Love = Home

❤ The best way to show love right now is to STAY AT HOME ❤

They say it will be a sunny weekend ahead in England. Enjoy the weather, but please remember, your actions are of life or death significance. Protect our precious.

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Thank you for your heartfelt sacrifices. By STAYING AT HOME you are playing a key role in the battle.

I’ll Never Take You For Granted

tasaoDid I ever make things difficult for you? Did I say I would be busy when you wanted to come over? Did I complain that you were coming to late for my liking? Was I grumpy when you came because I wanted to be asleep? Did I grumble because you made me change my plans? Did I forget to tell you how glad I was to see you? Did I forget to change the sheets when I knew you were coming over? Did I forget to put out fresh towels for you? Did I forget to go shopping and buy your favourite juice and snacks? Did I forget to wear my sexiest lingerie?

Wedding, Pair, Romantic, Love, RomanceNo. No, I didn’t do any of those things – did I? That was because I was always always afraid it might be the last time you would ever hold me in your arms. I was always overjoyed that you were fond of me and wanted to be with me. I was always eager to make sure you wanted to come back again. I was always overawed at the wonderful man you are.

If you think back, I am sure you will see, I never did take you for granted, and I never will take you for granted. I am in love with a love most ardent, a love most true. I am suddenly terrified I will never see you again, and I really don’t know what to do!

This is why we should not be apart. Because despite the distance, I still ache for you.

Ingrained Within My Very Core

Heart, Wood, Logs, Combs Thread CuttingDon’t ask me to deny what is ingrained in me. Don’t ask me to suppress the core of me, the love that is carved upon my soul, the feelings that ripple within, the passion that has welled up and caused me to blossom.

You have seeped into every part of my being. I am what I am because of the way you have inclined me. Seasons of joy and fond affection with you have made me lush and verdant for everyone else to find shade.

But it was always you who fed me from the roots. It was always you who made my heart beat. You caused me to grow strong and proud. Without you I would be lost in a forest. But you have made me mighty, the admiration of many.

Don’t ask me to forget you…for there is no forgetting what is ingrained within one’s very core.

What Jack Was Listening To

Guitar, Music, Female, Girl, MusicianJack loves music. Probably more than I do. He is also musical. I love that he is musical. He surprises me by the range of music he listens to. He really loves modern pop music, much more than I do. It is rare than I get a bite for modern pop music. But he is always asking me to listen to songs I have never heard before and introducing musicians to me that have never been on my radar.

Anyway…we were out one evening back in January, and a song was playing. He grabbed me and span me round. Jack looked at me and said this song was in his head for months and it made him think of me. This song was released before Jack and I became estranged. But he said this was one of the songs that was forever whirling around his head. There are a couple of others he mentioned too. Maybe I will save them for another day.

Under The Covers

Countryside, Cropland, Farm, Field, GirlI think I have mentioned in the past that for a long time my friends have labelled me Bridget Von Trapp (a cross between Bridget Jones and Maria Von Trapp). My interpretation of this is that although I aim to be Maria, in practice I end up being more like Bridget.

I have seen The Sound Of Music many many many times (love it!) but because of the language I have not seen any of the Bridget Jones movies. My friends have told me why I remind them of the character though. They have shown me some clips that made me laugh.

covaseOne of them reminds me of some of my weirdness with Goldfinch. I think I wrote a post a while back about why I had a weird shyness come over me and started to think he did not want to look at my body. He wondered why I was hiding myself under a sheet. He reassured me that he enjoyed looking at me. Silly me.

Why did I become shy with him? So so silly. It seems highly unlikely that I will make it to Australia this summer. I am so glad I went last year. I loved that time with him. I hope that one day I will see him again. So much seems on pause at the moment. I am not sure how the world will look six months from now.

I love that Goldfinch seemed to like me the way I am.

Thinking Of You

meansaAlthough work is the busiest it has ever ever been, and I have plenty to occupy my thoughts…I have come home from work and found myself intensely missing both Jack and Goldfinch. For the past half an hour I have been in a little sulk (it’s probably just tiredness from the crazy hours I am working for the NHS) and I have comforted myself my reminiscing on all the wonderful memories the two best men on the planet gave me.

I am cross with both of them for being far away from me. But remembering the lovely memories they have given me. Sigh. I should say goodnight and go to bed. Another long day of work ahead.


Five Days Down, No Idea How Many Days To Go

Slate, Drawing, Black, Dark, WhiteIt’s been five days since the Prime Minister made it very clear that many people were not taking social distancing seriously enough.

This week has felt very different from the week before. So far, so good. At least in the area where I live that is the case. There is a real difference. I am deeply grateful for that.

I know it must be hard for many. The thing is…we are in this for the long haul. If it’s not already, it will become challenging for everyone. But I am so glad that there is so much evidence of unselfish love in this area. The vast majority of people have adjusted their normal routine and habits because they care about life. Remember when it becomes challenging that you are showing love, the very best thing about humans is love!

Thank you!