You Really Shouldn’t Have

I feel like such a spoilt brat!

I received some gifts today. Any other day I don’t think I would have felt so rotten. But I didn’t want to receive gifts from the wrong men today.

I have sent some polite thank you text messages. But that is all. I sent a long message to Goldfinch though! And I received a lovely e-mail from him that made my heart flutter.

The chocolates I can take into work I guess. The flowers can stay. Then there is another gift I don’t know what to do with yet. I don’t like the scent. I have to find a friend who I think will like it. But I have to do so discreetly.

Normally, I would be more grateful. But none of it is from the man I am in love with.

Plus – it’s all just on a day that celebrates pagan sex worship to false gods which retailers make a packet out of. It does not mean anything to me. If I want to show love…well, I will do it everyday, to the man I do actually love, and not with silly tokens that he might not even like, but showing love in a way that really means something to him.

No other man is going to be able to give me gifts for a long time without me reacting like a spoilt brat. Errrr…. “Thanks, that is very kind of you. You really shouldn’t have.”

There is only one man that matters to me right now.