Feeling Overwhelmed

Something happened to me in the course of last week. I very rarely have this feeling, but it deluged me in an enormous wave. I felt completely overwhelmed. I wasn’t sure exactly why. After all I have a lot to look forward to. But my worries were greater than the excitement for a while. It took me a few days to calm down, and I only did so because I went out and did everything I can do now, and have settled myself that everything else cannot be done yet – I have to wait until nearer to my travels.

I have been so much more busy than normal. I seem to be rushing from here to there. I have paid out so much money for my ticket to Australia, leaving me on a very tight budget at the moment. I think the pace that I am going at, and the constant care over how much I spend, has just been eating into my calm state of mind and gradually anxiety has crept in. I was drowning in a sea of concerns and worries. I really don’t like that feeling as if everything is “on a knife’s edge”! But I suspect, it is only my perception of things, and not my reality.

I found out some great news last week. While I am away, someone will rent my flat from my landlady. This is great, she can make a lot of money from someone with too much money, who wants a little hide-away within the right postcode so they can enjoy their little holiday in London. My landlady has managed to do this once before and it worked out really well. I am pleased for her.

But it does mean I have to move a lot of my personal items out of the way so that the holiday maker can have an empty wardrobe and drawers etc. I have three suitcases, a small one, which is ideal for the cabin on the plane and two larger ones. One I will take to Australia with my holiday clothes. The other I will fill with all the clothing I am not taking with me and then put that into the little storage room in the flat.

I made a start doing more deep cleaning in the little nest. I individually cleaned every slat in the wooden Venetian blinds I have here. It took me four hours to thoroughly clean all the blinds in the flat. I do flick-dust them and wipe them regularly, but every six months they need a more thorough clean. So they should be fine for when a stranger is in the little nest enjoying their holiday.

I emptied all of the kitchen cupboards and drawers and cleaned the insides and took out everything personal. I bought a 65 litre storage box (£6 from Wilkos) and have put those items into the little storage room I have. Closer to the time I will do another deep clean, but I have made things a lot easier for myself so that I am not overwhelmed just before my trip with how much I need to do.

I wish I could start packing now…but it is too early!

There are lots of other little things that have added to my worries – but over the last few days things have worked out alright. I have another post scheduled for tomorrow all about how things have worked out. 🙂