I Only Wanna Hear Love Songs

romcomaFor the past couple of months…I have found myself feeling a lovely glow of happiness. I think I have always been a generally happy person…but I have also had some very stressful situations, and of course the crime I was victim of caused challenges that have been hard to deal with.

But Jack has made me happier than I was before. My head is a bit in the clouds at times. So loved up am I! Loving love songs, loving romcoms, loving every chance I have to be with him. It’s all good. I am looking forward to sharing the news with my family so much.

The past couple of months have been so very exciting though. Very very exciting. We both seemed to agree from the start that it was not fair that we are not allowed to enjoy getting to know each other years ago. Everyone was watching. We were not allowed to flirt. We were not allowed to gaze at each other. We were not allowed to be smitten by each other.

songa.jpgWe wanted to see if there really was the kind of spark that seemed to be there back then. It turns out the spark, was more like a roaring blaze! Jack told me very early on that he felt sure that what he felt was much more than attraction. He told me he was sure it was love. The first time he said that to me six years ago…I was bewildered. I was very skeptical. I thought he hated me at the time. So when he said it again, after four years of silence from him…I decided not to let myself doubt him for a moment on this occasion.

Anyway…I do realize I have been writing a lot about Jack of late. Can you blame me? He is the main subject on my mind from day to day! But if you are not interested in all this lovey dovey stuff – thanks for being so tolerant!