What Might Have Been

I saw the photo for today’s fiction prompt hosted by Teresa, aka The Haunted Wordsmith, and my thoughts became wrapped up in non-fiction real stuff:


Image by esudroff from Pixabay

Did you know…that it has been 24 weeks and 1 day  (that’s 5 months and 18 days) since my last night with Goldfinch? Now that does not really mean anything to anyone else. Yet I have been thinking about my loss. I would have surely found a 23 hour trip to Australia very uncomfortable. But it would have been quite mission.

I am so glad I will be with Goldfinch again. I am aching for comfort from him. Everyone who knows has been wonderful, but it’s only him I really want to be able to shed a few tears with and receive his warm embrace.

Aaaah – it’s an odd thought. When I first asked Goldfinch if I could visit him this summer, I was thinking that it might be my last chance to travel for a long time. I felt it was very important to see him before my life changed. I won’t dwell on what might have been. I shall look forward to being with Goldfinch and wrapped up in his arms. That’s all that seems to matter right now.

I need to go to sleep. Long day at work tomorrow. Goodnight 🙂

It’s Such A Small World

And sometimes I think that the internet makes the world even smaller.

I had a very pleasant surprise last night. I will tell you what it is later. But I was thinking about what a completely random coincidence it was. And I was thinking of how things can spread beyond your control on social media. I had terrible experiences because of my connection with Jack. What happened last night reminded me of how quickly things can spread via social media.

surprisedWell…the surprise I had…I had an e-mail from a relative who lives in Australia and there was a link to a social group he is part of who have their own site and had published photos from an event. I scrolled through the photos not really paying attention (as you do when you don’t know the people in the photos)…and there, all of a sudden was Goldfinch. I could not believe my eyes!!! At first I thought I was imagining it because it was a photo from the side, so it only showed his profile. But I carried on scrolling through the photos and there were six more with him. It was him. No doubt about it! One of the photos is particularly lovely – such a gorgeous smile.

IMG_20180722_123051 (2)Had he had his arm round a woman in attendance at the event, I might have been rather irked by seeing that (he is completley free of course to enjoy life without feeling impeded by me). But he did not. He was just him, wonderful him. The kind of dress style I am used to and the same beautiful eyes and gorgeous everything else.

I have not told Goldfinch yet. I don’t know if he would be a bit freaked out by it. On the other side of the planet, he just happened to be at the same event as a relative of mine, and he did not even know it. Of course I should tell him. It would be better for him to know in case they cross paths again. It is such a small world.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream!

Today’s non-fiction prompt from Teresa, aka The Haunted Wordsmith, is:

Ice Cream Memories


Image by ally j from Pixabay

rr icecreamI have many ice-cream memories. Nowadays I tend to avoid ice-cream because I am not very good with dairy. But I made up for it by eating a lot of ice-cream as  kiddo! Mum used to buy blocks of raspberry ripple ice-cream from the supermarket – yum yum! Then I discovered mint ice-cream was like a revolution for me.

ice-cream perfectionWe used to go to work with my Dad during the school holidays. Some of Dad’s customers were very kind to us. We were well supplied by Dad’s customers with juice and biscuits.  They would even give us some money to buy sweets.  One lady gave me £1 and told me it was ice-cream money.  Dad crimsoned in embarrassment with my reply to his lovely customer.  I held out my hand and said to the lady “have you ever heard of a thing called inflation?”  Don’t worry…I now fully comprehend how cheeky I was!  At the time, I was just trying to communicate my frustration, because back then it cost £1.10 to buy a Mr Whippy ice-cream with a chocolate flake and raspberry sauce and sprinkles from the ice-cream van…which at the time was the highest form of ice-cream perfection!!!

sorbet in coneVisiting Europe and discovering a superior quality of ice-cream in amazing flavours like pistachio or espresso was the height of my ice-cream indulgence.

But then the dairy problems came along, so now it is mango sorbet or lemon sorbet for me. I am always on the look out for indulgent non-dairy ice-creams. At the moment I am looking out for a peanut-butter flavour non-dairy ice-cream. When I return from Australia and feel so sad to have left my Goldfinch…I shall eat ice-cream and cake to my heart’s content!

Last summer I met Goldfinch in Coventry one morning. He needed to buy some new jeans but we had to wait for the clothing stores to open. So we went to Sprinkles Gelato which was just around the corner from the station where I had arrived. He ordered three scoops of ice-cream and devoured them for his breakfast. I loved seeing him tucking into the ice-cream – that man loves pleasure! I had coffee, black coffee. (Late night and very early start to get to Coventry.) That was just the start of the day. The rest of the day was wonderful, really really wonderful….as all my days with Goldfinch were.

Ice-cream memories are so sweet 🙂