Why I Could Never Be A Travel Blogger

adelaideLoving every moment of being here with Goldfinch. So glad I am finally here! I have been taking lots of photos and writing own little thoughts in my notebook to formulate into posts later. I wonder if anyone is thinking, “COME ON CARAMEL…WHERE ARE THE HOLIDAY PHOTOS? WE WANT TO SEE ADELAIDE!” Or maybe that thought is about as far from your mind as I am from London right now. 10,100 miles away!!!

adelaide beach.jpgWell, I regret to tell you I think they are going to have to wait until I am back in England.Β  I will need to blue-tooth them to my laptop and then create posts with the photos. I am a bit of a technophobe at the best of times, and I cannot figure out how to create a post on my tablet with photos on my tablet. I am sure there is a way…but it is beyond me!

On three occasions in recent weeks I had to explain what a Luddite was to staff who were trying to advise me on “issues” with my phone and my laptop. Two were PC World advisers and one was a Vodafone adviser. They had never heard of the term “Luddite”. When I explained who the original Luddites were, I then had to reassure them that when I called myself a Luddite I was joking, I don’t actually try to destroy technology…it’s never in anger, but always an accident when I drown, drop or destroy by other means my electronic devices.

25 thoughts on “Why I Could Never Be A Travel Blogger”

  1. You could totally be a travel blogger! I NEVER write about places until I get home and have time to edit the photos. When I visited NZ, it took me months to write about everything we got up to. Most of my travel blogging friends seem to be the same. πŸ˜€

    I’m glad to hear you’re having a blast! We can all wait for the epic updates so you can enjoy your time over there!!

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    1. I had an amazing time out there, loved every moment…and I have so much to write about – but technology really let me down…for some odd reason only one of the photos I took (I am sure I took around a hundred) is on my tablet – they others seem to have vanished into thin air…I have shed few tears when I realized they have gone.

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  2. I never heard of that term! But it sounds cool! Enjoy australia! If your creating posts on your tablet you can simply add photos into them easily by just inserting media as you write the post! xxx

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