MC Jackhammer

And so the party goes on. Jack and I will be together again, starting the year as we mean to go on! I am going to be waking up on Wednesday morning in the apartment I used to live in. How strange. But not in the room I used to sleep in. Instead, I will be on the other side of that thin wall. I will be in Jack’s room. So strange.

fd.pngCrazy fancy dress do tonight. The theme is nostalgia. That seemed an odd theme to me, but our friend Danny who is throwing the party often has out of the box ideas.

Jack is dressing like MC Hammer. I have no idea why he picked MC Hammer. Jack is nuts! He is going to look terrible. Please, please don’t let any photos of him in his costume make their way onto the internet. I am going as a hippy. Why? Best I could do as I looked through the local charity shops for ideas.

I am sure there will be better costumes than the ones we have chosen. I am going to a party with MC Jackhammer! What a crazy night this will be!


amazed1Starting a new year in a way I never imagined possible! What a turn out! What a miracle!

I am still nervous about some of the challenges that will come (when the news hits Instagram and Twitter). But I am determined to keep my eyes focused on him and not let the pressure from anyone else get to me.

Do you know what is great? Caramel is no longer CRUSHED CARAMEL!!!  She is absolutely choked up, stoked up, crying with glee and amazement. Should I change the name of the blog to CHUFFED CARAMEL or CARAMEL ON CLOUD NINE? Or maybe from now on…I will drop the CRUSHED…and just be plain CARAMEL!

Happiness has invaded every part of my body!!!