It’s Only You Who Can Choose

You say you want a relationship with me

But I don’t feel your invitation is genuine

If you don’t reveal more of what goes on in your mind

If you don’t open up and share your heart with me

There is a solid wall you have built up

I do not have the power to unlock those gates

Every now and then I have the slightest peak at what you hide

But it is only you who can choose to open yourself to me



This was in repsonse to the picture prompt from Sue Vincent…I wrote it while waiting for my friend to arrive. And now I am heading out to feast on cake and drink copious amounts of tea.


I Am Not One For Doom And Gloom

I am going to keep busy…keep busy. Keep myself distracted. I have plans for the whole of today (I have some time off after the overtime I did at the weekend.) I slept for twelve hours last night. Today I am going out with a very very good friend.

Must not be on my own at the moment. Too much worry, too much sadness. Best not to be on my own. Better to be with someone lovely.

And fill the day with flowers, tea and cake and all good things! It will all come out in the wash.

My friend is taking me for an afternoon tea – which is a wonderful way to be treated. I am going to try to enjoy every moment.

I am not 100% at the moment…but I am not one for doom and gloom. So keeping busy – happy busy and I will save the teary moments for another day…when I know for sure.