Photos Are Arriving!!

Some of you have been busy baking

We have already started to receive cake photos

Which has left us wishing it was possible to taste them

bake together 2

would love you to join in

with special judge A Jeanne in the Kitchen

The challenge is to make

a sandwich sponge cake

  • cakeYour cake must have at least two layers
  • Your sponge cakes can be any flavour and any colour
  • You can fill you sandwich cake with any filling you like
  • We would like you to decorate the top of your cake

Please send a photo of your cake so it can be featured in the The Great Bloggers’ Bake-Off Round-Up to:

question mark(If you have any questions at all – please feel free to post your questions in the comments of any of our posts and we will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.)

Of course you can bake at any time convenient to yourself. We include all the photos we receive early in the GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF on Sunday 24th March 2019.


Spring Cleaning

They are back!!! The carpet cleaners that is.20180629_142156

My carpets are being cleaned today. It’s noisy work. My landlady thought it was a year ago the carpet cleaners came last. But I checked and it was actually last July.

Oh well. I had to pull out all my storage boxes from under the bed. Woah it was dusty under the bed! I have given the carpet under there a real good hoover and I am very glad it will be cleaned too.

I then started cleaning the wooden slats of the blinds throughout the flat individually, which took ages! I emptied cupboards and drawers and cleaned the insides and put the contents back in neatly.

It took so much effort to move my things from under the bed, that I decided to have a bit of a sort out. I took fifteen pairs of shoes to the charity shop along with six handbags.

I did not have the energy to sort through all my clothes. When the weather picks up I will, because there are a lot of summer clothes down there. I am sure there are clothes in there I won’t want to keep at all. But I need a whole afternoon to face the big sort out!

Writing about dust gives me an excuse for a song I have had in my head all week: