A Waste Of Time?

he and me1.jpgThere is no better feeling than laying down gazing up at the night sky with Jack.

I have a picnic blanket with a wax base to it and a fleece top. But we have had to be all wrapped up. It’s been cold and damp lately. It matters not.

There is no better feeling that just laying next to him looking up at the stars. You can see more stars when you leave London.

It is so easy to forget the rest of the world when I am with him. That’s not what he and I are about you know. We are both passionate about volunteering. We have both given a large amount of time to charities. I should sit down and do the math. But I know it is a minimum of 1000 hours a year for each of us. So, whatever the total is, between the two of us we have racked up well over 50,000 hours as volunteers. Imagine that time was money – he can earn a lot more money than I can. But suppose it was £10 per hour – that would be £500,000. When you think about it that way, you can see how much we have both given up.

Will the world forgive us for wasting some time together now? Just he and I, laying in the grass, staring up at the sky together and talking. Sometimes not talking at all actually, just listening to each other’s breathing and feeling each other’s heart beat.

8 thoughts on “A Waste Of Time?”

      1. I hope that that will be a lot better and easier for you than it has been in the past. You’ve been through so much and you are strong. As long as you always put each other first I’m sure your relationship will stay strong and survive the tensions.


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