Splish Splash – Dark Black

splish splash4

Shower Songs are all about songs I might not want to sing in public for one reason or another. Some times it’s because the song is so cheesy, sometimes it’s because its the kind of pop music that makes people cringe, or it could be because the version I am singing has different lyrics than the original version.

But the song I am featuring today I sing in the shower because if I sing it around my family or friends they think I am depressed. I sometimes feel as if my nearest and dearest have been waiting for me to encounter depression ever since I was attacked. I had what I can only describe as despair before I was attacked. But afterwards, I was just trying to establish some kind of normality. I was very practical, very pragmatic, very placid. I did have some challenges, I was very nervous around men – that was the primary challenge. And I was frustrated by the black-outs and fainting and falls I had after the head injuries I had received.

But there was a song I liked that made my family fret that I was depressed. They did not like me listening to it. But I liked the song. It was easy to learn the lyrics and I liked them – they were simple and memorable. I like Kristina Train’s voice. I liked this song. For some I have only sang it in the shower so that nobody hears me singing I and thinks I am depressed! It’s just a nice song! Whether you are depressed or not.

“Dark Black” – Kristina Train

Relaxed From Head To Toe

When you are 10,100 miles away from home, a certain relief creeps over you as you realize nobody can reach you. There are no phone calls and text messages asking “can you come earlier?”, “can you stay later?”, “can you do extra?”, “can you drop everything, change your plans, break promises, let other people down, in order to help us out?”

Isn’t it great to feel that holiday mode…being unreachable, unavailable…you start to relax from head to toe. We all need a break from time to time. You start to feel an unbridled fondness towards anyone and everything that featured in your holiday destination.

remembering him

I have a feeling that in the months to come, when I am back in England, I will need to make a little time to be on my own and remember what it feels like to be so completely relaxed. And I shall let my mind wander back to the perfect memories of my time with Goldfinch.