Who Is She Waiting For?

Kim, the creator of Writer Side of Life has given us some great writing prompts. Several of them appealed to me, but I have only chosen one to work on for now, because I am still playing catch up with blogging, after my trip to Australia:

Free Creative Writing Prompts

I chose a prompt under the ROMANCE section: 3. Who is she waiting for? which came with the picture below:

Photo by Thiago Matosfrom Pexels 

annabelle.jpgThe breeze rustled Annabelle’s hair and cooled the burning sensation of the spicy tears streaming down her face, as she strolled over the summit of the hill. Annabelle always made time for a walk, seven days a week. No matter how busy she was, even on days she was under the weather, she was faithful to her little pilgrimage. Townsfolk knew she was a walker, so nobody really questioned Annabelle’s habit of walking up Blackwood Hill each day. It was only Mr and Mrs Jennings, whom Annabelle lodged with, who had guessed the reason behind Annabelle’s solitary walks. She was looking out for him.

chrisChris spent half an hour in the bathroom getting ready, before he would head over to the retail park on the other side of town, where there was an American bowling alley. After showering, he took his time flossing his teeth and gargling spearmint mouthwash. He shaved before massaging into his dry skin a musky scented aftershave balm he had received amongst his birthday gifts. He even plucked some of the dark hairs from his eye-brows trying to give them a symmetry. Then Chris doused himself with eau de cologne, before putting on his favourite shirt.

Chris flicked on his music system and then turned the volume right up when he heard that he still had an old Def Leppard CD inside the deck.

He felt excited. Anticipation was creeping over him. Was Chris excited to be going bowling with the rest of the rambling group he was a member of? No, Chris was excited about Annabelle. He was going to be giving Annabelle a lift to the bowling alley. She had not been able to drive since she had received head injuries, and as the public buses did not run after 6.30pm, he had jumped at the chance to drive Annabelle to the bowling alley.

waiting on a benchChris glanced at his watch and realized it was time to leave. He grabbed his keys and headed out to the driveway, before doubling back. Why would he take his work truck? He decided he would take his pride and joy, a two door, bottle green, 1982 TVR Tasmin little sports car that he lavished with devoted attention each weekend. Annabelle would love her he was sure.

As he turned into Turner Avenue, he saw Annabelle was sitting on a bench looking out at the flowerbeds which had lately started to bloom. He pulled over, and wondered if he should toot the car horn, or turn off the engine and stroll over to Annabelle. But before he had made a decision, she had noticed him and was already on her feet heading towards him. Annabelle whistled and grinned as she said “hot wheels!”

lean in for kissAs Annabelle slid into the passenger seat, Chris pondered if he should lean forward to greet her with a kiss on the cheek. But when Annabelle buckled her seat-belt and then ducked her head down to root through her leather backpack, Chris realized the moment had passed anyway.

“How was your day Belle?”

“It was cool. How about your’s?”

“Yeah, I had a great day, I was laying new decking in the back garden for the Timpsons. Weather was perfect for it, nice breeze. Topped up the tan a bit.”

bvlgari“There was a breeze wasn’t there. Yes, the breeze was nice.” Annabelle fidgeted in the passenger seat, waiting for Chris to start the engine. “Is that Wood Essence?”

“You know your cologne Belle!”

Annabelle seemed a little shaky as she replied, “Not really. I don’t know men’s scents particularly. But I know that one.”

“I think my sister bought it for my birthday. You’ve met Gina haven’t you Belle?”

“Gina, yes, I think so. She was at the summer barn dance wasn’t she? Chris, I am sorry, but everyone calls me Annie, or Annabelle is fine. But not Belle, please not Belle.”

“Oh, sure, sorry Annabelle. Annie.” Chris smiled warmly, but felt a little anxious because Annabelle seemed to be distracted and withdrawn. “Is everything alright Annie?”

pride and joy“Yeah, of course, everything is going to be alright,” Annabelle stated those words slowly and emphatically, whilst staring straight ahead. “Can we go now Chris? The neighbours will be wondering why we are sitting out here in your car.”

Chris turned the keys in the ignition, and his pride and joy started with a delicious purr. He wondered if he had said something wrong. Annabelle was normally so bubbly and bright. This evening something was different.


Well…this is getting a bit long – don’t you think? I keep trying not to make my posts too long! So…as I am starting to enjoy this little piece of flash fiction, I think I will carry on with another part later.

In fact…here is the next part of Annabelle’s story:

Why Is She Waiting?

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