Splish Splash – Don’t Talk Back

splish splash5

Another Wednesday, another Shower Song!

When we were children, my Dad decided he would try cable television. He was interested in the sports channels. But my sisters and I found a show that we absolutely loved. There are some sixties songs that I know only because of the series which was about five (originally six) girls from an orphanage who came to live with the wealthy Nick Foley.

Every episode featured music from the sixties – but with different lyrics that told the story of one or more of the girls. In many cases I know the words used in the series rather than the words on the original recordings!

This was one of the first songs in the pilot episode of “Rags To Riches” and me and my sisters fell in love with it from the start. We still sing those songs years later, and I sing them in the shower. This is the six girls singing “Yackety Yak”.

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