crysWhat exactly is looming in Caramel’s mind? Thank you for asking. Two things are looming in my mind.

One is work. I have a meeting with my boss tomorrow. It was rescheduled. I was so ill on the original day of the meeting, my boss said it would be better to wait until I was better because there were some important things she needed to discuss. Ever since, this meeting has been looming in my mind. I feel as if I am about to be tried, convicted, executed all in one swoop. If you never read another post from me again, you will know what has happened. I’m a gonna!

The other thing looming in my mind is the next post that is scheduled to be published. It is called “Careless”.

anniversaryWithin this next part of my Annabelle Riley story, something occurs that is a huge blow to Annabelle. Although Annabelle’s story is a love story, and a life story – her emotional/mental health is another big theme throughout the book. I have referred to her long time habit of self-harming. I have shied away from any graphic descriptions because I did not want to disturb anyone.

If you have been following her story, you will know that some lovely things have happened to her lately. But in this next part, we will discover that Annabelle has still not really dealt properly with her mental health issues, and when confronted with an unexpected situation, Annabelle will be tested.

I am really nervous about this part of her story. I wrote it when I was really ill, and I have read it over and over again. I strongly felt the story had to take this turn. But I am in nervous knots about it.

Anyway…if I survive the meeting with my boss (no guarantees) I hope that you see why I felt my lovely character Annabelle needed to come under scrutiny with an unexpected twist in her story.

I Seem To Have Forgotten About Everything Else For The Moment

fun usI have felt the course of my orbit shift within the past few months. I have begun to orbit around “Jack”. He and I have been spending a lot of time together. We talk on the phone too and send countless text messages and e-mails.

I have neglected virtually all my other friends nearby. I have been to see friends who have not been well, or who have said they were feeling low. But almost other social events I have pulled out of in order to be with Jack.

I guess it’s mainly because it has seemed of great importance to make the most of this time we have before we tell everyone. As soon as the news breaks, pressure will come. Maybe it won’t be as bad as I am anticipating – it’s just I remember how awful it was before. So it has seemed very important to be with him and to know him inside and out.