Let’s Do It

heart hands.jpgI am obviously an incurable romantic (I think Kate aka Calm Kate, creator of aroused, said exactly that to me a little while ago). I have the urge to grab Goldfinch’s hands and dance with him in public places. I have to fight it because this is his home town and I don’t want to embarrass him.

I find every inch of my skin is magnetically drawn to him. I have a hunger for him that is never satisfied. My smiles are broader than ever, my heart all aflutter, it feels so good to be here.

Trying to ignore and forget that I have to catch a plane back to England and return to living on the opposite side of the planet from Goldfinch.

Another Perfect Afternoon With Goldfinch!

Hope you are enjoying the re-published posts about Goldfinch…I was worried it could be confusing. Right now I am in Australia with Goldfinch…but this post like the others I have published were written and originally published last summer.

20180518_134552Goldfinch flew in and flew out again. Aaaaaah! Sigh!

He was wonderful, as always.  I love being greeted by Goldfinch.  I always feel thrilled in my heart to see him, but I think I express it rather awkwardly.  He makes me feel as if he has been longing to hold me in his arms ever since the last time we parted.

Maybe that is not really the case…but the way he looks at me and gives me the biggest squeeze he can muster…and it is so uplifting to hear his words “Hey Gorgeous!”  (I have no intention of telling him to go to SpecSavers, I prefer that he remains in this deluded state of mind.)

It was another perfect day…or afternoon I should say.  I prepared lunch for him.  Lots of salad, hummus, crusty bread and  I had cooked a Persian dish with chicken, walnuts and pomegranates for Goldfinch.  I don’t know how it tasted because I do not eat meat.  But he looked very happy.  When he realized I had cooked meat for him, he said again “why did you do that?”  It’s because I love him and I don’t mind cooking meat for people I love.  He enjoys rabbit food too, which is great.

He had a bag of clothes that needed washing after he had been away for the weekend.  I jumped at the chance to do his laundry!  Surely that makes me an official girlie-friend! Doing his laundry!

I cannot tell you how much it means that I have been able to wash, dry and then iron his clothes.  I folded items so neatly except for shirts that needed hanging.  My daft heart swelling with pride that he allowed me to.  He did laugh that I had ironed his underwear though.  Was that a bit over the top?  I iron my own cotton underwear…some of my underwear would melt if an iron came near it…why am I telling you anything about my underwear?  Just imagine thermal vests and long-johns – don’t think anything else. Yeh…best not to imagine at all.


Back to Goldfinch…We went for a walk, hand in hand.  I love the feel of his hand in mine – it feels so right.  It’s as if our blood is the same temperature.  I can let my hand linger in his for hours without feeling I want my hand’s autonomy back. Bliss!  We headed for a nearby park and then took a path into the woods. Lush green foliage with golden rays gleaming through. Aaaah!  Such a lovely scent of greenness.  I love summer, I live the knowledge that life is throbbing intensely everywhere I look.

The path led to a pond with some ducks who swam over to us as soon as we arrived.  We had not brought anything to feed them.  Goldfinch told me you should not really feed ducks bread (so my rustic olive ciabatta from Gail’s Artisan Bakery was safe) but he had read that frozen peas would be better for them.  Next time we go for a walk together I will remember to take frozen peas for any duckies.

He embraced me again as we looked out at the pretty scene.  With a serious expression on my face I said to Goldfinch, “You know I don’t really like ducks!”  He looked at me with surprise.  He asked me why I don’t like ducks?  I replied, “Because they are quackers!”  (Boom boom!)  Oh he did seem to like that one…he gave me another huge squeeze.

After our lovely walk together, we headed back to my little abode.  I had not had time to bake anything, but I did nblack-forest-cake.jpgot want to disappoint Goldfinch.  So instead I had bought a Black-Forest Gateaux, which I hoped he would enjoy.  He enjoyed it…but he said something that just shows what a very fine specimen of a man he is.  He told me that it was not as nice as some of the cakes I have baked for him.  Which reminds me…next time he comes I am going to make one of his favourites.  It is a double chocolate cheese-cake.  It is such a gastro-hit with foodies and anyone I have made it for…I will perhaps prepare a whole post about my crowd-pleasing pudding.  Recipe stolen from Charlotte from Shaftesbury in Dorset.

He is a good man is he not!  He knows all the words!  My heart is in his hand and it is just melting all over him.  Why should I not lap it up while I can?  Some men nowadays have no idea how to woo a lady.  Goldfinch has read the book!  I have a sneaking suspicion he was the one who wrote the book!!

Aaaah!  I will miss my lovely Goldfinch when he leaves England at the end of this year. In fact, I spoke to him about how much I will miss him and became very tearful.  He staid my tears commenting, “There is nothing to miss!”  I shook my head in disagreement.

I am sure you realize I will miss Goldfinch, no matter what he says.  He knows it really.  I don’t want him to worry.  I want him to be free…just life a real goldfinch…he should be able to fly away when it his time.

Until then.  I am going to make the most of every moment with him.  I hope for many more perfect days with my lovely Goldfinch.