Where The Tears Began

After an almost perfect weekend in Bath, I have been trying to catch up with my house-work and just letting my mind rest.  I was quite emotional at the weekend as  I mentioned in my post last night.  Thank you for the lovely comments by the way! I do regret crying so much, as I am sure Goldfinch wants to have fun and enjoy England as much as possible before he leaves in just over three months.

I want to tell you all about the trip to Bath…well, except for what is between Goldfinch and me alone…but, I don’t want a post that is so long that you won’t want to read it!  So I will post the highlights (and lowlights) of our weekend in easier bite-size chunks. This first post is about what happened when we arrived at our hotel.  There was some confusion with our reservation and it turned out they didn’t have a room for us!  So we ended up trying to find alternative accommodation at the last minute.

We ended up here:


Thank goodness Goldfinch had his car, as we had to drive eight miles through rolling countryside to a village near Bath.  But we were both pleased when we arrived and saw our hotel.

A building that is hundreds of years old and full of exquisite character and charm.  It was hidden away in a sleepy village and we had delightful hosts, who clearly love what they do.

Our room is the one just to the top right of the porch.  It was beautiful, undoubtedly superior to the one we had thought we would be staying at for the night.  Yummy full English breakfast (vegetarian for me)  in the morning as well,  along with fruit that had been freshly picked from the garden.  (Note to self – they have a karaoke machine in one of the large lounges for guests to use…just in case I am passing through again.)

I really do believe I was tired…I have just had two weeks of training at my new job…and have done a lot to help out my landlady while she was away.  I had worked well over fifty hours the week before I travelled to meet Goldfinch and I think it made me just a bit more emotional than I am sure Goldfinch would have preferred.

The tears started rolling at the most inopportune time!!!  I don’t know what he thought!  But he was wonderful about it.

I am in love with him – as you have heard before.  It is not a flimsy, fickle, capricious love.  It is an abiding, enduring steadfast love.  And it really hurts that I don’t have long left with him.  I am trying to make sure that every moment I am with him is wonderful…but because I was tired, my eyes were incredibly leaky this weekend as I mentioned last night when I came back to London.

Being with Goldfinch in such an idyllic, charming hotel perhaps intensified my romantic feelings for him and it all came gushing out.

woman cryingI am feeling a bit raw inside today after finding myself weepy several times when I was with my beloved Goldfinch…but I have a couple of days to get myself together and rest up before I am back at work on Wednesday.

In the meantime…more posts about our visit to Bath to come…I am just feeling a tiny bit sulky…and I see no reason why I should not try to cheer myself up with a curry…I have a cupboard full of spices…so I think a bit of cooking and eating will cheer me up after all the house-work I have ploughed through today!



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