Maybe It Was The Aphrodisiacs?

Well…here I have another flash fiction post – this one is purely fiction, no real events at all. It is loosely inspired by a song…which I could not resist linking to the end of the post. This post is in response to the writing prompt from The Haunted Wordsmith, who has given us the genre of Medical Office:

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

How do you think you did?” asked Doctor Ross. He stood up and walked towards me, offering me one of the aphrodisiac white chocolate glazed liqueur truffles he had laid out on the tray on his desk.

blushingI gazed at the Doctor with a blush that I knew was not only colouring my cheeks, but making my pulse race. I was still straightening my clothes and trying to tidy up my hair. I felt perspiration beading in the small of my back as Dr Ross drew closer to me.

Well…I don’t know. I mean, it was lovely, really lovely, but I don’t know how I did. What do you think Dr Ross?

dr ross.jpgThat’s the problem Miss Finch. You have no self-belief. To achieve your goals, you need to establish better self-esteem and believe in your abilities. We have been over this several times.” Doctor Ross let out a loud sigh. “I don’t know where to go next with you. Perhaps I ought to refer you to another Doctor.

Oh no please Doctor, I really think you have helped me make so much progress. I am sure you are going to cure me.

Alright Miss Finch, we will continue with your therapy until your next review is due. I think it’s good to keep thinking back on why you started this therapy and keep focused on your goals.”

aphrodisiacI sat there letting the liqueur truffle melt in my mouth slowly and remembering the advert I saw in the local newspaper: “DR ROSS – EXPERT LOVE THERAPIST” and the glowing testimonials from his previous patients.

What was the reason you came to to the clinic to begin with Miss Finch?

Well, I was feeling unlovable after my boyfriend moved to the opposite side of the planet.” (But that was all before I had met Dr Ross!)

And do you remember the long-term goal you set?

To go out to Australia and surprise him with my new confidence.” (I had no intention of going out to Australia after I had met Dr Ross!)

And what were the short-term goals  you set in order to reach that goal?

Well I was going to build up my confidence and self-esteem.” (Dr Ross had done wonders for my confidence and self-esteem!)

How were you going to do that?

Well, I started with having a make-over and a new hair style. Then I updated my dowdy wardrobe so that my style is more feminine and eye-catching. And then I was going to apply myself to studying the art of making love in a way that will make him feel he cannot live without me.” (I had especially enjoyed the tutelage of Dr Ross as he helped me to expand my understanding of this art.)

And where do you think you are at with your short term goals Miss Finch?

Well, in all honesty Dr Ross, I think I understand the theory, I just need a lot more practice. But I am starting to feel as if I am nearly there. There are a few techniques I think I need more help with.” (I had forgotten about my plans for Australia and fallen in love with Dr Ross and there was no way I was going to give up my sessions with him now!)

I am pleased to hear you feel as if you have made progress and of course it is important to capitalise on that progress and move forward with a view to achieving your goals. Which techniques do you feel you need more practice with Miss Finch?

Should I show you Doctor Ross?

We shall proceed Miss Finch. But remember, confidence, self-esteem!

Yes Doctor Ross!” I loved it when Dr Ross ordered me around.

Highheeld Businesswoman Stepping On Businessman's Tie

With one swift sweep, I pushed everything off the desk Dr Ross sat behind, including his tray of aphrodisiac white chocolate truffles, and I climbed up into the desk. I could be confident!