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A Kind Of Prison

There are those who suffer a kind of prison.

Not those who have broken laws, committed crimes and been sentenced judicially.

Rather, those who have become isolated for various reasons. For some it is a gradual imprisonment culminating from repeated knocks and harsh blows. Shying away from the rest of the world out of fear of more injury.

Then there are others that are still in puzzlement as to why others have shut them out. To be shunned by friends, colleagues, neighbours, even family when one has done no wrong. Isolated from the community that carved their very identity.

To be always looking in on the rest of your world who play gleefully and enjoy all the good that comes from a sense of belonging. To be isolated against one’s will. To be trapped on the other side of a wall, a barrier that seems impossible to break through. To have the fear that even if there was a way through, there could be more rejection and disdain from the happily contented who belong to the world where you once thrived.

The prison of isolation from which one always seeks to escape, rather than be swallowed up whole by it.



This was in response to the picture from Kira – part of the WOTD team. The Kira’s Sunday Scribbles is below: