until I saw him. The only man who made these events bearable, Jack Barnes, who had been watching me all night. After taking a gulp of bubbly, I made my way towards him, with a saunter I knew would make him nervous. A couple of metres away from him, I turned to my right and exclaimed “Felicia! How are you darling? You look wonderful. It’s ages since I played tennis with you and Nicholas!

I knew Jack was watching me. But I was not ready to talk to him until he had offered some kind of apology. I wonder if he has any idea how much I love him still.


In case you are wondering…the flash fiction part is Mabel…the real part is Jack.

Settling Universal Issues

Demolition, Wall, Vault, Masonry, Stones

At one time man’s accomplishments seemed so impressive

Men would slap each other on the back and offer congratulations

Progress, technological advancement, commercial victories

Empires that were built brick by brick with blood and sweat

Crumbling, decaying beyond all hope of repair and renovation

Will they really be mourned now that they are being exposed

The destruction they have wreaked, the slaves they have broken

The misery for many, while the few lavish themselves in riches

The end is truly nigh for the corrupt, the mercenary, the greedy

The beginning is near for those who want to live in peace and security

To show proper care for their home planet and all it’s creatures

For those who want all to thrive and live a full and rewarding life

Who is right to rule? that was the question raised long ago

A judicial record has been established and is on public record

Every form of rulership has come and gone, been tried and failed

As forecast, the result has been pain and groaning for all creation

But as in any court case – there is a limited period to argue a case

None of this has been time wasted, for now it’s not just we who’ll know

There is a judicial precedent that has been established once and for all

Never again in the entire universe will this question need to be answered

For if anyone ever challenges who should rule and determine right and wrong

A great cry will come from Planet Earth, from those who witnessed for themselves

That so often power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely

How intelligent creatures dominate and injure each other without remorse

The beginning is near, the start of a new way of life, a new way things work

He says that within one thousand years all of the damage will be undone

If there’s one thing that brings me peace and calm in the darkest hour

It’s the thought of every creature in the universe being content and at peace

I Cannot Resist A Happy Ending

I found this post in the Caramel archives. Long before I ever wrote the three part novel series “LEANERS AT LOVE”, I had already had events in my own life shape ideas in the back of my mind for a story. Who would have thought that around a year after I published this post, I would end up publishing my first novel!!!

I have prepared this post in response to another of the writing prompts from Rory aka A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! and although I have completely disregarded one of his rules/instructions, I am hoping he will let me off this time!

Protected: Oh Prompt Me Do!! Question Time



What if you had the chance to write a best-selling novel?

Yes…well, it need not be “best-selling”, but I am happy to go along with the concept of writing a novel.

Would it be a romance, mystery, or factual historical account?

I think I would enjoy writing a light-hearted romance. Nothing too heavy. Something with a happy ending.


I am not very good at writing fiction, so I would probably write what I know, my own experiences, and just disguise the characters by changing a few details so that nobody could identify their real life counterparts!

Once you have told us what genre you would be writing, show us the summary of your novel in no more than 100 words – sorry 100 words for my life story is no where near enough!

A broken-hearted Caramel (let’s change her name to Annabelle) meets a handsome stranger named Goldfinch (we will call him Robin). Robin and Annabelle have a wonderful weekend together and both sense a great attraction.

Robin tells Annabelle he is only here for work and will be flying home in a few months time, so she must not fall in love with him. Despite knowing they have no future together, they visit each other frequently. During that time Robin goes back to visit his family for a whole month during the holidays. Annabelle misses him intensely and realizes how much she is in love while Robin is away. From then on she is torn because she loves her family and friends and has needed them after the heartbreak she had experienced previously. She worries that Robin may one day let her down and break her heart too.

d7a29-sexy-coupleThey spend a year having perfect days out in the countryside, romantic dinners and making love in every possible position.

After the project he is working on is delayed, a whole year passes until Robin finally has to return to his home country. Robin makes Annabelle promise she will fall in love with another lovely man and live happily ever after.

