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All Quiched Out

I am feeling a little ill – and I am blaming it on an excessive amount of quiche. It is one of those ideal summer picnic foodie items that makes an appearance when there is a large gathering. It is often the only vegetarian option on the table.

But you really can have too much of a good thing. Right now I am feeling as if I never want to see quiche ever again in my life.

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What To Do With Fish Balls?

I have been vegetarian since I was six years old. I do remember fish fingers vaguely, but other than that I have never eaten fish. I have some visitors coming to stay over at the weekend – and although I have other dishes planned (vegetaria dishes), I have a packet of fish balls that Jack left and they need eating before 18th June,

So, I am trying to figure out what to do with them. I had an idea of using them to make fish tacos??? I don’t know if they would work. I just wondered if any of you have any experience with fish balls and perhaps some suggestions for how they could be used to make a meal.

I would love some help with these fish balls!!!

The Perks Of Work

I am trying to think positively about my new job and think about the positive aspects of my new job. My tummy is telling me that I should first of all tell you about the lunch break each day.

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We have a one hour lunch break…and we are pressured (in a positive way) to take that hour lunch break. If you don’t take it, you will be sure to receive a lecture about wellbeing and productivity. That makes a huge difference to my former role.

So I have been making the most of this one hour lunch break by preparing the yummiest meals imaginable. Mostly they are salads, but very sexy salads. But I have also made stunning soups, phenomenal pastas, sensational sandwiches and quintessential quiches! In fact, this evening I have been making a ridiculously yummy gnocchi bake with spinach, peas, pesto, sundried tomatoes and mozzarella. I can’t wait to eat it tomorrow!

Being able to take a proper break and enjoy delicious food is rather lovely!

What are the other perks of this job? Well, I don’t have achy feet and legs at the end of the day. Lazy bum office jobs are so much easier physically. Of course that does mean you have to compensate for that by doing extra exercise outside of work.

Some of the other niceties include the facilities at work. There are excellent facilities – the toilets are clean, the kitchenette area is clean, there is a pleasant canteen. The work stations are spacious and well -equipped. We have plenty of software tools to aid us. Security is well cared for.

There are challenges in my new job, but there also perks at work. I have to remind myself that in every employment, there are pros and cons.

If my tummy was the only judge – then this job crushes it!

Time And My Tummy

Thank you for all of the very kind comments on my post yesterday. Each one warmed my heart and I am so grateful to you.

I really am not myself. It reached almost five o’clock yesterday when my tummy told me and I finally realized that I had not eaten all day. I had been drinking coffee, tea and water throughout the day, but somehow, I just forgot all about eating. My mind is just not in gear.

I think not having eaten made me even more heavy hearted. When I did eventually reach home, I had a meal I usually enjoy, but it seemed so bland and tasteless.

I am going to mow the lawn tomorrow before our trip away. It is going to be cold apparently. That is fine, the Lake District is wonderful whatever the weather. The cold is never an issue when you are walking. Plus, there is nothing like some yummy comfort food on a cold day.

I must remember to eat.

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Shopping at the supermarket has become really odd recently. It is ever since news broadcasts started to report that food prices were rising. I have to admit, I am not usually particularly attentive to the price of food. I just stick within a budget, I know how much I can spend, and I buy what I ca afford.

But I started to notice about a month ago that items I do buy fairly frequently had gone up. The offers I normally take advantage of had disappeared. So I started to do something a little bit odd.

I started wandering around the supermarket feeling totally lost. What could I buy? What could I possibly buy? Even though I could afford the price increases in the items I normally buy, it made me strangely nervous. For the past three weeks, my shopping basket has had the most basic basic food, mainly just potatoes and the least expensive vegetables. I have had a lot of baked potatoes over the past few weeks (this week with my home made coleslaw!) because I suddenly felt as if I had to be super careful about how much I spend.

Of course, the result is, that even though food prices have risen, I have ended up spending about half of the amount I normally spend because this nervous distrust came over me.

I have reached the point where I am not sure I ever want to see another baked potato again in my life….and I have decided that I can actually start widening the variety of foodie items I place in my shopping basket.

Grazie Bello!

So much of television is an almighty waste of time, and frankly harmful. But I do like foodie programs. I do. I admit it. And I have found a show that is new to me. BBC 2 are showing a CNN production, Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy.

I enjoyed watching the first in the series on BC i-player last night that looked so appealing, I had to play back the video twice and note the details down. Spaghetti alla Narrano – courgette and pasta perfection.

I’m Too Hungry For A Juice Detox

A friend of mine recommended a juice detox for the new year. Six recipes full of vegetables and fruit, lots of vitamins and goodness. I do want to try it, I really do. I love vegetables. Only….

Photo by Giorgi Iremadze on Pexels.com

When I wake up at 5:45am….I feel as if I need coffee and something substantial before I leave the house for work. Then while I am at work….my tummy rumbles and I fantasize about my lunch. I have been making my own lunch – salad, or couscous, or pasta, or a sandwich, nothing sensational, but all more appealing than vegetable juice.

Which means that it is more likely that I will succeed in this juice detox if I do it when I am not commuting to the office. So….I wonder how Jack will going to feel if I tell him we are trying a juice detox?

Yeah….it is not going to happen is it!

Ooops – I Did It Again!

Jack is clearly very suspicious of me. He told me that there is a new series of Masterchef – Australian Masterchef – on BBC 3. So I watched some of it….

….after I watched the first episode, Jack texted me to tell me not to look at Wikipedia to find out who won.

Oooops!!! Too late!!!

What he needs to understand is that knowing the end result truly helps me to enjoy the series more. I cannot bear the drama otherwise. It is all too much for me. If I don’t know who wins, I sit there with my stomach gripped with anxiety. If I know who wins. it is so much easier to accept when I see it all play out before my eyes.

I Had No Idea Carrots Could Taste So Good!

I had the lovely privilege of having dinner at a friend’s home the other day. She is such a great cook, and she seems to be embracing the vegetarian diet. She made an incredibly delicious carrot risotto, so packed with flavour.

Bowl, Dish, Meal, Fine Dining, Gourmet, Delicious

This is not her risotto of course, I was too polite to start taking photos of the meal she served us. But I just loved that dish. I will be dreaming about it all weekend.

She said it was from a Waitrose recipe….so I can try to make it myself. Although I don’t know if I will be able to do it justice like she did.