You Really Shouldn’t Have

I feel like such a spoilt brat!

I received some gifts today. Any other day I don’t think I would have felt so rotten. But I didn’t want to receive gifts from the wrong men today.

I have sent some polite thank you text messages. But that is all. I sent a long message to Goldfinch though! And I received a lovely e-mail from him that made my heart flutter.

The chocolates I can take into work I guess. The flowers can stay. Then there is another gift I don’t know what to do with yet. I don’t like the scent. I have to find a friend who I think will like it. But I have to do so discreetly.

Normally, I would be more grateful. But none of it is from the man I am in love with.

Plus – it’s all just on a day that celebrates pagan sex worship to false gods which retailers make a packet out of. It does not mean anything to me. If I want to show love…well, I will do it everyday, to the man I do actually love, and not with silly tokens that he might not even like, but showing love in a way that really means something to him.

No other man is going to be able to give me gifts for a long time without me reacting like a spoilt brat. Errrr…. “Thanks, that is very kind of you. You really shouldn’t have.”

There is only one man that matters to me right now.

15 thoughts on “You Really Shouldn’t Have”

        1. Nope….but every now and then I will send a post directly to him. I sent the post about love and possession to him because I wanted him to know I understand.

          I send him probably 5% of what I write about him, maybe less. He knows about blog. When he was here I used to show him things. But it’s not his thing. Plus – wouldn’t he be embarrassed by how I big him up and go all mushy about him!!!

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            1. I reign myself in!
              I am sure he knows how I feel. But I try not to be overbearing. He has things he needs to sort out with his house. He has a lot to do. He is loving being back in Australia. I want him to keep sharing the happiness he is feeling with me.
              I try to keep what I have to say on a lighthearted tone for him, because I don’t want to hold him back in any way. But occasionally I send him a very mushy message so he is no doubt of how much he is loved. But I don’t want to interfere with his decisions (although secretly I want to be chained to him and never live a day without him!)
              I am always trying to keep the right balance. I want my love for him to be positive, invigorating, energising, inspiring and not in any way a burden.
              Even when he was here he needed his space at times and I respected that and made sure I was refreshing to him and not demanding.

              I don’t know…
              …he sent me two wonderful messages today ❤

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