Annabelle tries to be open minded about falling in love with another man, but she mourns the loss of Robin. She is pretty lost for several weeks. Then she realizes he has left her a very special gift. Annabelle struggles to tell Robin in an e-mail or over the phone, so instead she tells Robin she wants to come and visit him to spend time with him. Robin is very pleased Annabelle wants to visit him. She books a flight out to his home country to tell him.

However, during her journey she is involved in an accident and is severely injured. She ends up in a coma in hospital at a hospital within Robin’s homeland. Hearing about the accident, Robin travels to the hospital Annabelle is being care for within. He stays by her side for weeks until she wakes up.

He already knows about the gift Annabelle is carrying within her and…

…well, look, I  have no idea how the story will end to be honest. Once I stray from real life to fiction my mind becomes very muddled. I do prefer to stick to reality.

But Annabelle has a future, with or without Robin. I guess that is what we would have to work out while we write the novel hey?

I am sure Robin will not turn out to be a bad guy. But maybe he has already fallen in love with someone else before Annabelle ever reaches him? You just never know in real life! That’s why you should grab happiness when it comes along and keep tight hold of it.

A best-selling novel? I don’t think so. But they say everyone has a novel within them. Life can end up being literally the story of a lifetime! And with each page, you wonder, how will this story end?

I Am Immensely Wealthy


I rarely refer to luck or being lucky. Those words have never really found a comfortable place in my vocabulary. But I do understand gratitude and appreciation. I understand what it means to count your blessings. And I do! I do! My blessings are as numerous as the stars in the sky!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Count-Your-Blessings-Daily-the-secret-30533385-500-332.jpg

Even when I have been through hard times, sad times, break your heart times – I have always been aware of how very blessed I am. In fact I sometimes don’t know where to begin with listing all of the wonderful in my life. I have published almost 2000 posts on this site. There are 200 posts in my drafts folder that I am struggling to find the time to finish. The majority of my posts are about the wonderful people and experiences that have made my life very special.

I am really privileged. Privileged to have the gift of life! Privileged to have been born at all to two loving parents who have taught me wise lessons that have helped me to lead a very satisfying and meaningful life. A window cleaner and a nurse turned out to be probably the best parents in the world.


I have a a lot of family members and a lot of friends. I have worked on some amazing projects during which I have forged lasting friendships with other volunteers. It makes me feel immensely wealthy to know I have so many meaningful relationships.

When I was younger, I thought we were poor (as in we did not have much materially) as a family. How wrong I was! I realized when I started travelling that perhaps as many as half of the people on the planet did not have the material things I had always taken for granted – a flushing toilet, a heated shower, a fridge-freezer, a washing machine, central heating. I did not realize how many advantages there are living in a country which provided so many benefits for citizens – a virtually free national health service – that is one of the most enviable things about living in the UK perhaps.

I feel very privileged that I have been able to travel. It has opened my eyes to how many people have far less than I do. However, it has also helped me see happiness does not depend on how much we possess. In lands where I saw people who lived on an average of $1 a day – I saw close knit families, caring supportive communities. We saw the biggest smiles. We saw that most people had practical skills like making their own clothes, growing various crops, making their own furniture, and they were enterprising. Everyone seemed to be a vendor in one form or another. I came back to England seeing things in a much clearer light. I think it’s absurd that women spend the same amount of money on one handbag that would feed a family for over a year in many lands.

One thing that makes me feel very rich indeed is that I have a firm hope. Even in troubled times, I am not afraid. I started looking for answers to  questions that troubled me when I was a little girl and I found them. I have a huge amount of confidence that the original purpose for this earth will be accomplished. One day all people will thrive in loving relationships, caring communities, a united worldwide family. Nobody will go hungry or go without the things they need. All will live in harmony with this beautiful planet and the creatures we share it with. That conviction that the future will be better than any pages in mankind’s history so far, helps me endure any hardship.

