Because I’m Happy!

It is winter in Australia. Am I happy that I am spending my holidays in the Australian wintry season which is just as grey as bland as any winter without snow? You bet’ya I am happy!!! I have every reason to be happy! I am with Goldfinch 🙂

But even without Goldfinch, my happiness comes from a different source. It’s not a secret really, but to some who cannot comprehend how someone who does not own any property or vehicle, and has so few possessions, has serious health issues after being the victim of a serious crime, and has lost friends because of the slander she was victim of…why should I be so deeply happy?

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Kristian, creator of , has nominated me for a fantastic “3.2.1 Quote Me!” challenge with the lovely theme HAPPINESS, as you can see from his post below:

….and I have also been nominated for the same challenge on the same topic by Cyranny


The “3.2.1 Quote Me!” challenges originate with Rory, the creator of A Guy Called bloke, and this is his original post:

321 Quote Me – Happiness

Well…I remember a lot being said to me about happiness as I was growing up, especially on the topic of what would bring real happiness. I remember many conversations we had within my family or close friends. The main thrust was being happy within your current circumstances rather than thinking that you need a change in situation to be happy. For example, if I hoped to be happily married one day, the best chance I had was to be happy as a single person. I was taught happiness is not just about transitory pleasures, or things, or even people. So when I saw this quote I was in agreement with it. I think it might be hard to read in this picture but it says: DON’T LET YOUR HAPPINESS DEPEND ON SOMETHING YOU MAY LOSE – C.S Lewis

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My second choice of quote is one that reflects much of how I feel about happiness. It mentions a good conscience. I am not sure that young ones are taught how essential a good conscience is to happiness. I hear of people doing the most abhorrent things, and they don’t seem to show any remorse. It is frightening in some respects. Except that I am not surprised. It was forecast that people would be this way.

A good conscience, good health, occupation and freedom in all just pursuits. I think Thomas Jefferson’s quote is a very wise one. Again he mentions that happiness ought not to depend on our current circumstances. I have known some special individuals who had very difficult circumstances – loss of homes and possessions, serious illness, incarceration for a matter of conscience, loss of jobs and friends – but you can see that the inner person, the happy heart, is intact. Because they know they have lived well, done what is good and right and they know that their Creator is smiling down with utter pride at the them. They possess an unshakeable happiness that does not depend on circumstances. They are confident that current suffering is temporary.

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Their secret to real happiness. It is only a secret because so many people mistakenly pursue possessions, money, fame, friends, status, hobbies, romance and a bunch of things that can bring a degree of happiness, pleasure and can keep you busy. But not the unshakeable happiness that lives on even if you were to lose all of the those things.

If you know the real secret of happiness, unshakeable happiness that does not depend on circumstances – then spread it!

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It is not possible really to finish this post without a nod to THE HAPPY SONG!!!