It’s The Final Countdown!!!

dfuygadsiSomething terribly exciting is happening at this very moment. The third and final part of The LEARNERS AT LOVE Series is in the process of being published. Thanks to my very good friend who helped me get my act together (I have been kind of busy of late you know) my manuscript is finally up on Amazon and we are waiting for it to go live! Paperback takes longer as many of you will know.

Part Three of Annabelle’s story is called “THIS VOYAGE OF A LIFETIME”. It is the conclusion to an epic emotional journey. I wish I had more time to double, tripple, quadruple check, edit and scrutinise…but that will have to come later. Amazon lets you make little tweaks to your manuscript whenever you realize something is not quite right (thank goodness!)

If you take a look at the preview, I am sad to say the foreword is missing! It will be added as soon as Amazon allows me to update the manuscript, but here it is for you in the meantime. (Possible spoilers if you never read the story as I was publishing it chapter by chapter. I have tried not to give away anything too significant!)

If you have been travelling with Annabelle along her epic emotional journey, then welcome back to the third and final part of The LEARNERS AT LOVE Series. We have come a very long way!

In Part One, we found out that Annabelle, the beauty of Blackwood, who had caught the attention of Chris Ward, was hiding what she hated about herself. It took some time for Chris to learn and understand the concequences of Annabelle’s decisions. He supported Annabelle as she began to try to undo some of the damage she felt she was responsible for and to make peace with her past.

In Part Two, we saw Annabelle grow from strength to strength. Annabelle and her estranged partner began to build towards a future together. After years of feeling unsettled and lost, Annabelle finally found a home for herself, a place and a person with whom she felt she belonged.

What will Part Three have in store for Annabelle? As you join her on “THIS VOYAGE OF A LIFETIME”, be sure that Annabelle is going to expand her horizons as a LEARNER AT LOVE!

Just a reminder…Parts One and Two are already available on Amazon. So, if you do want to read them in order (which kind of makes sense to be honest)…all three parts are waiting for you.



She Dreams

It has taken me ages…but today during my lunch-break at work (when I was editing my book), I came to the conclusion that I had to write the song “She Dreams” that I refer to several times in Annabelle’s story. I have the music in my head…but I can’t write music, so the lyrics will have to do.


I don’t want to hear her scream

I want her to live her dream

Let’s go build a boat for me and you

And sail away on the ocean blue

We’ll stop at every bay we pass along the way

Dancing in the sand, walking hand in hand

No matter where we roam

She dreams of finding home


I thought my girl was wild

Turns out she’s just a child

I thought she’d make me free

Turns out she just needs me

Didn’t think I really cared

Never thought I was prepared

To carry her broken heart

Now I need my girl to start


Finding herself a voice that sings

Growing herself a pair of wings

Beat them hard and away you’ll fly

Don’t give up til you’re up on high

Don’t limit what you can acheive

If only my girl would believe

That she can make her dreams come true

Your dreams are the best part of you


I love it when your eyes gleam

I want you to live your dream

Let’s go build a boat for me and you

And sail away on the ocean blue

We’ll stop at every bay we pass along the way

Dancing in the sand, walking hand in hand

No matter where we roam

She dreams of finding home


She dreams she’ll the best

She dreams of a great quest

She dreams she’ll pass the test

She dreams of finding rest


Any difference I could make?

Does love mean laying awake?

Praying about your lover

Hoping that’s she’ll discover

She has beautiful ideas

But she’s held back by her fears

Doesn’t know where she belongs

I keep on singing her these songs


If you ever quit this team

I want you to live your dream

Let’s go build a boat for me and you

And sail away on the ocean blue

We’ll stop at every bay we pass along the way

Dancing in the sand, walking hand in hand

No matter where we roam

She dreams of finding home


Keep that smile beaming

Stay forever dreaming

I hate to see you look glum

I need your dreams to become

Stronger than the shame

Stronger than your tears

Stronger than the pain

Stronger than your fears


No matter where we roam

She dreams of finding home

Now I Get It!

I have seen many other bloggers write about their experiences with publishing their book. Honestly, some of them seem like a woman with labour pains, that become more and more intense the further along they are in the editing, proofreading, formatting and submitting process.

birthsAnyway…I just want to say, I get it now! Now I understand what all the groaning and grumbling was about. It starts out a joyful enterprise. Excitement builds, you start to imagine holding your baby, the finished book. But then comes all the awfulness, the pains and aches and exhaustion!

