It Was Only A Dream

Those mornings when I open my eyes and realize it was only a dream.

i dream of you

Where are you right now?

Other than the fading mist of my dreams?

Are you cold right now?

Do you long for my touch to keep you warm?


On your own right now?

Does another woman lie in your arms?

Fast asleep right now?

Do I haunt your dreams the way you do mine?

The Tears Of A Technophobe

issues.jpgI have a problem with my tablet. I don’t understand why the camera is not working properly anymore. In the past I could take as many photographs as I wanted and the tablet would store them. At a later date, I could look at my photographs and delete them or edit them and then if I thought they were keepers I would also blue-tooth them to my laptop.

That was working fine for ages. And then…the tablet camera stopped working properly. It will take a photo, however, if I take a second photograph I lose the first one instantly. There is no way to retrieve it. And any photo will not automatically save. I have to try to blue-tooth it for the tablet to even register that a new photograph has been taken.

photos.jpgThis has been causing me problems. The biggest and most upsetting realization is that I had lost all of my photographs from Australia, except one. That’s right – I have one photograph from Australia. None of the photos I took of Goldfinch or of the scenery in Australia are there. I thought I was going crazy. I thought there must be a way to retrieve my photos. But no! Nobody who has tried to help me can recover them. I have a blurry photo partially obscured by my fingertip of something I had cooked for him. Can you imagine my tears when I realized???

I was working on a project that I needed photographs for. It was painstaking! Having to take a photo and try to blue-tooth one photo at a time before I could move on to the next task. It’s pointless taking my tablet out to take photos on a day out, because they all vanish except the most recent one, which I have to blue-tooth as soon as possible or it will also disappear.

oz pic1.jpgI do not understand why this is happening. Before I went to Australia I deleted around one hundred old photos that I had already blue-toothed to my laptop. I also cleared the cached data. So there should have been plenty of memory available. Indeed my tablet is indicating I have plenty of unused memory gigobites or whatever they are called. I took videos and photos of kangeroos, koala, bandicoots, kookaburras and all sorts of buildings and places in Adelaide and the surrounding countryside. All lost! Gutted! Absolutely gutted!

I am a technophobe at the best of times, but this tablet camera issue has made me downhearted. I am still provoked by not having photographs from Australia – it is too awful! All the more reason to go back there as soon as I can. But this time I need to buy myself a proper camera before I go out. Something else that will cost money. I have a lot of saving up to do!

Flying With Goldfinch

G-g-g-g-g-guess who is coming to see me this weekend?

I have cancelled all my plans for Goldfinch…and I am not one bit sorry.  It’s such a trial trying to stay patient while I am waiting to share moments with him.

I can’t wait for the moment he arrives in London. I am going to try…it might not work, but I will try to throw one or two surprises into this weekend for him.

I will try to make him as happy, even a fraction as happy, as he makes me!