Learners At Love

Love brings the very best out of you, if you let it.

oz.pngI have mentioned in a couple of posts that when I was out in Australia, I met a young woman who was very interesting. We had a long conversation and met up a few days later for a coffee to continue our discussion. I have kept in touch with her every since.

She recommended that I go to an event on the other side of London in August. Which I did. I listened to the subject of “love” being discussed. Real love. It made me think of Jack a lot. Three weeks later I spoke to Jack for the first time on over four years.

I am sure that considering more carefully what real love means, prepared me for some of the awful awkwardness Jack and I encountered when we first began to talk.

cools.pngAnyway, my friend in Australia, has just been over to Melbourne for the same event. It seems to be a worldwide series. She said there were around 46,000 people at the venue she attended. She has promised to send me some photographs.

I still remember so much of what I heard. I think everyone on the planet should hear that program. It is the kind of education that all mankind needs. All mankind. Education in how to live and how to love.

The more I see of this world, the more obvious it is that many people have no idea what life is about and they have no idea what love is about.

White and Pink Floral Freestanding Letter DecorWhat a day it will be when everyone on the planet is qualified and educated in the ways of love. We are all LEARNERS AT LOVE. But there isn’t any education more important right now tham learning what real love is and how to apply it in our lives.

I am so glad that I met that lovely Australian young women, and I am so grateful that she encouraged me to trek across London to learn more about love. It was the highlight of the year.

2 thoughts on “Learners At Love”

  1. I believe strongly in platonic and familial love and, of course, love for all humankind. Romantic love doesn’t mean much to me, because I have no interest or desire for romance. But I do believe with a little bit of love all around, the world as a whole truly stands a chance against the ones with malicious intent towards others and the planet we call home.

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