Beware Of Jack With His Phone

When I was sick, (well, I am still sick, but not as sick as I was, after a very good night’s sleep) Jack decided to send me some videos via email. Wow!


He obviously knew I would appreciate these videos. One word:   KARAOKE!

Jack and I both love it. Jack was at a party earlier this year. Karaoke was part of the evening. Obviously Jack would have performed, but he did not send me a video of himself. He sent me videos of other people at that party singing (and orders to watch and delete, because the muppet knows he shouldn’t be sending them to anyone else). He is always taking photos and videos on his phone. It was obvious by the angles he has filmed the performers that he was trying to be discreet when filming them. I think he could end up in hot water because of his phone. Muppet muppet muppet! Jack Jack Jack!

There was some wonderfully terrible singing (we love people who cannot sing giving their all with the karaoke microphone – nothing better in life!) and some very bizarre song choices from people you would not expect to be singing those songs.


Notable was Rapper’s Delight chosen by three – let’s say “vintage” actresses. I laughed and laughed.

I love karaoke!..and I love people who are willing to get up and make a fool of themselves, by singing something totally out of their genre…or way beyond their singing ability!

Well…I hope you are well. I hope you are having a great week. (Weekend is nearly here – yaaaaaay!) I would be in hot water, as would Jack, if I had kept those videos…so you are going to have to be content with the muppets. Can you imagine being at a karaoke night with the muppets???

Pet Names

jack1.jpgWell…here is something very private between “Jack” and I. In fact I feel a bit nervous about sharing this…but, so far nobody has linked this blog to me…and neither to “Jack”, so I am going to brave it.

I have called him Shrek for a while (my other name for him is Gru – I may have already mentioned that). There are reasons. I won’t go into too much detail for his sake, but remember we were housemates for some time. He has slimmed since I first met him. He was trying to when we lived together, and he says that because of dieting and doing more exercise, he used to be a but cranky and irritable (nooooooo!) which is why sometimes he was a bit out of order towards me.

his oobsSo he is less Shrek shaped. But…he does some cute things. We have been walking in the woods a lot. He walked into my little nest with mud caked all over his shoes. (Don’t worry, I was born to clean!) That was the first time I had whispered Shrek to him in years (I did it with a hug and a kiss) and he laughed. He of course was quick to tell me that I am therefore Princess Fiona.

NOTE TO SELF: buy Jack some wellington boots for our walks in the woods!

Anyway…I am not ready to share the pet names Jack has called me quite yet.