The Gift Of Love

gifts.jpgI remember hearing someone (I cannot remember who) say something that had a big effect on me. It made me think about how I expressed my appreciation and regard for friends, family and my Creator. It was about gifts. Well, actually it was about worship. But, the principle can be applied to many areas. They developed their point with the following questions?

  • If you love someone and you want to buy them a gift – what do you buy? Something that you would want to receive yourself as a gift, or something that you know they would want?
  • If you were to buy the chocolates for the person you love, would you buy your own favourite chocolates, or the chocolates they like best?
  • If you were to cook a special meal for the person that you love, would you cook your own favourite dish, or would you prepare their favourite flavours and ingredients?

My point on this occasion is, I bought a gift for Goldfinch. It’s not something I would choose for myself. It’s not my cup of tea, but I suspect it is something he is going to be delighted with. I am hoping, he is going to beĀ  very happy Goldfinch and I am going to be in the good books and regarded as a fabulous girlfriend. A girlfriend who is always trying to find ways to show her love for the man who makes her so happy.

I am so excited about the gift I found for Goldfinch. It’s not the kind of gift I would want, but I love him, and love is about getting to know a person and finding out what they love. You can probably see why the person who made the point was using it in regard to worship.