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I Don’t Care How You Get Here

Guess who is back?!!!!

Don’t worry if you don’t know who I am talking about. I have tried my best not to harp on about how much I was missing Jack. But he arrived back in England yesterday, and this evening he is on his way to me!!! (I am writing this on Friday by the way.) It is so exciting!!!

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I have longed to see my beloved. I am counting the minutes now. I know he had a lot to sort out today (and he has claimed to me that he will not be bringing a suitcase of laundry for me to deal with) and that he will come as soon as he can. I have made something that I just need to slip into the oven and bake for half an hour when he arrives. He will be hungry – he is always hungry. I am so excited!

Am I Expecting Too Much?

I am hoping that my journey back to London tomorrow is going to be simpler and easier, quicker and less stressful that my journey up here was.

Suitcases are already packed. I have my tickets. I am just looking forward to being in my own bed and having a good sleep after my busy working-holiday.

Au revoir ma famille, on se revoit bientôt.

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The Weary Traveller

I don’t know if this is a result of the Pandemic, but I am not enjoying travel anywhere near as much as I used to. I have only been away from my littles nest for two days and I miss it already.

I love my relatives of course, but there is nothing like having your own little space…and perhaps the whole STAY AT HOME saga made me more attached to my sweet abode.

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Maybe I am just still very tired after the overnight journey on Friday, and all I really want to do is sleep…and recover…and rest.

One More Sleep To Go!

I have to head off to work now…and then after today,, I have just one more sleep in my bed before another day at work and what may turn out to be a rather epic trek across the UK.

I have been trying to finish my packing…I am such a rubbish packer! And it is now sinking in that I am going to escape for a while and have chance to see so many people I love.

I hope that today goes quickly!

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Nobody’s Doing The Loco Motion

I was looking for a Pexels image of a train…and I found this one – and although this is not at all a true portrayal of the typical commuter’s journey to the office – I just thought it was a gorgeous picture.

Why am I talking about trains? If you live in the UK, you probably know why. But I am not really talking about trains…more about what this week means for all those who really find it frustrating that senior managers want their staff back in the office. A wonderful excuse to work from home – whoop whoop!!

Basically…it seems pretty obvious that there are many people who want to work from home (and I know that is not everyone). I want to work from home. My colleagues clearly want to work from home. A day in the office is a day of misery – that is clear. Yet senior managers want to keep their staff miserable.

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During a time when people are worried about the cost of living – having to lose time and money to travelling to work….when everyone now knows how easy it is to work from home….well, it is just frustrating.

There are some noggins who will say we need people to commute to help the economy – especially the micro economies that revolve around office complexes. But…well…I am one of those annoying commuters who makes their own lunch, makes their own coffee at home and is perfectly capable of looking after all of her own laundry.

Not to mention pollution – working from home – seems sensible in view of what all this travelling around is doing to the air.

Anyway…I still have to go into the office…because I can…because I do not need to catch the train – there are other routes in. But I am envious of my colleagues who have no options except the train (or a catching around seven buses which would take half the day!) and are able to work from home this week.

Holiday Havoc

Have you ever noticed that before a holiday there is so much more to do? (Often when you come back from holiday, there is even more to do because the people who were supposed to be covering for you didn’t!) Still…it is all worth it for those glorious two weeks when you don’t have to think about anything.

My holiday beckons…

…and although the rail union chose to go on strike the day I am supposed to be travelling across the country on a train – I am not anxious. The ironic thing is most of the work I do us unpaid and even in my paid job I end up doing unpaid overtime because they seem to allocate a ridiculous amount of work to me.

Breathe. I am looking forward to two weeks off. Away from all the hustle and bustle. A place where you can hear yourself think. And I am very very very much looking forward to seeing family.

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Preparing For Another Epic Journey

So, I am very soon going to be heading off on a holiday to see family. Prior to that Jack is heading overseas and he will be away for most of the summer =(

I booked my train ticket almost a month ago. Now I find out that there is going to be a walk out on the day I am supposed to be catching the train across the country.

Relatives have offered to drive down here and pick me up and take me back – but what a crazy solution that is. Jack has posted a message on his WhatsApp groups asking if anyone is driving up north that weekend and could squeeze me and a huge suitcase into their car. But I am not one to leave things to chance. So, I have bought myself a Plan B coach ticket just in case this rail dispute cannot be resolved before my holiday.

Only….my coach ticket departs at midnight and I arrive at six o’clock in the morning at my destination. My goodness…I am dreading this epic journey across the country.

I used to do crazy things like this all the time in my teenies and twenties. But now it is all a bit daunting.

Magical Mystery Tours

I am absolutely shattered!!! Travel disruption this week has meant an extra hour added to my journey each morning, and another hour each evening.

When you are use to a train speeding along a direct route, any experience on a bus feels as if you are taking some bizarre magical mystery tour of obscure parts of London that you have never heard of.

It seems to me as if they plan engineering works for the school holidays, so that they don’t disrupt the commute of the youths of this city. Nope…just disrupt the commute of those of us who ency the energy teenagers have.

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Jack Did A Very Good Thing

Back in the autumn of 2020, when Jack randomly and spontaneously bought a house when someone he knew wanted a quick sale…I remember thinking to myself, “Why would he buy a house in Cumbria, when our life is centred in London?”

Not long afterwards, my bafflement was put on ice because Jack asked me to marry him, and I decided to shelve the confusion over his impulse purchase.

However….now, I think he is a genius!!! Do you know how wonderful it is to wake up knowing which ever direction you walk in, it is going to be glorious!!!

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