Goldfinch Is Not Very Well Right Now

Lovely Goldfinch came back to England with some form of cold.  He is a bit poorly sick right now.

If he were here with me I would spoil him so much. I would make fresh soup and bake bread to make him feel better. I guess to me, it is one of the most satisfying ways to express love, caring practically for the needs of someone I hold dear.

I would stroke his brow and fluff his pillows.  He would want for nothing at all.  He would not have to cajole or petition me, I would anticipate his every need.

I worked within nursing care for a number of years. I guess over eight years in total.  I have cared for many terminally ill patients and also older patients who had some form of dementia (goodness the stories I absolutely cannot share with you due to confidentiality!)

I find that my years in healthcare have nurtured a huge fondness for making a fuss of someone who is ill. If Goldfinch were here, oh goodness I would treat him like royalty!

In fact….as he is a few years older than I am, I have occasionally teased him that I will be his carer if he becomes sick or loses his mobility as he ages. Not that he enjoys me making him imagine the future decades ahead.

But I do mean it.  I wasn’t entirely kidding when I told him if he became sick and needed a carer he should ask me to come over from England to Australia.  Of course I would!  I can’t imagine anything more satisfying than supporting someone you love through a challenge.

I know I could do it.  I have cared for patients right up until their last breaths and I have always made sure that they get the best, the golden standard of healthcare.  It is a special role to play.  How much more for someone you adore.

Of course, Goldfinch is not that ill right now…he has some form of cold.  Although I should not belittle his symptoms because we all know how serious it can be for a man to be ill.

I am a huge softie, not like one of those hard stern matron type nurses.  I am the one who is going to be full of sympathy and comfort.  An exemplary molly coddler!

I just don’t like to think of Goldfinch being on his own while he is ill. Suffering in solitude is a miserable thing indeed.

Well…one thing I know always makes me a million times better when I am ill is sleep.  If I have the opportunity to sleep twelve hours overnight, I usually beat whatever is making me poorly.

I even have a playlist for when I am ill, with mostly quiet gentle soothing songs and music.  You know the kind of sleepy music that makes it easier to nod off. I just had a look through the selection of songs I have on my “Melodies for Maladies” playlist and this one was right at the top:

It starts like a lullaby, although it does become a bit intense and dire at the end!