Drama And Romance From The Pride Of Yorkshire

When I was poorly sick just over a week ago, I was looking for something on television to distract me. I chose a film I have seen before. A dramatisation of Charlotte Bronte’ “Jane Eyre”. I read the book as a teenager, and I did think it quite wonderful. although I am not the biggest fan of any of the Bronte sisters in all honesty. So dramatic! I do prefer a more light-hearted cheerier romance in all honesty! I can just about cope with the dramatic, but some of the Bronte’s writings are more on the traumatic side!


But nonetheless, I did love Jane and wanted her to be happy. It seemed clear that it was only her devotion for Mr Rochester that could finally be expressed with a clear conscience that could make her really happy.

But I was struck by one particular scene in the 2011 dramatisation I watched. I have seen it acted out by others, but I really really was moved by this proposal scene.

I am such a softie! I love a romance. I totally understood the distraught conscience that plagued Jane. I absolutely understood that she could not force herself to love someone else, even though he was everything deemed proper. “Enough of love” indeed!

One of the ways I show love is acts of service (oooh that post is still in my drafts folder) and I can easily relate to the thought of loving a man who I could be useful to and express my devotion too. What I do like about Jane Eyre – is the portrayal of a love story in circumstances that are far from perfect. Had Jane and Mr Rochester crossed paths years earlier they may not have suited each other at all. But now after life has inflicted all sorts of blows and to some extent blessings – they find exactly what they need in each other.

I do love a happy-ish ending.

Zingers Make You Feel Awful Afterwards

Last night I came home much earlier than I was expecting because there was an electrical outage at the venue I was going to be spending the evening.  The group I was with realized we were going to have to break off into smaller parties and enjoy the rest of the evening elsewhere.  Although I was torn because I had been looking forward to a night out with great friends, I…opted for home.  I was only ten minutes away from home and I dreaded the thought of heading off in the other direction and having to join the search for a restaurant or bar that was able to accommodate us without reservations.

Coming home early was the right decision.  I had a bath and pampered myself., with products from  the gift basket I was recently left by a good friend whom was a guest for a couple of nights in my sweet little abode.  I put on my pyjamas (my pyjamas are completely the opposite to diaphanous) and my snuggly socks and I rang one of my sisters and then two of my friends. After all that, I realized I still had time to catch up with reading posts from bloggers I love.

One of my favourite blogs is Everyday Strange created by L. Stevens.  Her Muse Of The Day two days ago (yes I am way way behind with my reading) in this post caught my eye:


Those words right at the end there…

“…remorse inevitably follows.”

…I have a story (another confession) which I am going to start and leave in my drafts folder to develop at a later date, of a time I delivered a zinger…and felt huge remorse afterwards.  It was one evening when Jack had pushed my buttons.  He seemed to think he could humiliate me in front of friends and others at social events.  My feelings had been brewing, and then in response to a rather sly remark, I delivered a zinger, a perfect blend of poetry and meanness!

Jack was shocked.  My friends were shocked.  I was shocked!  I did not know I had it in me to formulate a zinger and deliver it with such timing and precision that the whole room went quiet and Jack looked hurt to the core.

“….remorse inevitably followed!”

Oh Jack, how I wish I could take back my zinger!  You are the last man on the planet I would ever want to hurt or humiliate!

Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly illustrate the subject of zingers so well:

FOWC with Fandango — Guest



A Romantic Weekend Break

I was scrolling through the posts from other bloggers displayed in my WordPress Reader today and I came across the writing prompt from Paula Light, creator of Light Motifs II. I have had a busy few months and I don’t think I have actually participated in a THURSDAY INSPIRATION prompt before.


Photo found on Pixabay

But this great photo gave me lots of ideas. So I have tried to stick with just one. But I will be honest with you…my baaaaaaad poetry style took over and I have ruined my idea. There was potential there, but I feel disappointed with the results. Oh well…never give up hey! Keep on trying to develop your writing. Here is my attempt to write a clever poem in response to Paula’s fantastic writing prompt:

Seeing the caravan I could have cried

Bob must have thought my face quite a sight

When I realized the bed was four foot wide

But that was nowt compared to my fright

As the caravan swayed from side to side

The fierce wind blowing throughout the night

Worrying we’d be swept out with the tide

I curled up and held onto Bob tight

“Isn’t this romantic?” said Bob

Morning came and the cliff-top was still there

Excited by his plans for the day

Bob led the way off to Scarborough fair

The sky overhead gloomy and grey

A stick with candy floss for two to share

Ferris wheel first, up and away

Bob gave me a squeeze and played with my hair

I tried my best to be droll and gay

“Isn’t this romantic?” said Bob

Into my ear Bob started to sing

“Your kisses are sweeter than white wine.”

