So Close To Freaking Out!

Do you know when you have had one of those colds that has become worse and worse? Mine has become awful since it descended onto my chest. I can’t stop coughing!


It’s worse at night, when I am desperate for sleep. I have tried smothering myself and my pillows with decongestants, and propping myself up with pillows to try to sleep. But last night because my coughing was keeping me awake for so long, I resorted to taking some drowsy cough medicine. I am not great with medicines, they seem to have ten times the intended effect on me. But I was so desperate for sleep.

It didn’t take long before I was fast asleep. Lovely 🙂

Until…early this morning…

…right outside my bedroom window…


…came this noise (it seemed as if it was on full blast…but I am sure I heard it much louder than the rest of our neighbours.

I woke up to Chic “Le Freak”, known to many as “Freak Out”. Well, despite normally liking this song, at seven o’clock in the morning, I felt pretty close to freaking out I will admit. Builders! In fact, I cannot tell you how close I was to freaking out at them. I wanted to open my window up wide (I had it open a couple of inches to let some fresh air into the room) and ask them if they were insane – playing music at that time of the morning? Grrrr!

He Is In For A Treat!

oh no!.jpgI mentioned in the post yesterday that I had a very close shave when I was with Jack recently. Jack was spotted at a service station by none other that the younger brother of my brother-in-law! Which is frankly a bizarre, but hilarious coincidence.

Two bundles of unpredictable energy and fun both connected to me…at a motorway service station. On the actual scene, I was horrified. The thought of him seeing me and Jack together and breaking the news to my family before I have…or even worse…announcing it on social media – it’s just too awful to imagine! But once I was over the shock, I started to laugh – a lot!

dp2.jpgWhen I think of my brother-in-law’s younger brother, I think of Goofy. He is the human version of Goofy.

Anyway…I am thinking of all sorts of parties I have been at with him (my brother-in-law’s younger brother) and days out into the city or to some event we all wanted to go to. Him passing his driving test, buying a new car the very next day and crashing it…he crashed it in the driveway. Scraped the body work to smithereens! I could share so many stories with you!

dp3Anyway…I likened him to a combination of Mr Bean, Basil Fawlty and Frank Spencer. You have to meet him, and go for days out to the beach with him, and dance with him at parties to understand how.

Jack will love him to bits! And wait until my brother-in-law’s younger brother finds out Jack is dating me…oh my goodness. Ay karumba! Maybe I should block his phone number right now!!!

It is going to be so much fun! Jack with my family. He has met some of my family, but now the extended family. He is in for a treat!