I’m A Little Unsteady

robin and annie7“Jack” has been very supportive with regards to me wanting to spend time with my family member in Wales who has cancer.

In some ways being with him in his car for several hours whenever he has driven me up to near the Welsh border has given me a boost. He has always fortified me in some way to face anything that might make me anxious. He has faced the worry of a family member battling cancer himself. In fact when we lived together, one of his closest relatives was very ill. (I didn’t know that at the time, but he has told me since, that it added to the stress he was under back then.)

rob and annie 8He has met the family member of mine who is ill, a number of times (in the past I mean -when Jack and I were housemates). I can’t tell you how much I appreciate his thoughtfulness and kindness throughout these anxious times. I have been a little unsteady, and he has been a great support.

He is definitely a keeper! I am really looking forward to sharing him with my family. I know they might be puzzled at first after what happened in the past. In fact, I know some are probably have firm reservations about him. But when they hear what he has been doing, and how much he cares about my family, I am sure they will be eager to give him a warm welcome.