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La La La With Laura

Friday is here! It is my long day – dreading it! However, once it is all over the fun starts. So to help me get through my fifteen hour work day, I am glad to have this fun post lined up.

Laura Venturini has nominated me to take part in her weekly song challenge as you can see from her post below:

sing along

Laura has asked us to choose three songs that meet the following criteria:

1. Post a video of a song that makes you smile.

Lots of songs make me smile. But the one I have chosen is near the top of the list because it brings back memories. I have been involved in quite a few entertainment shows over the years – just for fun. Most of them at large parties or entertainment evenings for volunteers. Three times we performed “Leader Of The Pack”.

Each time we asked a make friend to play the part of the leader of the pack. It was great, I remember one of our friends who was about sixty years of age came in on a child’s scooter. He was wearing a baseball cap with a fake pony-tail sticking out of the back…which of course he took off to wipe his brow showing that he was actually quite bald. Then he crashed the scooter on the floor infront of us – and bless him – he could not stop laughing as three of us girls were all boo-hooing into handkerchiefs and bewailing him. Such fun!!

2. Post a video of a song that you love from the ’70s by a singer or band that is about love.

I found this one difficult. All the love songs I love are from the 1960s it seems. I Googled “seventies love songs” and a list of twenty came up. As I scrolled through it, my reaction was “nope, nah, no way!” to most. But then I found this little gem that I have not heard for ages and I love it!

3. Post a video for a song by any solo artist whose first name begins with an N.

I was torn between Nancy Sinatra and Nat King Cole. But look who won! And I chose a gorgeous song – the kind of song that is going to be in my head for the whole of next week. “Ungorgettable…that’w what you are…” Aaaah sigh! I am going to send an e-mail to my Goldfinch.