Where Is The Time Going?

tim1All I want, all I need…is TIME! This week is going to be intense. Everyone wants me to do extra. Today was busy. I am achy tired.

I have so much to do before I go away. It turns out that it’s probably a good thing that Jack is away. Except that I miss him of course!

Plus there is the time difference. Is New York five hours behind London? It was so late when he called me last night. So I was late to bed. I think I wasn’t firing on all cylinders today. I feel really groggy!

Aaaaah! It will all be over soon. One day over, four more busy days to go.

It’s not just me though, it it? I can tell that everyone in London is feeling short on time at the moment. Everyone I passed seemed to be rushing along. Time is so precious.

Anyway…I feel that the very best use of my time right now, would be to have a shower and climb into bed. Aaaaah – wish Jack was with me.


I’m His Venus!

Last week I talked about how I felt a bit like Pluto in my orbit around the man who has been at the center of my thoughts. Sigh!

rob and annie7Of course my love life took a sharp turn in a different direction these past few months. I should not compare the two of them. But I will say this about “Jack” – he wears his heart on his sleeve even more than I do! He can’t hide how he is feeling, it’s so obvious looking at him. It means a lot that he seems completely wrapped up in me.

Already I can see that I am at the center of his thoughts. There is no issue with distance. Currently, we live on opposite sides of London, but we are able to make it work. We are spending a considerable amount of time together, and so far we have managed to do so with such discretion that nobody seems to have realized Jack has a girlfriend, and if anyone did suspect that was the case, nobody is aware that it is me.

hisHe seems to think about me a lot. We talk everyday in addition to text messages or e-mails. He has planned all sorts for us. Almost everything we have done together was suggested by Jack. I need to start coming up with more ideas for dates together. He sends me links to songs he wants me to listen. I asked him why he wears so much black (he always did) and the next weekend he had a grey jacket. It suited him so much more than black. He has bought me flowers, he has (tried to make is perhaps more accurate) made me pancakes, he has bought me earrings (I am forever losing earrings!) and he has not bought me what I didn’t want – chocolates, because that would make me put weight on.

chris textingMost importantly, he has listened to what is very important to me. He has not dropped any hints or posted anything on Instagram (or any other social media as far as I know) that would raise any suspicions. He seems to respect how important it is to me that we have this time for just the two of us, and can then tell our families, before he launches his news on social media.

In general Jack is just doing a wonderful job of making me feel loved, cherished and key to his happiness. When we lived together, I was much more in shape – I was so active and hardly eating, I was attracting a lot of attention because of my slender body with the same large bosom I have had since I was ten. I remember him gazing at me often back then. But now, I am not that shape. I have love handles! But he is still making me feel very desirable.


I should not compare the two, the distance was an enormous challenge that meant it was always going to be hard to feel loved and cherished. But with Jack, it’s not just the geographic proximity…it’s other ways too. He makes me feel very close to him. He makes me feel as if I am at the center of his thoughts, at the center of his life. Jack makes me feel as if I am his Venus!