Bob knelt on one knee and out came a ring

“We don’t need perfect skies or sunshine

Together we can face what life may bring

Because I am yours and you are mine”

“Sorry Bob, to me you’ve been just a fling

But this weekend you have crossed the line

This is not remotely romantic”, said I

It was clear to see I’d broken Bob’s heart

He asked me why? I exclaimed “Oh Gosh!”

He told me he hoped that we would never part

His romantic drivel seemed such tosh

“The caravan and the fair for a start

Quite an ordeal for someone so posh

I like the classics, music and art

You simply don’t earn nearly enough dosh

You are not remotely romantic”, said I

There Was Something In The Air That Night!

Valentine, Love, Romance, Silhouette, Couple

There was something in the air that night

The silence amplified every sound

He touched my hand, a spark shot through me

He drew me close, then span me around

Two smitten hearts were struck with lighting

That look of passion deep in his eyes

Declaring he was yearning for me

Breathless as my pulse began to rise

In his strong arms I felt so alive

He led me on quite a merry dance

Had me magnetised right to his side

Electric charging a sweet romance

lightining clouds

Image by O12 from Pixabay

This was in response to THE ELEMENTAL CHALLENGE hosted by Teresa aka The Haunted Wordsmith:


With You

Winter, Toy, Vintage, Creative, Play, Color, Christmas

If I was going to be snowed in, stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no choice but to huddle up and try to keep warm until the snow melted and we could carry on our journey….

…I would hope that I would be with you.

You keep me warm on the coldest nights. When you are here, the fading spark within becomes a roaring fire and glows joyfully. I could be marooned anywhere with you and not be afraid.

Focusing On The Wonderful

Jack has made me happier than I would have ever imagined. This time last year, I thought 2020 was going to be wonderful…and I know that technically it has not been particularly a great year in general…but, it has been marvellous for Jack and I, as far as our relationship in concerned.

Now….we are starting 2021 with a lot to look forward to.

No matter what happens…and please don’t think I take anything for granted, I am at peace with Jack, and almost at peace with the past. Despite all obstacles, my life partner, Jack, is on the same page as I am. We are working towards a clean earth, full of thriving creatures. No matter what governments do, no matter what agencies they use, no matter how pervasive propaganda becomes, we are going to keep our eyes focused on the wonderful!

Did You Feel It Too?

Willow, Tree, Winter, Light, Color, Sky, Clouds, Snow

I took a walk out in the cold evening air. I had no direction in mind, I just wanted to be alone for a few minutes. I wanted to think of you. I called your phone but there was no reply. You were probably busy with your family. I just could not stop thinking of you.

Me in London, you in the Lake District, but really, is there anywhere I could ever go on earth without you being present within me? I survived five years of estrangement from you – five years when we did not speak, we did not see each other, we were disconnected – yet you were always present within. I am not sure there was day that passed when I did not think of you. How could I forget you? After the dramatic affect you had on my life?

I walked on alone and came to a field with a willow tree. It was there that something wonderful happened. I knew you were thinking of me. I knew you were loving me. Deep within a effervescent glow began to emanate and everything around me turned to a wild celebration of joy. I knew that there is nowhere I can ever be without you thrilling my heart and lighting up the world around me.

Thank you for making peace with me.

Thank you for loving me.

Thank you for asking me to be your wife.

Jack And Me Versus The World

It’s all very exciting – planning for a wedding. Jack is very keen to discuss the kind of wedding we want (which I keep pointing out is something we may not have a free choice about because of social distancing restrictions). He is going away on Monday and will be with his parents, and his sister and her family all week (23rd-27th December three households are allowed to meet) whilst I head off to see my parents and some of my family.

