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Spring Cleaning

They are back!!! The carpet cleaners that is.20180629_142156

My carpets are being cleaned today. It’s noisy work. My landlady thought it was a year ago the carpet cleaners came last. But I checked and it was actually last July.

Oh well. I had to pull out all my storage boxes from under the bed. Woah it was dusty under the bed! I have given the carpet under there a real good hoover and I am very glad it will be cleaned too.

I then started cleaning the wooden slats of the blinds throughout the flat individually, which took ages! I emptied cupboards and drawers and cleaned the insides and put the contents back in neatly.

It took so much effort to move my things from under the bed, that I decided to have a bit of a sort out. I took fifteen pairs of shoes to the charity shop along with six handbags.

I did not have the energy to sort through all my clothes. When the weather picks up I will, because there are a lot of summer clothes down there. I am sure there are clothes in there I won’t want to keep at all. But I need a whole afternoon to face the big sort out!

Writing about dust gives me an excuse for a song I have had in my head all week: