You Better Not Kill The Groove DJ

Jim Adams, aka Newepicauthor, the creator of A Unique Title For Me, is hosting SONG-LYRIC-SUNDAY and this week he has chosen the theme RECORD/JUKE-BOX/DJ/RADIO.

Well – this is another theme where we are spoilt for choice. There are so many songs. I settled on my choice fairly early. It was the word “DJ” part of this week’s theme that swayed my choice.

This track was hugely popular! I still love it to bits! I would live to sound like Sophie Ellis Bextor when I sing (but, I sound like Julie Andrews), I think Sophie’s tones are fabulous. “Murder On The Dance Floor” has a great video…I could not find the full version to be able to show you it…but if you google it, you will see what I mean.

It’s murder on the dance floor
But you better not kill the groove DJ
Gonna burn this goddamn house right down
Oh, I know I know I know I know I know I know
About your kind
And so and so and so and so and so
I’ll have to play
If you think you’re getting away
I will prove you wrong
I’ll take you all the way
Boy, just come along
Hear me when I say
Hey, It’s murder on the dance floor
But you better not kill the groove
It’s murder on the dance floor
But you better not steal the moves DJ
Gonna burn this goddamn house right down
Oh I know I know I know I know I know I know
that maybe others
And so and so and so and so and so and so
You’ll just have to pray
If you think you’ll get away
I will prove you wrong
I’ll take you all away
Stay another song
I’ll blow you all away
Hey, It’s murder on the dance floor
But you better not kill the groove
Murder on the dance floor
But you better not steal the moves DJ
Gonna turn this house around somehow
Murder on the dance floor
But you better not kill the groove
Hey, hey
Murder on the dance floor
But you better not steal the moves DJ
Gonna burn this goddamn house right down

Writers – Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Gregg Alexander

Good Times Ahead

After working on so many cake posts, I have neglected a whole bunch of other drafts waiting for attention. Cake has been great! I absolutely loved THE GREAT BLOGGERS BAKE-OFF. I loved working with Gary and Jeanne on it. I loved the wonderful response. Superb!!!

As I mentioned before, I am also really grateful for all for all the lovely supportive comments  received in response to my ditties that I wrote after something very sad and disappointing that happened to me. The last of those is scheduled for Sunday. Then I have much less scheduled to be posted.

I had started a series of posts about living life with a sense of purpose. I will return to working on them. I think my poetic mood has dried up a bit for now. I am feeling so excited about the warmer weather and the longer days. I ought to make it a habit of taking my tablet out with me so I can take photographs of spring and summer here in London and share them with you.

ironingI went for an early morning walk yesterday before I started work, it was wonderful. Right now, I have a huge stack of ironing to get through. But that is fine because I do love ironing. I shall enjoy every moment. Then I am going to be heading up to Hampstead to meet a group of friends for a long walk.

I need to be out in the fresh air. It was a big knock to me, losing my little apricot sized piece of my heart. Gutted! But as with all knocks in life, I got up again. No plans to stay crumpled up on the floor nursing my bruises. Good times ahead! Above all looking forward to seeing Goldfinch in June – soooooooo much!

The Quest For Truth

I have been nominated for the “3.2.2 Quote Me!” on the topic of TRUTH by the wonderful Li the creator of Tao Talk, as you can see from Li’s post below:

This is a topic I love. I remembered that I made an attempt at this four months ago. Am I allowed to admit that I am slightly shattered after the BAKE-OFF, even though loved every moment? So I hoped it would be alright if I present the quotes I included when I published this in November. It might be familiar to some of you.


Just in case you are not familiar with the “3.2.1. Quote Me!” challenges, I have included some of the rules below, and please do look at the original post created by Rory, the creator of A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!


Thank the Nominator.

Post 2 quotes for the dedicated Topic of the Day.

Select 3 bloggers to take part in ‘3.2.1 Quote Me!’

Right… well… where on earth to begin? Well, where do most people start their search for truth? Correct me if I am wrong, but I think many lean towards either science or religion in their quest for truth.

Now… who am I to be overly assertive on any of these subjects? Nothing qualifies me to be dogmatic. However, I have every right to be in search of truth. I am a human. I have questions. I want answers. And I do believe there are answers, and that there is truth. What I have no intention of doing is insulting anyone, so forgive my waffling. I just don’t want to be disrespectful to all of the genuine people who are honestly searching for truth, and trying to live their lives in a right way, to the best of their understanding.

I go to a lot of dinner parties, which tend to be with a lot of middle-aged people nowadays, and I have enjoyed hearing the beliefs and views of some very interesting people. I love someone who can reason, and is happy to consider and contemplate without ever resorting to insults. I have to say, the cleverest people seem to be those who are not close-minded, but preserve their reasoning ability and develop a discussion logically.

And so before I give you my two quotes…one in connection with science, one more on a religious note – I just want to say, I do understand why many feel cynical. Too many outright lies, half-truths, distortions of truth, twisting of truth by far.

We are like sponges when we are little ones, absorbing incredible amounts of information, and then there comes a point when we cotton to the fact that some of what we have been taught is not real, not true. We learn that people, especially the big-promise makers, don’t always keep their promises. We taste disillusionment and doubt. We wonder, is there anyone, anything I can really trust?

Many reach the conclusion that there is no truth, except hard truths that kind of extinguish hope and optimism. Now, I love humour…but I think many have given up their quest for truth, and just see an endless source of comedy in the hypocrisy of those who set themselves up as truth-sayers, gurus, experts.

I feel there are some who set out to deliberately deceive and profit, by extorting money from those who trust them. Some just seem rather mercenary in their zeal to promote their conclusions. There are others who seem to have a gigantic chip on their shoulder or their knickers in a twist, and just attack everyone else, but don’t have anything truly substantial to offer themselves. Or those come across as if they have been deeply let down and pained by those they trusted. There are others who genuinely believe they are correct and speak with passion, and yet their statements or teachings have holes in them. I don’t think they are deliberately trying to manipulate anyone, but perhaps they are being over-confidant and presumptuous in their claims.

Hmm – the question of what is truth? Who is sincerely telling the truth to the best of their understanding?

I honestly  feel more inclined to trust those who display humility and recognize that our view is limited. We may not have all the facts, so it is unwise to be dogmatic about conclusions and not allow for the possibility that we might be wrong, at least in some respects. We should always be prepared to learn more and correct our understanding. I am also inclined to prefer those who don’t try to over-complicate things with highfalutin explanations and technical terminology that Joe Bloggs, Jane Doe and I cannot understand. Even profound concepts can be presented in simple terms by an effective teacher.


Right…I just wanted to get that out of the way! Let’s crack on with my two quotes:

science quote

It was the first part of this quote I wanted to feature. Only I will say this: SCIENCE SHOULD BE THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH. But I do not believe that is always the case.

I love science. I am particularly drawn to physics. In essence, I have always felt that a true scientific approach involves the search for answers to questions and testing out the various theoretical possibilities to see how they work. I have a mathematical mind and I am always interested in the mathematical probability of a theory.

I appreciate the candour of renowned scientists, such as neuro-scientist David Eagleman, who wrote: “Good science is always open-minded, and the history of science is one of surprises.” Or physicist Paul Davies, who observed: “The search for a closed logical scheme that provides a complete and self-consistent explanation for everything is doomed to failure.” Both of these men seem honest.

Although I have a keen interest in physics and a passion for learning and understanding how things work. I am not sure that science alone can answer all of our questions as humans. Remarkable things have been discovered by scientists. I do believe there are some very genuine and open-minded scientists who will continue to learn and discover amazing things.

Yet in the vain search to use knowledge to make a profit, an enormous price seems to be hanging over mankind, due to the misuse of science. Some have used the discoveries of scientists to great detriment. Nuclear physics – is amazing…but it has been used to make nuclear weapons. The marvels of aviation, which can be used to unite the world, or used to drop bombs to destroy members of our human family. Plastic! – it’s hard to hear that word without feeling provoked at the moment.


Too many are using science to make a a profit at the expense of so much. Too many cases of false results, false evidence, in order to make money or win fame at the end of the day. Too many theories promoted as fact. Annoying! I feel rather angry when I read of the falsifying of evidence. It makes a mockery of a profession which should be a search for truth, not for profit.

Working in pharmacy…you can see how much money can be made from promoting a wonder-drug or treatment. One drugs company may promote their new product on the market by dissing the products that have been relied on previously. They can sound very convincing, very authoritative. Do they sincerely believe their product will make a huge improvement to people’s health…or is their marketing just very clever – all leading to a great big fat profit?

Well…you have to wait and see often. Although my appetite to read scientific books has never diminished, I do not at all feel that science has any kind of monopoly on truth. But it should be the search for truth. That all depends on the integrity and humility and honesty of individual scientists.


So, now I turn to the second area where many turn to in their search for truth: religion.

I am going to apply the same approach to this quote, and say: RELIGIOUS TRUTH SHOULD SET YOU FREE. But I do not believe that all religious beliefs are true, neither do I believe that all lead to freedom.

I don’t want to be belligerent on this subject. I have no right to be. I feel that a person’s religious views are very close to their heart. I don’t want to go around bruising hearts. So I am going to tread carefully and I am not going to start throwing insults around at any religious groups.

Let me say first though that I do believe in a Creator. Someone that fashioned matter into remarkable creations. Not just a force of energy, but a person with a remarkable personality. I do believe that He possesses love, power, wisdom and that He wants us to know Him and that He wants us to find the answers to our questions – especially why there is so much going wrong with this world and is there any hope for things to get better? In saying this I am not inviting any bullish remarks from those who might have drawn a very different conclusion to me. I am just being up front about my own view because I truly am trying to write a post that is free from bias.

However, I certainly do not believe that religion as a whole is trustworthy. I refer to both the teachings or doctrines that exist and the behaviour and attitude of individuals, especially religious leaders. There are no doubt many who are sincere in themselves. But as with science, there are also those who have been motivated by wealth and prominence. I feel indignant by how many have used religion to beguile others and have extorted a massive profit.

In addition, surely nobody in their right mind would deny that there are too many pages of bloodshed in the history of religion by far. Lots of damage has been done by those who have claimed to represent the Almighty and yet have abused the positions of trust they have been placed in. I am not surprised that there are some who feel very angry with religion, and are now averse to anything associated with religion or a Creator. It is again something that makes me feel incensed that many religions have put people off believing in a Creator who cares.

Now, I really don’t want to single out any religious groups – I don’t feel I have any right to mock someone’s treasured beliefs. So I am going to steer clear of mentioning any specific doctrines and religious teachings that I feel are far from true. I have friends and workmates who have religious beliefs very different from my own. Some seem more devoted to their religious beliefs than others.

I have read a lot about the major religions of the world, but I feel I know more about Christianity and it’s history than other religions. I have read in various books that there are anywhere between 37,000 – 42,000 different Christian denominations. Some of those have very different understandings of the role of Christ, the route to forgiveness, which practices are acceptable or not, the perception of the soul, the hope for the future of mankind and for those who have died. Same leader, same scriptures – wildly different teachings.

I don’t wish to cause any offence to anyone or to sound critical. But I can sympathise with anyone who is put off from searching to answers to their questions at all when there is such an array of contradictory answers being offered by different groups.

Yet I will say this, I do believe that some religious groups are a lot closer to truth than others. I think that both their teachings and their conduct and attitude to others, manifest that they have a lot more truth in them. They make religion look good. I respect those that have a faith based on clear reason and who try to live by their faith in sincerity. Especially when they are able to engage in a reasonable discussion about their beliefs, answering questions, but remaining calm and respectful about and towards those who do not share their beliefs.

There is no perfect group of people. Every family, club, group, community, or organization will have to face that at times individuals will not represent them well. But for a group of imperfect people, there are some religious groups who definitely win my respect by their honesty and humility. I have all the time in the world for people like that. I would be happy to invite them into my little nest for a cup of tea on a rainy Saturday morning to hear more about their views, but they probably walk past my gate without every realizing it leads to an abode where they would find a warm welcome.


Well… I am one of… is it seven or eight billion humans, who have the capacity to ponder “what is it all about?”. There are a lot of people who are convinced they are right, telling me what to believe. I am fascinated by science and religion. But as I have gained experience in life and have talked with people from all backgrounds, I am drawn to those that bear the stamp of truth.

I don’t tolerate those who cannot have a discussion with a respectful attitude. I am not interested in mental boxing matches. Then there are those I can see that may feel they are genuine and are full of conviction, but despite their sincerity, I discern big holes in their reasoning. On the other hand, I have started to probe more carefully those who speak with eloquence and profess to have all the answers. It’s up to me to test out what I read, see, hear and to decide whether I am reading truth, half-truths, a twisting of the truth, or outright lies. I have felt many of my questions have been answered satisfactorily. Especially why there is so much going wrong on a planet that has the potential to be a paradise? I have a lot of hope that the future will be better. But I do have more questions and I am eager to read, listen, learn more and more.

But that process should not be just about me picking my favourites, what tickles my ears…like running around a sweet shop and making up your own goodie bag. I try to be unbiased and careful in my approach to what I read. I do ask:

  • who is saying this?
  • is their reasoning sound?
  • what is their evidence?
  • what authority do they rely upon?
  • what are they trying to accomplish?
  • does their conduct match with their teachings?
  • do their ideas bring beneficial results?
  • are these ideas actually leading to anything worthwhile or is this person just attacking others?
  • are they after my money? (they will be disappointed if they are because I hardly have a bean!)

I feel as if I am getting close to exhausting this subject of truth…indeed I am feeling exhausted myself. I hope I have not left you feeling as exhausted as I am.

But that is partly because I am trying so hard to be unbiased and trying to be careful. I do not want to offend anyone! For kindness and truth should adorn any discussion about subjects that are so very close to people’s hearts.


My nominees are three bloggers who I think are probably just as concerned with a kind and respectful approach to the subject of truth, or any other subject, as I am:

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Life In The Big Smoke

What is it like living in a big smelly city like London? It occurred to me when I was reading through my answers, that I mentioned life in London a few times. As this is my response to Melanie’s SHARE-YOUR-WORLD post, if you hadn’t noticed before, I live in London – the big chokey smoke. Here is Melanie’s original post, and below is a taster of my life in London:


What is the best pick me up that you know of?  To shake you out of the blues?

