A Spicy Start To The Day

I am a great tenant you know. I keep the little nest immaculate for a start. I am also very considerate. I am not noisy at all. If I do listen to music or watch something on television, I keep the volume down very low. I am careful to invite friends round who will behave and remain quiet-ish. If I want to invite any noisy friends round (some of my friends have the loudest laughs) I wait until my landlords are away on holiday.

And here is something else I do when they are on holiday:



I love onions! But my landlords don’t like the smell of onions when they are cooking. I also make curries and chilli, just about anything with strong flavours and cooking odours! I made samosas a couple of nights ago.

When my landlords are here I am very considerate, I cook bland non-smelly food, because the cooking smells would waft upstairs to them. But as soon as they are heading on holiday, I rush down to the supermarket and buy onions!!

And this morning…the breakfast I am cooking for myself is another favourite treat when my landlords are away. I am making:


Which may possibly be the best breakfast on the planet. I know that is very debatable. But when you are as considerate as me and you have bland breakfasts everyday…a spicy breakfast treat is something to get excited about!

He Has Gone…

By the time you read this, I will be on a train zooming along the London Underground Piccadilly line. I will be heading away from Heathrow Airport, back into Central London. Goldfinch will be up in the air, somewhere above France by now.

I want everyone to know…I truly have had the time of my life with Goldfinch. I am grieving right now. But he has been very very wonderful for me.

You will forgive me if I am a bit quiet in days to come won’t you. I have been tagged for a few challenges and nominations and questions and answer posts. I have started them. I will finish them. But it might be a few days. Please be patient with me. I have arranged lots of things with friends when I am not working (I don’t want to be alone at the moment) and I have also agreed to do lots of over-time at work, on the lead up to the holidays. Being busy will help distract me. Because I can tell you, my heart feels like it is bleeding at the moment.

So so sad am I. I am always just a wisp away from tears. I do hope I don’t have to deal with any rude clients at work or any stressful situations while my manager is on holiday. Otherwise I am going to end up crying at work!

Still, it is ok to be sad. It is perfectly normal to be sad when you are separated from someone you love. So I am going to allow myself to be sad. It will pass. I am a very joyful person. I love life.

But I am allowed to be sad right now. So don’t you worry. My sadness is a normal healthy reaction to being parted from the man I love and has made me feel so wonderful this year. I am not going to do the whole stiff-upper-lip thing. I am going to have my tearful moments and I might even allow myself a naughty treat on days that seem excessively sad. Isn’t that why cake was created?

But, there is a lot to look forward to. It is not long until I will be with my family. I am so excited about seeing my niece. She will be so good for me, as 20-month old children tend to be!

For weeks I have been wondering if there was one song I could include in a post about my big Goodbye with Goldfinch. I didn’t want it to be miserable or dire. I wanted it to be a celebration of how he has made me feel during this past year.

One day about a month or so ago, the song came to me!

When I am feeling up to it, I will tell you more about the grand Goodbye with Goldfinch and I will do more celebrating the wonderful wonderful year I have had.

Just right now, I don’t feel like celebrating! But I will look back at a later date and have so much wonderful to share with you!