Jack wants to tell his mum and sister about what we are planning for the wedding. He keeps asking me my preferences, what, where, who, how, when – I don’t think I am giving him enough. I keep saying, “I really don’t mind, I am just so happy, I don’t mind at all.” Although that is absolutely genuinely true, I know what I don’t want. I don’t want an Elvis impersonator to marry us. I don’t want an ostentations wedding. I don’t want to waste money on silly trivialities. I would like it to feel classy though.

I don’t really want photos of our wedding leaking out onto the internet, but I don’t want to make a big issue out of it. I don’t want to get married in a church with false idols and Babylonish symbols. I don’t want anyone to be drunk at our wedding reception.

So I know what I don’t want. But what do I want. Aaaaah – sigh – just Jack. I want Jack to be there. I would love my parents and Milly to be there. I would like Jack’s parents and his sister to be there. If we were to marry soon there would be a strict limit to the number we were allowed in attendance. But if we marry later, those restrictions may be limited. It would be much harder to choose a guest list then.

I don’t mind about a lot of things. I don’t have many thoughts on the kind of dress I want. I guess I want a dress that suits me, but that means trying on a bunch of dresses to find the right style. My hair – I will leave that to the experts. I have no clue what to do with my hair anymore. It is so long right now.

I just want to be with Jack – him and me versus the world now!

Before And After

Jenna wants a post from us about foreplay and afterplay – but I am going to defer sharing that level of information about Jack and me. Instead, I am going to find a few tweaked paragraphs from my first novel “We Hide What We hate About Ourselves”.

Just to explain the context of this passage….after an absence of eighteen months and very poor communication while away, Annabelle’s partner has returned to visit her. A lot of stress and pain has occured between this couple, and yet they want to try to repair the damage. While Annabelle is still grappling with the shock of Robin’s confessions, he is eager that what the two of them need is some time alone...

In one swift movement, Robin grabbed Annabelle’s wrists and spread her arms outwards pinning her arms down onto the bed. He looked into her eyes. Annabelle hadn’t seen that look in a long time, it always made her insides churn. A look of pity and hunger, as if a predator preparing to devour wanted to check on the well-being of his prey. Annabelle tried to relax as she surrendered to her lover who was taking pleasure in removing her shirt and unclipping the pretty gingham balcony bra she had chosen to wear.

As Robin’s kisses descended further down, Annabelle let out gasps of pleasure. Robin smiled at her flushed face and gazed into Annabelle’s eyes. Stroking her hair he murmured, “Love you.”

Those two words caused a sob came up into Annabelle’s throat, preventing her from expressing her emotion verbally. What escaped from her mouth was a whimper.

“No tears!” Robin kissed Annabelle’s forehead. Annabelle shook her head and pursed her lips together determined to keep control of herself. Robin pulled back and looked at her and sighed. He drew back from the bed. Annabelle watched him, anxious as to why he was leaving her.

Robin began to unbutton his shirt and pulled it off letting it fall to the ground. He unbuckled his belt and tugged down at his jeans. Almost without realizing what she was doing, she loosened the buttons of her own jeans and raised her hips so she could push them down. Annabelle forgot her own nakedness as she kept her eyes fixated on her lover as he walked to the side of the bed and lent forward to kiss her. His hand stroked the back of her head.

Annabelle felt sick in her stomach. She was not ready for this. She still hated what he had done in London. If it was down to her to forgive him, she needed more time. This closeness was too early. Yet, with every look and every touch, her hurt over what he had done faded. Pain gave way to pleasure. The hunger for him swallowed up the resentment. Soon the couple were unabashed in making love to each other with great energy.

That morning spent in each other’s arms, there was very little conversation, but a great deal of communication. The two lovers had no difficulty remembering their first year together before challenges had come along. They both craved to return to that period of excitement and comfort and fun.

There came a point in Annabelle’s mind when she realized that whether she had been ready or not, by consenting to the intimacy between them, she had agreed to let go of the past. There was no question of punishing Robin for the grief he had caused her, after the two of them had re-established this bond. Her insides were nauseous with the awareness that this was a choice she might end up regretting, despite the magic of being with him again.

Robin ran his left arm underneath Annabelle and wrapped her up in his arms. The two of them lay there, whispering to each other, stroking each other. Their legs became entangled, and gradually they both drifted into sleep.  The kind of sleep that two people who trust each other and feel no fear and no shame enjoy.