I Have Been Star Gazing

The main difference between summer and winter for me is the amount of light and dark. I prefer summer. I love long days. I love leaving the little nest at five o’clock in the morning and walking out into a fresh morning with a blue sky. I love sitting with friends down by the river drinking until late at night.

he and me.jpgBut in the winter…it’s the starry sky that is the highlight for me. He has been taking me away from London, not a long way out of London, but enough to make a difference to the night sky.

There is a lot of light pollution in London. My heart lifts when I am walking home and can make out the constellation of Orion. It can be hard to make out the stars in the city. We were staying near the coast recently. He went out to the car to fetch some things. He called my name and invited me to join him. It was freezing despite wearing my woolies.

he and me1With his arms around me and him kissing the back of my head, I gazed up at the stars – let me tell you – they looked more exquisitely magnificent than I can remember seeing them in a long time. We stayed out there in the cold, until I could no longer feel any of my limbs. He took pleasure in raising my temperature once we were back indoors.

Aaaaaah – sigh! Was gazing up at the stars always so wonderful? I have gazed many times, but being with him really does seem to make them sparkle more! Are they more special now that he and I have made peace? Is the universe just a bit happier to see us together at last?

Always make time to gaze up at the stars my friends. It does something to you, somewhere deep down. It’s hard to describe, but it is so much better than detoxing or pilates.