But like many other writers who have survived the publishing experience and finally reaped the joy of seeing their book on a Kindle on in Paperback form…I too am expecting my first ever book/novel to appear on Amazon!! Yayyyy! The cover is rather purple. It was one of Dean’s songs about Annabelle “Strange Kind Of Purple” that prompted that choice. I am looking forward to the ocean cover on the sequel of Annabelle’s story.

purplsFinally hey!!! Like any annoying new parent, I will be sharing all the excitement when my little bundle of joy is live and kicking on Amazon! I reckon Tuesday at the latest!

So if you were feeling romantic, with it being close to Luvvy Dovey Day (also known as why has nobody sent me a bunch of red roses? doesn’t he know I only like dark chocolate? does he even know I exist? day!), Caramel has a sweet and inspiring romance novel for you!

It’s not all sickly sweet! It’s the story of a young woman who has been hiding what she hates about herself for years. Her epic adventure of learning about herself, helps her own healing and moves her to address some of the damage she has caused to those who she loves the most. The LEARNERS AT LOVE Series begins with Part One of Annabelle Riley’s story:



Yes…that is what was decided should be the title of my first novel, which is a romance! Odd hey! Believe me, we debated it at great length, so I hope it isn’t going to frighten people off!


Two Books For The Price Of One

Woman, Girl, Female, Lying, TypingI have received some excellent advice regarding my Annabelle Riley series. Amongst which is that my 240,000 word manuscript (yeah I know!) could easily be made into two seperate books.

That made me take a fresh look at everything. I have been trying to weave certain aspects between both the original story and the sequel, yet at the same time making sure each had an appealing introduction, a compelling body and a riveting conclusion.

Oh and…we have also been discussing the title of the book. I had an idea early on. But I changed it because I did not want the story to sound too depressing. But, in the end everyone I have asked seems to like my original idea. I am going to ask you in an opinion post very soon. I have had a few ideas and I would love to have a bit of feedback on which of the titles is most appealing and fitting for Annabelle’s story.

Anyway…it all takes time! Time is something I am desperately short of at the moment. But we believe Book One, which is now 110,000 words is about ready. I cannot tell you how many times I have proof-read it! Every time I read it, I tweak it.

decisionsI still want to cut some of the long conversations between Robin and Annabelle down. She says the same thing about three times. I feel I still need to cut it down! But some days I have to admit that tiredness has beaten me. It is so much easier with a fresh head.

However, I am still enjoying it. I can’t wait to tackle the sequel. I think those latter chapters were more compelling for me to write. So I am really looking forward to editing and proofreading them.

I am not a perfectionist. But I do want to do Annabelle justice!

Thank You Kim!

tableYesterday, I published the last part of my Annabelle Riley – Learner At Love series.

I wanted to say a very special thank you to Kim, the creator of Writer Side of Life!  It was Kim who supplied the writing prompt that lit a spark in me to tell an epic tale of love, life and mental health.

I had just come back from spending summer with Goldfinch in Australia (their winter). I was so happy when I was with him, and so sad to be leaving him to return to England. My heart was breaking! I was also still grieving the loss of the tiny life that was growing within me before I lost her. I told Goldfinch, that if she was a girl, I would have loved to have called her Annabelle!

There has been a lot happening in my life these past few months. I have a very close family member battling cancer. Then there is Jack! What a development! It has been helpful to me with so much going on to have a little hideaway mentally. When I don’t be overwhelmed with the emotions of that is going on in my life, I can hide myself away in Annabelle’s story.

together1Well, I have finished her story. We finished on a positive note, with Annabelle feeling stronger and excited about her future. Although Annabelle and the other characters are fictional, there is enormous amount from my own personal life that influenced her story. Some of the lead male characters are inspired by men I know. It’s completely up to you to decide who Goldfinch and Jack inspired!

Next time you see a blogger hosting a writing prompt, remember, it might end up being more than a short story or poem. It might well become an epic writing journey and a published book! Keep writing!

I am so grateful to Kim for inspiring me! Kim suggested a long list of writing prompts and several of them appealed to me, but I this chose one to work on:

Free Creative Writing Prompts

I chose a prompt under the ROMANCE section: 3. Who is she waiting for?

kim's prompt
Photo by Thiago Matos from Pexels