Oh I have a few. If I am feeling a bit low, (and it happens, why shouldn’t it happen?) I will try one of the following (some of these are weather permitting):

  • ring my mum, one of my sisters or a good friend
  • type an e-mail to Goldfinch
  • go for a walk, there are beautiful parks nearby my accommodation
  • lie on the grass in the park and doze under the warm sunshine
  • listen to some music that always makes me feel good (see videos at end of post)
  • walk to a nearby artisan bakery on the high street and buy myself the gooiest cake I can find
  • iron any laundry that is stacked up, it’s something I really enjoy
  • work on the little book I am writing for my niece
  • sometimes I let myself have a little cry – it is a miraculous release of pain
  • watch one of the funny little clips that always makes me laugh my socks off – like this one:

What would be the title of your memoir?

Sing First, Hide Later

sing along

I was struggling with thinking of something to answer this one. But Beckie, the creator of Beckie’s Mental Mess included a quote in a post she published the other day which was “Dance First, Think Later” which does sum up many of my life experiences. But I have done more singing that dancing let me tell you!! Here in London I have been to many parties and social events. I always throw myself into fun. (I wouldn’t do anything too wreckless mind!)

Where do you like to go when you eat out?

I am spoilt in London. I am often invited out to dinner at someone’s home. Which is always my favourite choice. I have friends of many nationalities, so I am able to try all sorts of delicious home cooking. It is more cost effective normally. Love it! Most of my friends seem to prefer entertaining at home. But some of us don’t have a lot of space. I can only have three guests for dinner (I only have four chairs!), but if my landlady was away I might invite more over of they are content to eat pizza and watch a movie. I would be hoping some don’t mind lolloping on the floor with a cushion.

There are so many restaurants to choose from in London, so many. We don’t go to the same place again and again. We are always looking for somewhere new. I usually am happy to go along to where my friends would like to go. Most prefer either Italian or South East Asian. But I love Greek, Persian, African, Mexican and so many other cuisines. In London we are truly spoilt for choice!

Do you believe in luck?

It’s not really a concept I am familiar with. I don’t remember hearing the word at home. Perhaps since my Dad had broken free from gambling, which ruined his finances as a young man, he was not going to promote anything except hard work and persistence.

But when I was at high school I remember people saying it before an exam. I didn’t quite grasp what they were saying to me. I always knew I was likely to do well in my exams, because I was was a thorough student, I had an ace memory and I didn’t feel any pressure in exams. Tests and exams never did bother me. I knew that others were being nice in using the phrase “good luck” but I always found it an odd expression.

law.jpgThe only exam I only achieved a “lower” grade in was a law A-level. I was fuming when I had a letter from the local college saying that if I did not sit the exam, I would have to pay hundreds of pounds to the college for the cost of the A-level course. I went to visit the college and asked them what on earth they were talking about. Apparently, I was enrolled on this course but I had no idea. If they thought I was supposed be turning up for classes – why did they never contact me before the exam at the end of the year? I had never been to a single class and had not read any material for this course. But to avoid having to pay hundreds of pounds (I believed their threat) I turned up and sat an exam for a subject I had not studied and a few weeks later received a letter telling me I had an “E” grade.

Now, if it had been an “A” grade, maybe that would have been what people refer to as “luck”. Things that happen when you have not put any effort in at all?

I am not sure what others actually believe if they say they do believe in luck. Everyone seems to have a different idea. But I am not superstitious. Sometimes things go wrong, but mostly they go right. Of the things that go wrong, I mostly don’t worry, unless it was my fault.

Gratitude Question:

Aside from necessities, what is one thing you couldn’t go a day without?

As a full-time volunteer, I lived without wages for five years, so I am used to living with just necessities. Even though I am earning a little money now, I still live a very simple life.

shower.jpgI have done some travelling and I realize I am spoilt compared to many. After the time I spent out in West Africa, I realized how hard I would find it to be without a washing machine, electric iron, a plumbed in bathroom and electric shower. Maybe I could go one day without these things, but not much longer! But if I had to, I would. I am just so used to those things. I love the ease we have of keeping clean and having clean clothes. London is dirty! I often find some kind of grime from buses, trains or railings has brushed onto my clothes, and my hair feels yucky after being out for a day in the big smoke. I feel like a complete wuss saying that when I think of how many people live on this planet without these things. Yet they are perfectly happy without them.

In my current accommodation, I have for the first time since I lived in London both a shower cubicle and a bath-tub. Although I mostly shower, there are times when a soak in a hot bath is wonderful. I don’t need these extras, but I am grateful for them.


Music that always makes me feel good…oh there are so so many! But here are a few: