Hopping Popping Positivity

Coming home from town and slinking through the huge gates that hide my sweet little abode. Making myself a huge cup of tea and turning on my lap-top to check WordPress while I was drinking it. Finding a little message from Melanie, the creator of sparksfromacombustiblemind, who said she has nominated/tagged me for a challenge that looked great fun:


As far as I understand, this challenge originates with Beckie, the creator of Beckie’s Mental Mess. I believe Beckie’s POP challenge, is to challenge to us all to bounce a bit of positivity around! We will be asked to share something positive and joyful on a selected theme. Read Beckie’s original post to find out more about how the POP Challenge will work:



  1. Each Thursday, I’ll pick a Theme (Naturally something positive).
  2. I will, therefore, Tag Two Bloggers to continue the themed positive message along.
  3. You, the recipient of the tag can select anyway fit on how you want to share this positivity.  (Example: Quote, Affirmation, Music Video, Memes, Pictures, etc… As long it sticks to the Theme).
  4. Please create a ping-back to the original post (Beckie’s), as well as notifying your tagged bloggers that you have selected them.


    Well…anything positive has to be a good thing, so I am keen to think of a little something to offer up. I am not sure quite where to begin…so you are probably going to end up with a Caramel flavoured PICK-AND-MIX:

    • I am pleasingly happy because I have been working with some really cool people recently – and I love it! Nothing like workmates who you think are awesome.
    • happy tvI am cheerfully happy because, The Great British Bake-Off and Masterchef (apparently it’s Celebrity Masterchef, but I am rather foggy about who any of them are) are on television, which is great because normally there is nothing worth watching on the enormous monstrosity of a television which is in this little nest.
    • I am super-dupa happy because the man who has been behind my worries for the last few years has waltzed back into my life in fantastic style – and he is just as mesmerizing as he ever was!
    • waiting on a benchI am giddy happy that I am about to finish the last parts of the first long fictional project I have ever attempted. I am delighted with the way Annabelle Riley’s story has turned out. I have loved working on her story!
    • I am deeply happy because I have a wonderful family, fantastic friends and great colleagues. And I cannot wait to share with them that my ex-flatmate is being awesome at the moment!
    • I have been ecstatically happy all week because we have been enjoying gorgeous September sun and…this morning I heard September song which has been running round my head all day. I don’t know if it is a happy song or not, but I loved it!

    …so I thought I would share with you:

    And …I am going to tag two incredibly positive bloggers  to take up the POP challenge: