Wonderful Wisteria

Whenever I leave my sweet little abode I am greeted by this view.


It is so so pretty.   As soon as I lock up my front door I turn and there it is, next door’s wisteria.  My heart lifts with the prettiness I encounter.  I think I have the best view of it and am able to enjoy it more than they are!  I can sit in the little courtyard outside my kitchen, reading a book and enjoying the sunshine and every time I look up, there it is.  Such a pretty view.

One of my friends came round and did not share my enthusiasm.  He said wisteria is a hay-fever sufferer’s worst nightmare!  Poor guy.  I don’t send many men away from my flat with their eyes streaming with tears – honestly!  He was almost choking on whatever was aggravating his airways. I keep some anti-histamines in the cupboard now, just in case any of my friends/visitors have an allergic reaction to the beautiful flowers outside my little abode.

IMG_20190330_171302I felt very sorry for him that day.  The scent from the wisteria is absolutely divine!  I think that is the aroma that I breathe in every time I come in and out of my flat.

There are also two huge camellia bushes either side of the gate that I come through.  It might be them.  Or perhaps a combination of these intoxicating perfumes.  I have no idea what makes up the delightfully sweet fragrance that blesses me, but it is sheer paradise.  I almost feel proud bringing friends through the exquisite aromas that lead to my front door.

When I walk in and out of my little abode there are beautiful pink petals all over the drive-way – it feels as if I am on my way to make my marriage vows.

epping forrest.jpgI love May.  Summer is ahead.  I love summer.  But in May everything is still fresh and lush.  The colours in May are extraordinary.  So many stunning flowers and the fruit trees all laden with blossom.  The little pocket I live in is blessed with pretty gardens and many many trees.  In fact, I can walk five minutes and then arrive at woodland which leads onto one of London’s larger parks.

I have no idea what I am still doing indoors telling you about this.  It is a lovely sunny day.  I am going to put my walking shoes on and head out to soak it all up.

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