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There is love in my heart, love that is bursting to escape. It is a great pounding, thumping kind of love that is impossible to ignore. Mundane life denies the opportunity for me to sing from the rooftops and swing from the stars in sheer jubilation.

I was struck, struck with all the madness and chaos that romantic love brings along with it. I now dance upon the clouds from dawn til dusk and yet I restrain myself, for the world expects me to just sit still and process.

All that time, the external observer may regard me remaining still and devoted to my tasks – and yet they may miss the fact that internally, there are waterfalls and fireworks and orchestras all celebrating and inspiring and enrapturing me.

I am purely love-struck – and I am thankful that I met you and grew to know you and fell in love with you – it has brought something extra to my life that energizes me in ways I had no idea were possible.

Thank you!

Tomorrow Is Only Possible Because Of Love

Yesterday….our forefather made a foolish and selfish decision. He chose independence. He chose to make his own way.

Today….we see the consequences of thousands of years of independence. Man has ruined their own way. Groaning and grieving, many ask – is there any way out of this mess?

Tomorrow….many millions will give special attention to the greatest act of love in human history. The only hope we have for a bright tomorrow.

From sundown this evening (15th April) it is Nisan 14 – a day that has been significant for many millions since the year 1513 BCE, and even more so since 33 CE.

I’m In The Good Books

I do like it when Jack is happy with me about something. He is always sweet to me, but when I have done something that makes his life easier, or makes him proud of me….aaaah – sweet bliss!!

We have a sad day ahead. There is a memorial service for a friend of ours who lost recently.

Jack has invited our friend’s husband to come back to the little nest along with his sister, so I have been doing some veg prep so that I can rustle up something to eat for us.

Opening Our Heart And Our Home

Along with at least 122,000 others here on this funny shaped island….we are hoping to welcome a family who have had to flee their home in recent weeks. We have some work to do to make sure everything is ready for new members of the household…members of our wonderful human family, who we have never met before, but now we are going to be sharing a home with.

We have questions naturally…will there be difficulties with language? How will things work out on a practical basis? Will they like it here? How we want them to feel safe and loved.

All we know is that there are millions of people in need, and it will take millions to help to care for that need. Poland have already provided an inspirational example…and we are deeply moved by the hospitality we have seen. We want to do what ever we can to imitate the love and support being shown.

There is no question really – it has to be love.

ми любимо вас наші брати і сестри

ми відчуваємо твій біль

ми хочемо, щоб ви були в безпеці

ми хочемо, щоб ви були в мирі

ми хочемо, щоб ви мали надію

ми хочемо, щоб ви возз’єдналися зі своїми близькими

ми думаємо про тебе день і ніч

твій біль у наших серцях

будь ласка, знайте….

ви наша сім’я

ми любимо тебе

Crumbs Of Love

I am on the outside, on the very edge of your universe. Yet I cannot forget the way you looked at me, the way I felt when you were on the way, the happiness that filled my heart to be near to you.

Still, Items, Things, Rocks, Stones, Carved, Heart

It is hard to understand when you love someone so much….how it can be that they can turn their back and walk away. Yet I still treasure and celebrate every single of crumb of love that he casts my way.

He just does not seem comfortable with that word “love”. Unlike me…I live for love and all the joy and adventure that it adds to life.

Love And Purpose

I deliberated over the title of this post. To be honest my thoughts were not clear when I began writing. I started off thinking about a Cyranny’s Quickie question…and then I was watching the news…and it was all so – what is that word that describes how you feel when you feel sick every time you watch the news?

Personally….I cannot get enough of love. There seems to be no limit to how wonderful life can be when love is abundant.

Estranged To Engaged

I cannot find any other post with this title on my WordPress site….which surprises me. It is a little phrase which has often run through my mind.

Isn’t it amazing….I mean, I still sometimes feel a shaky about what has happened between Jack and I.

When I started blogging back at the end of April 2018….Jack and I were estranged in the strictest sense of the word. We had not spoke to each other for years. We were both so hurt and confused and shell-shocked by all that had happened. We had no idea what to say to each other.

Then….by chance….by coincidence…we were on the same road. I saw him and hid. He saw me and became resolved that he had to get in touch with me.

A few weeks after that day…we were speaking to each other on the phone – admittedly an awkward conversation – and not long afterwards, we agreed to meet for the first time so we could talk properly – face to face.

So much was said on that first meeting…and so much was not said…because it was too painful. But it was a start. We met again. We met again – and it was that third face to face meeting that changed everything. Jack told me he had very strong feelings about me, and that he always had, but he had made a mess of it and he did not know what to do to fix it.

Oddly….oddly…it did not seem to matter that there was this gigantic complicated mess around us. All those years I just could not understand why, what it was all about, how it became so weird, where I was supposed to look when he looked at me..it was just so confusing. But when he told me how he felt me – oh it all sort of made sense.

A year later….a year later….we were engaged.

It is amazing to me….amazing….and I am so deeply grateful….so deeply deeply glad that the awful pain, the awful darkness and despair of being estranged from someone you genuinely adore but who seems to despise you….the loneliness and feeling of being lost at sea when I was separated from the career and world I had given my life and all my energy to.

It is amazing, isn’t it!!! What did I do to deserve such happiness?