I’m In The Corner

I have two days completely free this week. No plans at all. So today, I decided to go walking. It’s something I love to do when I have chance. Walking for miles across London. I stopped in a cafe halfway and sat in the corner drinking a soya cappuccino and listening to the music that was playing. I really enjoyed being a lady of leisure.

tracks.jpgMy head has been buzzing with music for the past few days, after my two evenings out at the weekend. I don’t really listen to dance music at home. So I heard so many tracks and tunes that I was unfamiliar with. If you are a dancer it doesn’t matter too much, you pick up on the beat and rhythm.

I keep trying to google some of the music I remember hearing at the weekend. But I’m not finding much. Nevermind!

Dance music to me is great for dancing! I don’t really want to listen to it at home anyway. Except…every now and then I hear a track that I just cannot get enough of. It happened with Robyn. What a tune! What a track! Love love loved it! It’s still one of my favourite dance tracks of all time.

It’s Time…

I wonder what on earth London thinks of me? Have Londoners seen a woman so in love? Perhaps they have many a time!

It is allowed! Lovers are allowed to be in love in cities like London and New York and Paris – especially Paris – although perhaps not at at them moment. It’s all looking a bit scary at the moment over in Pareee.

…Anyway, back to London.

Walking hand in hand with Goldfinch – London never seemed so beautiful. Everything seemed to sparkle.

But I have to say… Goldfinch will surely know how loved he is! Thinking of him… my loved one up in the clouds until he is the furthest point on Earth possible from me. Aaaah sigh!

I noticed something wonderful about my tablet last week. At any time I can go to the world clock function and find out what time it is in Adelaide! That might not seem very impressive to you, but I was extremely excited by it.