Heart To Hearts

what you are.jpgThere is a verse that I often think about when I am talking with friends and colleagues.

“…out of the heart’s abundance his mouth speaks” – LUKE 6:45

Sometimes, the conversation is dominated by clothes, shoes, handbags. At other times, the conversation is all about challenges at work. Or what is going on with our family or in our love lives. I can’t talk about Jack yet. But I am sure I will do a lot next year.

I try to remember that sometimes it is a good idea to try to steer the conversation in positive directions. I dislike unkind gossip, I shut it down.

But I have been thinking a lot these past few months about what really matters, and more and more I try to ask my friends what they think is the purpose of life, what they believe the future holds, how will we see a clean earth, free from corruption, on which everyone feels cared for.

careful1.jpgIt’s very interesting to hear my friends give their opinions. I did an online course recently, and I have been sharing what I learn with my friends. All over London me and my friends have been looking at scriptures on their phones or i-pads. We’ve been reading about God’s Kingdom and it’s manifesto. It’s so refreshingly different from the baffling election news. We are smiling at the thought of this beautiful planet being under the care of our Creator.

Jack and I have had lots of fascinating discussions too. I told him I prayed about him and it was shortly afterwards that he saw me and decided to call me. He said he has prayed about me too. He said he prayed many times about what he should do. It sends tingles down my spine to think that all of that time, when I thought he was my enemy, Jack was praying, and I was praying. Our Father heard those prayers and knew the right time to answer them.

It’s all much more interesting than designer handbags. In fact, I realized long ago, I have zero interest in designer handbags. I am fascinated by prayer. I would love to learn more about the miracle of prayer.