Sleep It Off


Some days all you can do is give up! Some days all you can do is accept that the only option is to get to bed as soon as possible and try to sleep it off.

Hopefully, when I wake up tomorrow morning, it will have been miraculously removed from my memory as if it never happened.

For me…I have to wait until 1:30am until I can get to bed. For the next four or so hours, I need to try to push it out of my head.



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I don’t know why. but I always feel closer to those of my friends I have eaten with / dined with and especially those with whom I eat with / dine with regularly. It always makes me feel more comfortable, more informal, and just as if I have a closer bond with those friends. And I love it. Having dinner with a bunch of friends or family is probably my favourite way to spend and evening – especially when it’s home cooking we are devouring.

More important than the food itself, is the atmosphere. It is so wonderful to be with people who you cannot help but love. No tensions, no rivalries – just peace and harmony. It is so much better for the digestion. Even if you have the simplest of fare – where there is love, you will thrive.

Is the topic of food a good enough excuse to include a song which always makes me think of Jack? He always sang this at dinner!

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