It’s Such A Small World

And sometimes I think that the internet makes the world even smaller.

I had a very pleasant surprise last night. I will tell you what it is later. But I was thinking about what a completely random coincidence it was. And I was thinking of how things can spread beyond your control on social media. I had terrible experiences because of my connection with Jack. What happened last night reminded me of how quickly things can spread via social media.

surprisedWell…the surprise I had…I had an e-mail from a relative who lives in Australia and there was a link to a social group he is part of who have their own site and had published photos from an event. I scrolled through the photos not really paying attention (as you do when you don’t know the people in the photos)…and there, all of a sudden was Goldfinch. I could not believe my eyes!!! At first I thought I was imagining it because it was a photo from the side, so it only showed his profile. But I carried on scrolling through the photos and there were six more with him. It was him. No doubt about it! One of the photos is particularly lovely – such a gorgeous smile.

IMG_20180722_123051 (2)Had he had his arm round a woman in attendance at the event, I might have been rather irked by seeing that (he is completley free of course to enjoy life without feeling impeded by me). But he did not. He was just him, wonderful him. The kind of dress style I am used to and the same beautiful eyes and gorgeous everything else.

I have not told Goldfinch yet. I don’t know if he would be a bit freaked out by it. On the other side of the planet, he just happened to be at the same event as a relative of mine, and he did not even know it. Of course I should tell him. It would be better for him to know in case they cross paths again. It is such a small world.

18 thoughts on “It’s Such A Small World”

    1. It is bizarre isn’t it. The first night I met Goldfinch and he told me he was from Adelaide, I knew I had a couple of relatives there. I didn’t ever think that they would cross paths. I will tell him. I just saw an e-mail from him, so I will reply before I go to sleep.


  1. It is a small small world, indeed. I’ve learnt to be very cautious over the years, because Internet seems to reduce the degrees of seperation between people all over the world, and I had many surprises like yours, good and bad, in the past. I definately think you should tell him about your discovery. It is not as if you were ”spying” on him… Just a nice coincidence I think he should be aware of 🙂

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    1. The blessings and curse of the internet!
      It was lovely to see him so unexpectedly, and clearly looking happy, which is nice.
      I need to make sure he remembers who my relative is so he is aware of how and when their paths might cross again.


  2. Australia is a very small place!

    No … Really!! It just looks big from a distance!

    Plus we measure things in kilometres and that makes things seem 50% bigger!

    🙂 😉

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