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It Is Never Enough

The little crumbs I save up for you, they are never enough. They are never enough to convey the feeling, the wild heart-beats that ripple through me whenever I think of you.

If only there were things…if only there were words…it is never ever enough to carry the feelings…the love…that does not fade.

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Happy Dappy Thoughts

Being in love with someone…it can make you incredibly ditzy and dappy. Sensible people would look at you and see how silly and soppy you are being. How unbalanced and unrealistic, how foolish and hasty you are being.

Yet…we do fall in love…and it is the most exciting whirlwind of wonder. The happy dappy thoughts, the fuzzy cuddly memories, the glow, the ecstatic glow that there is a someone out there who has had the same incredible and ridiculous and magnificent reaction…yes, they have fallen in love with you.

Aaaah – love can be so intoxicating!

My Love Is Like The Softest Sweetest Rose

I spent a couple of hours reading messages I sent to Goldfinch throughout 2018 last night. When I read them…my goodness…I seem as if I am seventeen, and full of topsy-turvy romantic notions and sentiments.

I feel as if I have aged a lot since then. Perhaps that is partly due to the Pandemic…and also making peace and building a life with Jack. But the feelings, the feelings do not fade. They are just a little more grown up now.

My feelings for Goldfinch are as soft and as sweet as ever.

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Jack Knows All The Answers

Jack has a wonderful habit, one that I suppose is ever so slightly annoying when I am tired an irritable, but one that makes me so glad that he is the man I am going to marry. If ever I am grumpy and grouchy – which is only if I ever come across someone who is obnoxious – Jack will listen patiently while I voice my gripe, and then he will ask me a question:

“What is the loving thing to do about that?”

I love that he asks me that question (yes, initially it might not be what I want to hear) because he helps me to remember the person I am, the person I am always trying to protect and preserve despite the smog of the world.

I know that living the way of love is truly the best way of life!!!

During the past couple of weekends, Jack has heard some of the things that are on my mind, and one of them has been people who seem impossible to please. Are there people in your life – they may be neighbours, relatives, friends or colleagues – who, even when you do what you know is good, right and kind, seem to only have a harsh word for you?

I have a just a small handful of people in my life like that right now, one in particular, who seems hostile. It doesn’t matter how polite and kind I am, how helpful I try to be, how generally lovely I am to them…all I receive back is scowls, snarls, eye-rolling, criticism, and rebukes. I have gone from being generally lovely to being extra special superbly lovely – and the reaction has been even more cold.

Well…I told Jack how it has been tiring me to have to deal with this. He listened, and hugged me and he asked me…

“What is the loving thing to do about that Melody Finch?”

I Don’t Care How You Get Here

Guess who is back?!!!!

Don’t worry if you don’t know who I am talking about. I have tried my best not to harp on about how much I was missing Jack. But he arrived back in England yesterday, and this evening he is on his way to me!!! (I am writing this on Friday by the way.) It is so exciting!!!

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I have longed to see my beloved. I am counting the minutes now. I know he had a lot to sort out today (and he has claimed to me that he will not be bringing a suitcase of laundry for me to deal with) and that he will come as soon as he can. I have made something that I just need to slip into the oven and bake for half an hour when he arrives. He will be hungry – he is always hungry. I am so excited!

The Finish Line

He told me he feels that he has been running for many years, running for all of his adult life, and most of his childhood, with no idea of where the finish line would be. Day after day after day of running.

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He felt he just had to keep on going, keep running, keep enduring and that one day there would be a finish line. He said he now can see the finish line, and he is so glad that whilst running, running, running for his life, he has found me and will cross the finish line with a wife.

He knows how to make me melt inside.

Wherever It Will Be, It Will Be Wonderful

Jack has been on the old dog-and-bone. He is having a great time…and had lots to share with me. While he was telling me about the scenery, and the size of the fruit, and the amazing people he has been meeting…he slipped in the H word….

yes…he said…


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I love that Jack wants to share his world with me….I love him for that. I don’t mind where our honeymoon is, or if we even have one. I don’t mind about anything. I just can’t wait for the day when I wake up knowing exactly where my place is – right beside Jack.

I don’t mind where that is. Jack has just brought such a solid sense of direction and purpose, such clarity to my thinking and decision making. He makes me deeply joyful.