Let’s Set Sail

I found love! Or it found me!

I don’t know how

I hardly understand why

I care not! It matters not!

It’s only he and I right now

All else fades by the by

Let’s set sail on a life of love

An adventure is ahead and I am beside the love of my life


I was reading something the other day…what was it now? Oh yes that’s write a lovely blogger I follow had interviewed a successful writer. I say successful because she won a writing¬† competition, which led to her publishing a novel…and now she has published nine novels in total.

She mentioned in her interview that there is no set route to “success” in writing. She gave some great advice amongst which was to be patient and persistent. Well, I don’t have any interest in making a career out of writing, this is more of a hobby for me. But I thought about what she said and thought about the sheer miracle that has developed for me in recent weeks.

There is no set path when it comes to falling in love. I am absolutely thrilled and amazed at what has happened. There is no rhyme or reason to it. It’s as if all my whispered prayers have been answered all at once. I thought four years of silence following several years of weirdness, was too much to overcome.

Love catches you when you were not expecting it! I am going to cling to it. Cling to him.