I Vote Goldfinch!

Should I publish another sunshine blogger post (yes more nomination posts in the pipe-line) or should I publish a little account of my plans for today with Goldfinch? Well…I need to work on the nomination posts…they need a bit of colour in them, so I will save them until I can do them justice. So I vote for another Goldfinch post!

He is coming he is coming! Goldfinch is coming!!!

I have to work all day before he arrives, so I have decided that rather than stressing about cooking a meal that is ready as soon as he arrives (limited time frame for eating), I am going to grab a take-away from the posh Thai restaurant at the end of the road. He likes Thai food, he says all Australians like Thai food. I love it ever since I have known Goldfinch.

The band that Goldfinch wanted to catch while they are playing here are The Decemberists. I have been listening to their songs over the last few days…they are like stories, the videos with the songs are so interesting to watch. I think this video will give you a bit of an idea of what I have felt as I have been going through their tracks.

It tells a story…you can’t help but feel so much for the guy who is the star of the video. The first time I saw it I was totally drawn in. Couple of bleepers from the people sitting in the diner shortly before the music starts. Just to let you know if like me, are picky about what you watch or listen to.

Music starts at 1:40…but it is worth watching the guy’s story before you hear the emotive lyric that I think will touch you like it did me.

Well…I have a busy Wednesday ahead…so will be off the radar for most of today. But you know I am smiling from ear to ear with the gorgeous Goldfinch by my side!