They Say I Did Something Bad

make an entrance.jpgI am a good girl you know. I really really am. But occasionally I get myself into trouble. The problem is I am a lively little bundle of energy. I become over-excitable at times, over eager. I go above and beyond in every task asked of me. And damn…do I like to make an entrance!

Sooooooo…I got told off about something I completely bumbled recently, due to my exuberance and eagerness to help. But the telling off was so sweet…they love me. They love my energy and enthusiasm, I just need to learn to reign it in!

I felt like a little girl getting a telling off at first, I know I was full of adrenaline and was going for it that day…oblivious to the chaos left in my wake! But they were so kind and so complimentary when they told me off…not difficult to swallow the criticism at all. Need to learn to calm myself down sometimes!!!