We also saw strong faith. In many of the lands where I saw the most severe poverty, people knew the answer to their problems. They knew that the Messiah will soon rule the entire earth and his rule will be marked by true love, justice, wisdom and power. They know that all of their suffering is witnessed by their heavenly Father. They know He is longing to heal mankind and this planet. That hope is sustaining them as the current corrupt global system punishes them for existing.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 752519438-if-you-want-to-feel-rich-gifts-money-cant-buy-quote-picture-pics.jpg

I realized some time ago that to live your life knowing the truth about why suffering and injustice effect so many good people, to know that all the damage done will be undone, all suffering reversed, all that is wrong will be made right – I have lived with peace of mind and heart. I am sure that made a difference to my childhood, to my life as an adult, to my recovery after I was the victim of a serious crime, to being able to establish peace with Jack. Truth brings peace.

So let me tell you how lucky or blessed I REALLY am: I am immensely wealthy in all that never loses value, rather gains more and more value in time. I am immensely wealthy in what matters. Although I don’t own any property, nor a car, and I certainly don’t own any designer handbags, I am immensely wealthy! I am free of fear and anxiety. My hope is sure.


This post was in response to the writing prompt provided by Sarah Elizabeth Moore:

Patterns (Miracles of Maths In Meadows)

pineapple.jpgWhen I saw the writing/picture prompt:


I was very excited…as it touched a scientific nerve on my brain!

Have you ever noticed that many plants grow in spiral formations? A pineapple, for example, may have 8 spirals of scales going around one way and 5 or 13 going in the opposite direction.

If you have time, look closely at the seeds in a sunflower, you may be able to see 55 and 89 spirals crossing over each other or perhaps even more.  Start looking at your vegetables…you will notice spirals more and more!

Do you have any idea why plants grow in this way? Does the number of spirals have any significance?  If you are a mathematician or biologist you probably know all about this already.

Why Do Many Plants Grow In Spirals?

Most plants arrange new growths at a unique angle that produces spirals. What angle is it?

Only what has been termed the “golden angle” of approximately 137.5 degrees results in an ideally compact arrangement of growths. What makes this angle so special?

The golden angle is ideal because it cannot be expressed as a simple fraction of a revolution. The fraction 5/8 is close to it, 8/13 is closer, and 13/21 is closer still, but no fraction exactly expresses the golden proportion of a revolution.

Thus, when a new growth develops at this fixed angle with respect to the preceding growth, no two growths will ever develop in exactly the same direction. Consequently, instead of forming radial arms, spirals form.

Remarkably, a computer simulation of growth from a central point produces recognizable spirals only if the angle between new growths is correct to a high degree of accuracy. Straying from the golden angle by even one tenth of a degree causes the effect to be lost.​

How Many Petals on a Flower?

Fibonacci, Golden Ratio, Sacred Geometry, SpiralInterestingly, the number of spirals that result from growth based on “the golden angle of growth” is usually a number from a series called the Fibonacci sequence. This series was first described by the 13th-century Italian mathematician known as Leonardo Fibonacci. In this progression, each number after 1 is equal to the sum of the previous two numbers​—1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, and so on.

daisiesThe flowers of many plants that exhibit a spiral growth pattern often have a Fibonacci number of petals. Now…I would like to envision you heading out into local fields and meadows tomorrow morning and putting this to the test – are you ready to go count petals?  Fruit and vegetables often have features that correspond to Fibonacci numbers.

There are fundamental mathematical principles and laws in nature that have been there for millennia, long long before any noggin sat down and worked out they were observing sheer genius!


A Romantic Weekend Break

I was scrolling through the posts from other bloggers displayed in my WordPress Reader today and I came across the writing prompt from Paula Light, creator of Light Motifs II. I have had a busy few months and I don’t think I have actually participated in a THURSDAY INSPIRATION prompt before.


Photo found on Pixabay

But this great photo gave me lots of ideas. So I have tried to stick with just one. But I will be honest with you…my baaaaaaad poetry style took over and I have ruined my idea. There was potential there, but I feel disappointed with the results. Oh well…never give up hey! Keep on trying to develop your writing. Here is my attempt to write a clever poem in response to Paula’s fantastic writing prompt:

Seeing the caravan I could have cried

Bob must have thought my face quite a sight

When I realized the bed was four foot wide

But that was nowt compared to my fright

As the caravan swayed from side to side

The fierce wind blowing throughout the night

Worrying we’d be swept out with the tide

I curled up and held onto Bob tight

“Isn’t this romantic?” said Bob

Morning came and the cliff-top was still there

Excited by his plans for the day

Bob led the way off to Scarborough fair

The sky overhead gloomy and grey

A stick with candy floss for two to share

Ferris wheel first, up and away

Bob gave me a squeeze and played with my hair

I tried my best to be droll and gay

“Isn’t this romantic?” said Bob

Into my ear Bob started to sing

“Your kisses are sweeter than white wine.”

Bob knelt on one knee and out came a ring

“We don’t need perfect skies or sunshine

Together we can face what life may bring

Because I am yours and you are mine”

“Sorry Bob, to me you’ve been just a fling

But this weekend you have crossed the line

This is not remotely romantic”, said I

It was clear to see I’d broken Bob’s heart

He asked me why? I exclaimed “Oh Gosh!”

He told me he hoped that we would never part

His romantic drivel seemed such tosh

“The caravan and the fair for a start

Quite an ordeal for someone so posh

I like the classics, music and art

You simply don’t earn nearly enough dosh

You are not remotely romantic”, said I

Kid In The Kitchen

Sarah the creator of the blogging site Sarah Elizabeth Moore has a writing challenge called “The August Write Away”.  I have been struggling to keep up with word and picture prompts this week because last week was crazy busy and it is looking like after today, the week ahead is going to be horribly busy too.

But I am really loving Sarah’s writing prompts, and am sorry I am just completely out of sync with the day they were for.  But I could not resist this one:


I have a very very vivid memory of the kitchen from my childhood.

My Mumma used to like doing some baking for the family.  I don’t remember what she actually baked being my own personal favourites, but I still loved working along with her.  She loved making date and walnut cake, which was a bit too heavy for me to enjoy as a child.  She also made madiera cake, fruit cake and sandwich cakes.

I loved helping my Mum.  I was fascinated by her baking and I was keen to learn.  But at times, I may have been more of a hindrance than a help.

My most vivid memory….one that has frequently come back to me over the years is the time I dropped a bag of sugar onto the tiled floor.  The bag split on impact and sugar spread all over the floor.

Can you imagine my tears?

I cried and cried.  I ran out of the kitchen, through the living room, up the stairs and into my bedroom.  I jumped on my bed and I sobbed and sobbed.

My Mumma – well…I remember she came to me after a few minutes and asked me why I was crying.  I can’t remember my exact words, but I remember that I wanted to help her so much and now I seemed to have ruined things.  I kept on telling her I was sorry, I did not drop the sugar deliberately, it was an accident. I was so upset.

Mumma said if I really wanted to help then I should return to the kitchen with her.  I followed her downstairs feeling rather sullen.  Once we were in the kitchen, Mum told me that accidents happen, sometimes things go wrong because of something we have done, but the important thing is how we deal with them.  She said that crying is not really going to help.  But what would help her, was if together we tidied up the mess.

I instantly threw myself into sweeping up the sugar with the dustpan and brush. Mumma then grabbed the hoover to pick up remaining parts of sugar and then she allowed me to use the mop (I was a bit too short to be very adept with the mop, but I was determined to help Mumma).

Mum thanked me and gave me a huge hug and then suggested we walk down to the local shop to buy some more sugar so we could finish the baking.  When we reached there, she bought me my favourite little bag of white chocolate mice.

I am sure you can see why many times over the years, my memory of how mum dealt with that situation has come back into my mind.  Sometimes we make mistakes, most of them are complete accidents, unintentional.  The important thing is how we deal with them.  We might feel like having a cry…but the most important thing is that we do everything we can to try to tidy up the mess we have made and start over again.

I marvel at the ingenuity both of my parents displayed many times. They remembered to turn many incidents into lessons that would reach our heart and help us for the rest of our lives.

Mum made sure I always knew she was happy to have me by her side trying to help her, and made sure I never felt like a hindrance.  She was incredibly patient.  We enjoyed many more baking sessions together over the years.

FOWC with Fandango — Ingenuity

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